UFO Sighting Or A Drone? Are People Confusing Drones For UFOs?

A ufo sighting instils a special kind of feeling into a person when they see one.

Many say it’s almost magical. Others say it’s mesmerizing while many report that time almost seems to stand still.

My most memorable sighting of a ufo came in 2004. Living on the beach in Sydney’s northern suburbs, I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing a ufo close up.

Standing on my balcony late at night, it seemed as if time began to slow down and as I looked out over the water, there it was.

It was a triangle-shaped object about thirty feet from tip to tip. And it appeared to be engulfed by an intoxicating cloud as it glided past.

It took me a few seconds to realize what I was witnessing but it was spellbinding.

This UFO Sighting Left A Huge Impression

Time appeared to standstill and there was no noise. Actually, there was a sound but if you can believe it, it was silent.

It was one of several ufo sightings made along Australia’s east coast that evening.

Earl Grey Anderson is one of the USA’s top ufo field investigators. He was part of the Alien Revealed Live summit in February 2020 and says different witnesses can see the same ufo with a different perception.

Anderson says it’s all part of the landscape of being an investigator. His job is never to lead the witness but to get the facts.

Today, Anderson has to distinguish between what could be a ufo or possibly a drone, a weather balloon, an airline contrail and the list goes on.

But in 2020, drones have made the task of identifying a real ufo even more difficult.

Drone Or UFO?

UFO Sighting Today
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Drones are now freely available to the public. Anderson, who is based in Southern California says they are everywhere. He gave a classic example of a drone being mistaken for a ufo. This happens frequently today simply because of the explosion in the popularity of drones.

“I had one woman who put in a UFO report and she said that it was hovering over her daughter’s high school graduation ceremony”.

“And the more I talked with her, the more familiar this UFO account sounded”.

“Finally I said, you know, did they take overhead film of your daughter’s graduation? And she says ‘Oh, yes, it’s a lovely film”.

“I was like, you know, I think I know what your UFO was”.

“And then I explained to her what she was describing. And you have to be sweet to people. It’s not like you can say ‘you saw a drone silly’”.

Ready To Report Your UFO Sighting?

Have you spotted a ufo and reported it?

Who did you report it to? Did you go through the official channels or on social media?

The truth is, most ufo sightings will go unreported through official channels. However, with social media in play today, those savvy enough to capture them on their smartphones are happy to post them in ufo groups.

Meanwhile, in the following interview, Earl Grey Anderson talks about some of the obstacles he faces in nailing down whether a ufo sighting is credible or not.

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