Walk Ins – Why Do Walk In Soul Transfers Happen?

When Ruth Montgomery alerted us to walk ins with her book Strangers Among Us more than forty years ago, the idea was a little radical to say the least.

Today, author and walk in soul Sheila Seppi, has only franked the work of Montgomery with her latest book Walk Ins – The Cosmology Of The Soul.

This is no longer just a theory as walk in after walk in has come forward to tell their story. Seppi highlights fifteen of them in her book.

But why do walk in soul transfers take place?

And where does the previous soul go when it leaves the body after being replaced?

It’s a fascinating subject and while we don’t have all the answers, it strengthens the theory that we are not our bodies but higher consciousness beings here for a brief moment.

Walk Ins – Part Of A Grand Plan?

Soul Walk Ins
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So why do walk ins happen? According to Seppi, it’s all part of an overall plan that has been put in place.

“First off, walk ins occur with an agreed upon situation. And so there has been a plan in place for possibly hundreds of years”.

“I’m not sure of the time span but the soul that was in the body left and has continued on its journey”.

“Whether that was for soul healing or to prepare for reincarnation, I have no idea”.

“But I do know that when I entered the body, I came in through the top of the head and helped propel that soul outward because it was very, very weary”.

“It was very tired and I believe that it must have taken on a little more than it could handle. And so it left”.

A Weary Soul

Seppi’s initial soul was ready to be replaced. She was diagnosed with the early stages of MS and had bone cancer.

The situation was very dire for her. There’s a famous quote that reads – “Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired”.

Then it all changed in September of 1999. Seppi described the feeling as like lightning going through her body.

But what followed in the days and weeks after, had her totally confused about who she really was.

“I came in with clairvoyance, clairaudience and all the “clairs” which I didn’t even believe in”.

“Then began to have past life memories which I obviously did not believe in”.

“I began to know different healing methods and for the longest time, I thought that I was having a psychotic break”.

“I thought I was actually going crazy”.

“Then I was freaked out. I mean, I didn’t know what was going on. Like I said, my background was psychology so I thought I was having a psychotic break or something unexplainable that I didn’t know”.

“I’d never even heard of a walk in. I had read a book called Ask Your Angels that introduced me to spirit guides. That’s the first I’d ever heard of spirit guides. And so I was very naive, very much in a box”.

“And when these things began to happen to me, I wanted to share them. But when I did, people looked at me like I needed to be locked up and then I began to believe that too”.

“So when you have a knowing; when I first came in “hot off the press”, all of my senses were just wide open. It was like I could read people’s minds and knew what they were thinking”.

Walk In Soul Or Alien Lifeform

Seppi made a really interesting point during her description of her transfer.

“I do remember when Barbara Lamb did a regression with me, I saw the soul coming in and then I saw the soul leaving and there was a ship waiting for that soul”.

“And so that soul was an Arcturian soul and it had already imprinted various neurological subsets that I would need as to be able to come in because I also came in as an Arcturian soul”.

“So there was already a blueprint that I could start to build from. And so again, I guess there’s always a soul contract and it’s agreed upon situation and the soul that had left, continued on its journey”.

So the previous soul went to a ship that was waiting for it which is really fascinating. It opens up a rash of other questions about our souls.

Are they a separate, stand alone alien race?

Of all the topics we’ve covered during the year, the walk ins have certainly captured our imagination.

In the following excerpt from my interview with Sheila Seppi, she talks about why walk ins happen, where they go and has thoughts about whether souls are neutral entities as opposed to being controlled by one specific race.

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