UFO Report To Congress – A Public Relations Driven Extrication Process

The upcoming ufo report to Congress is the most anticipated report on the subject of UFOs ever. However, those expecting full disclosure might be disappointed.

A recent report in the New York Times suggested American intelligence officials are discounting that the aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots are of alien origin.

Most ufo devotees would have responded with a…wait, WHAT!?

As Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett suggested in our recent interview…

“The Report is nothing. I don’t even think it’s that big of a deal”.

That would have disappointed many ufo believers.

But Bassett knows what he’s talking about. Having been at the forefront of the ufo disclosure issue for more than a quarter of a century, he has a theory on what’s going to happen.

The ufo report to Congress is due to be released in late June, 2021. Bassett believes it is just part of a larger process. Click here to hear his thoughts.

Meanwhile, as far as the recent New York Times article is concerned, his response should be heartening for ufo believers desperate for disclosure.

What’s Bassett’s advice?

“Ignore this. It’s a lie. Of course, the DOD can’t say otherwise at this point”.

The great news is that mainstream media is now talking about ufos daily. The NYT article was almost expected by skeptics. They believe the whole ufo report to Congress was just a “satisfy the masses” exercise.

Is The UFO Report To Congress Going To Reveal Anything Significant?

UAP Congress Report
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In Bassett’s recent interview with Aliens Revealed Live, he talked about people now getting on the “disclosure train”.

What does that mean?

Essentially, those on the wrong side of the long running truth embargo on ufos are now positioning themselves to look good post disclosure.

Bassett says the New York Times article is part of  a “public relations driven extrication process”.   

“This is what is important. This is what matters. The United States has the highest military technology in the world. Period”.

“Everyone in the Pentagon down to the floor polishers knows this. U.S. military technology is equal to or greater than that of China, Russia, Canada, UK, France, Peru, Somalia, and the rest of the 200 countries and sovereign entities”.

“Therefore, there is only one option left to explain not 120 incidents over the past two decades, but thousands of incidents since 1947, and that explanation is extraterrestrial. Period”.

“The DOD has just confirmed the ET presence in the only way it could in cooperation with the Senate Intelligence Committee to provide an appropriate basis for congressional hearings to be called for by Mark Warner and Marco Rubio”.

“These hearings will then provide the context for President Biden to end the Truth Embargo. A confirmation”.

“You are witnessing a public relations driven extrication process”.

“Your government is finally moving to extricate itself out from under a 74-year institutional lie in order to soften the blow”.

“It wants to look as good as possible, get as much credit as possible or simply to get the job done. Or put another way, the principle institutions and persons have to lie their way out of the lie”.

What’s Next?

I’m not sure. But it will be fascinating watching the next move leading up to the release of the ufo report.

Bassett says the ultimate goal of the report to Congress is to get congressional hearings.

He expects they could happen as early as late July or in August.

That would be something to see.

Meanwhile, Bassett says while he has been fighting for disclosure since 1996, he cannot make it happen.

He says he is leading a movement. It’s ultimate goal is to arrive at a point where the president of the United States can finally confirm to the American public that there is an extraterrestrial presence.

“To get to all that other information first, the president has to finally acknowledge that there is an extraterrestrial presence”.

“And other nations should follow. I mean, it won’t just be the United States, it will be every nation in the world”.

“The point is that a head of state from every nation in the world will fall in line and confirm it”.

“So that’s my job. To make sure we arrive at that point.

Bassett explains his role in the following excerpt from his interview with Aliens Revealed Live’s  Dean Caporella.

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