UFO TV Series – What’s The Best UFO TV Show On Air?

When it comes to UFO TV series, Ancient Aliens instantly springs to mind as the most watched UFO show on air.

It’s currently into its fifteenth season and seems to be going from strength to strength. It’s not just a UFO TV series and covers a wide array of topics. The ancient astronaut theory is its foundation.

I recently spoke with a well known ufologist who has been a regular contributor to the show. I was staggered to learn that Ancient Aliens is among History Channel’s most watched programs – among the top five.

Actually, maybe I’m not that surprised.

One of my favorite UFO TV series is Alien Highway. Unfortunately, after one season, it looks like being put on the shelf.

If that’s the case then it’s a shame.

Alien Highway- A UFO TV Series With The CSI Touch

UFO TV Shows
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UFO television shows that incorporate a touch of CSI about them seem to resonate with me. Maybe it’s the journalist in me but there’s something special about watching a group of investigators gather clues and applying some scientific logic to a case.

That’s what Chuck Zukowski and his team did during the shows eight episode lifespan along the Alien Highway. They investigated hot topics such as the Skinwalker Ranch to Area 51.

The concept was simple but effective and reminded me a lot of another all time favorite UFO show in UFO Hunters.

Zukowski was a guest during Aliens Revealed Live and we spoke at length about Alien Highway. It aired on the Travel Channel. 

The show was always in the top one third of cable shows which aired on Wednesday nights. That’s a great effort when you consider upwards of 150 shows aired across cable networks on Wednesdays.

Remarkably, Zukowski was in two minds about whether to take on the Alien Highway project. I’m glad he did. His background in law enforcement and his unbiased approach to UFO investigations made him the perfect candidate.

If you didn’t catch an episode of Alien Highway, the UFO TV series is on Amazon’s Prime Video.

Zukowski And The 37th Parallel

Chuck Zukowski featured in Ben Mezrich’s best seller, The 37th Parallel  as a sheriff’s deputy “obsessed with tracking down UFO reports in Colorado”. 

His analysis of this UFO hotspot is fascinating. We’ll feature it in another post but here’s a brief excerpt of what Zukowski told us.

“The thing with the 37th parallel and based on the 37th degree latitude theory is we have multiple highways across the United States that we travel like I-70 and interesting, you know, I-40 and even Highway 66”. 

“But UFOs have a tendency of traveling from east to west if they’re going north to south but when they bug out for whatever reason, it seems like they throw or dart off either towards the east to the west. And so I started looking at that theory back then and noticed that every one of the cattle mutilations that I’ve investigated, the animal carcass was facing east and west”.

In the following interview excerpt, Zukowski talks about how Alien Highway came about and why he almost didn’t accept the role on the show. 

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