UFO Sightings

Read and listen to the most amazing ufo sighting stories gathered by our team at Aliens Revealed Live. Scan the links below which will take you to the selected story.

UFO Investigators – When Betty Hill Changed Dev Rugne’s Life

We’ve covered ufo investigators several times on this site and one thing is apparent – the best investigators go beyond just listening to witnesses. Just having an interest in ufos won’t guarantee your success as an investigator. Chuck Zukowski, Earl Grey Anderson, Jeff Krause and Dave Spinks are just four investigators who have shared their stories with Aliens Revealed Live….

Is This One Of The Most Convincing UFO Sightings Ever Reported?

When talking about the most convincing ufo sightings ever reported we immediately think of the famous cases. The Phoenix Lights in 1997 is the most convincing ufo sighting I’ve seen. I probably wouldn’t get too many arguments there. But what about the most convincing ufo sightings we’ve never heard about? There are thousands of them. For starters, all you need…

NASA’s Strange Pictures From Space – Are They UFOs?

Have you seen NASA’s strange pictures from space? Chances are you haven’t. Right now, most people seem to be absorbed with NASA’s images from Mars and with good reason. The Mars fascination will continue until we put real people on the red planet. But for people looking for anomalies on Mars, maybe looking at another area of the solar system…