Why Do People Get Abducted By Aliens Or Is It Just An E.T. Deception?

Why do people get abducted by aliens is a search term I got interested in when I was posed the very same question by a reader of ARLHub.com.

It’s something I’ve never really thought about.

The alien abduction phenomenon hit the headlines with Betty and Barney Hill in the early 1960s. Since then, it’s gained worldwide “acceptance” with tens of thousands of contact experiencers reporting contact with aliens in one form or the other.

Some of it has been mutual consent and some of it not so mutual.

Joseph Jordan wrote and amazing book titled Piercing The Cosmic Veil in 2020 which examined the true nature of the alien and ufo abduction phenomenon. Jordan is the President and co-founder of the CE4 Research Group.

While many in the mainstream may have had their “feathers ruffled” by his findings, Jordan and his team produced the book based on several decades of research and interviewing hundreds of contact experiencers who have been through the abduction experience.

Why Do People Get Abducted By Aliens?

Why Do Aliens Abduct People
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When legendary researcher Jacques Vallee talked about his interdimensional theory where beings from other dimensions visit earth, it was received with a little skepticism.

After all, this is Jacques Vallee.

Joseph Jordan’s research backs up the interdimensional hypothesis and more. Piercing The Cosmic Veil is more than just a book about alien abduction.

It reveals a theory that many of us may not have considered. But as Jordan stated in an interview with Aliens Revealed Live, put your preconceived ideas aside for a while and consider the evidence he has gathered.

He even said not to trust him but trust the research.

During our interview, he gave several examples answering the question of why people get abducted by aliens.

The Alien Deception

Jordan reveals these alien entities are creating a deception. Like many people who interview alien abduction experiencers, myself included, we barely go more than a layer deep.

Generally, you let the experiencer tell their story.

Jordan did the same thing until he started to dig a little deeper. And like most of us researching the topic of alien abduction, he assumed we were dealing with biological entities.

However, a pattern was soon emerging and Jordan made the stunning discovery that while these people appeared to be taken by aliens on board their ships, they actually weren’t going anywhere.

Jordan termed his findings as “stage hypnosis”. It was akin to somebody being brought up on stage by a hypnotist and being told to do certain things without any memory of it later.

“We found these memories are being implanted from these entities, using sensational aspects of this experience”.

“That it seems so real to these experiencers. Every time we work with them, they say, ‘I know what happened to me’.”

“Well, honestly, you don’t. Because as we get deeper into it, all you’re remembering is the sensational part of the experience that was given to you”.

“You remember enough to overload you from looking at any other parts of it. Because when you start breaking it down piece by piece, you’ll see that a lot of the information is not there”.

“In other words, it’s telling us it’s not a reality. It’s an implanted play like memory that you’ve been given for the purpose of deception”.

“The memory is so vivid and so real that they cannot tell the difference”.

“This abduction experience I believe, is more of a spiritual type experience from entities that are not extraterrestrial, biological entities but from other dimensions”.

Is It An Interdimensional Reality?

Jordan describes the alien abduction phenomenon as an inter dimensional reality.

“Jacques Vallee was hitting on this very hard in his work”.

“He realized that these entities seem to have been here forever”.

“That these entities are in a realm that is adjacent to us. In other words, they’re right there beside me”.

“They’re right there beside you, even though we’re worlds apart, but they exist in a dimension beside us”.

“They see everything that’s going on. They see and hear everything that we say”.

“If they’re perpetuating a deception on humanity, they already have all the information to deceive us with. And that’s what we believe is happening”.

“Let me give you the best example of trying to explain to somebody what I’m telling you”.

“This is what we found in movie The Matrix. When Neo was first brought into that ship, he was laid on the table. And then they plugged something into the back of his head”.

“What did he see immediately? It was a total white area with nothing in it. Right?”

“And then all of a sudden things appeared. Enough to give him an understanding of what the setting was, but was he still on the table?”

“That was a perfect demonstration of what the experience is. And I was just blown away the first time I saw that”.

Why Do People Get Abducted By Aliens? Or Do They?

The last thing Jordan wants to do is make light of an alien abductees’ experience.

It’s real and all he’s asking is people consider his research findings.

The following is one of two interviews I sat down and recorded with Joseph Jordan about his findings on the real nature of alien abductions.

It will challenge you and if you have been locked into a way of thinking on this subject, prepare for it to be expanded.

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