Why Do Aliens Abduct People – Does Anyone Really Know?

Why do aliens abduct people?

Scanning the various forums online, this question is often asked but there’s no definitive answer.

The problem with trying to answer a question like this is that there are going to be several responses.

The consciousness group will tell you their alien encounters are benevolent. And it’s information that’s at the core of their experience. On the flip side, other alien abductees will report different circumstances.

Some malevolent, some abducted just out of curiosity while others report more extreme reasons such as examination, probes and implants.

And then there are those abducted because they are simply descendants of abductees.

Why Do Aliens Abduct?

Why Do Aliens Abduct
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One thing a slew of different responses does is create tension in the ufo forums. Why?

Because with different people having different experiences, each experiencer is going have a different answer. And some are not averse to “poo-pooing” the experiences of others.

Which is really sad when as a community, we are all really fighting for the same cause. To get answers as to why aliens are visiting this planet.

So why do aliens abduct people? And why are some experiences benign while others are bordering on violent and traumatizing.

MUFON National Experiencer Research Team member Denise Stoner has been a lifelong experiencer.

We recently reported on the experience that changed her life in 1982. It was quite remarkable. Click here to learn more.

Stoner says her life as a contact experiencer has been interesting to say the least.

While many have kept quiet and gone into virtual hiding, she faced it head on and wanted to know more.

She made it her mission to learn how many people are being abducted, the effects it causes and the entities involved.

In actual fact, she asked the very question of why aliens abduct people and went out seeking answers.   

Living Life On Alien Abduction Alert

As a lifelong experiencer, being on alien abduction alert comes with the territory. Stoner says:

“The fear never changes until you are taken. Once you’re taken and you’re aboard the craft the fear leaves you. Then when you’re brought back, you still have a little bit of fear”.

“But then you wonder when is it going to happen again? Sometimes you’re given clues that it’s coming”.

“You know a certain day, a certain time that it’s coming. Do I want to stop it at this time? Should I try? It’s a mixture of emotions”.

Stoner has devoted her life to not only answering her own questions, but helping others come to terms with their experiences.

Why do aliens abduct people? She’s not entirely sure even after several experiences.

What makes the most sense at this stage and seems the most logical answer is that different alien species have different agendas.

Hence the wide variety of abduction experiences.

Could it be that each individual abduction experience is personalized to the individual having the experience?

In the following interview, Denise Stoner talks about the different entities she’s come in contact with, her time on different craft and even smells on board alien ships.

She will also be speaking in the upcoming Contact and Consciousness Online Summit on July 18th.

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