Was This Bizarre UFO Landing Connected To Roswell?

A bizarre ufo landing which occurred seventy five years ago may have been the precursor to the Roswell crash.

In 1947, things were heating up on the ufo landscape with the Kenneth Arnold sighting just two weeks before the Roswell incident, one of the landmark ufo sightings ever recorded. It was just one of several events involving ufos during that period.

Eva Holguin was just seven years old in 1947. On one warm June afternoon, she and her friends were playing in their yard on the Mexican side of the border near the Rio Grande. They lived just two hours south of Roswell.

Eva’s family was a well-to-do Mexican family and Eva would go on and become a successful businesswoman.

But just one month before the Roswell crash happened, Eva would have a profound experience involving ETs that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

As she and her friends were enjoying themselves just as seven year olds would, their play time was to be interrupted. And their guests weren’t human.

Eva’s Yellow-Eyed Visitors

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This bizarre ufo landing gets even stranger. As Eva and her friends played, a craft appeared and landed nearby.

It landed close enough for Eva to give a good description of the two occupants who emerged.

She described them as having yellow eyes which seem to glow. They were about three to four feet in height and as we’ve come to expect from witness descriptions of ET, the majority are bald.

The two ETs who exited the craft appeared to assess the landscape as they just stood there.

Eva says when they saw the children, they simply motioned them to come towards the alien craft. The kids obliged and began making their way towards the aliens.

Eva says she and her friends thought they were other children and were keen to add to their playmate tally. This thinking soon changed.

As they got closer to the aliens and their craft, they suddenly realized that their uninvited guests weren’t human. With glowing yellow eyes staring back at them, the kids took fright, screamed and ran away.

As soon as the ETs saw this they climbed back on board their ship and immediately took off.

Who were they? Were these the same species of ET that would later be discovered in the Roswell crash a month later? Were their intentions friendly? Did they mean the children harm?

You have to admit, as far as bizarre ufo landings are concerned, this one was “through the roof” bizarre.

Eva kept this incident to herself for more than seventy years after her initial rebuke from her parents. She was told in no uncertain manner, never to speak about it.

But following an episode of Project Blue Book in 2020, she was encouraged to finally break her silence.

This Bizarre UFO Landing May Have Been A Precursor To Roswell

While it’s only conjecture, during a period when the ufo landscape was “beginning to catch fire”, this incident may have been a preview of what was to come.

You can only ask the question, was this a precursor to the Roswell crash a month later.

It could have been or it could have been totally non related. But it just adds to the mystery and folklore that has become Roswell.

When Eva’s daughter Vanessa contacted Aliens Revealed Live, she said her mother was a little apprehensive about sharing her story after more than seven decades.

But Vanessa believes there could be a connection to Roswell.

“I believe she may have encountered the very extraterrestrials that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947”.

“She was only seven years old at the time but remembers clearly what happened. She’s carried this experience in heart ever since and explained the details of what she saw to me”.

“It was only after watching an episode of Project Blue Book that I decided to contact you”.

“My mother agreed to and was willing to do an interview”.

“My mother can describe the color of eyes and color and texture of the skin/suit of the smaller of the two beings”.

“She shared details about the small craft to me as well. She tried explaining to her family what had happened but being she was the baby of a big household, they didn’t believe her and brushed her aside”.

“It was something unheard of and the family dismissed it. She was very emotional for weeks after the event”.

Bizarre Or Not, This UFO Landing Is One For The Ages

Eva’s daughter Vanessa explained that her family was very much one of the pillars in their local community at the time.

Sharing a story like this even before anyone knew what a ufo was would have been foolhardy.

Eva adhered to her parents request. As far as the other children were concerned, Eva doesn’t know what became of them.

“She has no idea if the other two kids’ families moved away from their ranches or are still alive but has provided me their names”.

“Some of the details she’s shared with me about the beings have not been included in anything I’ve read or seen regarding Roswell”.

“I’m just curious to know if some of that info is in the classified reports and if the military ever recovered a recording device from the craft (like a black box) that would’ve shown the encounter with the children”.

“I am certainly open to your thoughts and ideas”. 

So what do you think? Could this bizarre ufo landing event have been related to Roswell? Do ETs have black box devices in their craft? That would be a given.

The black box question is certainly an interesting one. Do the air force or government authorities have in their possession recording devices from crashed alien craft that they can interpret or decipher? 

The following is the full interview with Eva Holguin following a short introduction. Her daughter Vanessa is acting as interpreter. She talks about the incident in more detail raising some really interesting points during a landmark era for ufos.

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