UFO Investigator – How To Become A Mufon Field Investigator

A UFO investigator can seem like a glamorous job. Perhaps that’s the impression given by Hollywood. 

Truth is, if you like to interview people, are good with numbers and have a nose for solving a mystery, you’re probably a good fit for becoming a field investigator.

The main ingredient though is one that many won’t think about.

A UFO investigator needs to have a slight dose of healthy skepticism. This fact was borne home recently in our interview with investigator Chuck Zukowski. 

However, we’re not talking about Philip Klass-type skepticism. It’s more the “let’s see what we’ve got before we join the chorus” type of skepticism. 

It’s good to put the person you’re seeing at ease and gain their trust. Charging in with a really skeptical view will more than likely unsettle them.

Advice From A Leading Mufon Investigator

Mufon Field Investigator
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One of California’s top UFO field investigators, Earl Grey Anderson says earning the trust of the people making the report is important.

Anderson holds several positions with the Mutual UFO Network. He is Assistant State Director for Southern California, Chief Field Investigator, and a member of MUFON’s Star Team.

Anderson says a UFO investigator first needs to understand where the person making the report is coming from. He says they’ve seen something in the sky that we’re told doesn’t exist. 

They are dealing with a little personal shock of their own.

“I think that people once they see a UFO there’s a lot of ontological shock that takes place. Your worldview and your place in the universe kind of changes”.

“So I think if somebody is coming at you and being too skeptical, that might turn them off and it might kind of a dull your ability to actually investigate the phenomenon”. 

Does A UFO Investigator Have To Believe In UFOs?

I put this question to Anderson and and while it might be a strange thing to put to a UFO sleuth, maybe it has a little merit.

“Hmm, that’s a good question. I don’t think so. It depends on what you’re doing. I guess in some ways doing what I do you interview a lot of people about what they’ve seen. And I think that if you have too much of a skeptical attitude, people are going to be less apt to share their sightings with you”.

Which gets back to understanding the facts of a case before making a determination. 

Want to become a UFO field investigator? Mufon has all the resources to get you started. Click here to learn more.  

Meanwhile, the following is an excerpt of my interview with Earl Grey Anderson. He talks about his role as an investigator and how he approaches each case.

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  1. I seen two frying disks about One and a half years ago. it was thousand of feet up it looked small. It looked like it was going slow it was glowing the whole ship was pulsating glowing slightmy then getting slightly less of a glow it was pulsating every one to two seconly . I was looking from below it as it was flying over.it had a black circle in the middle of it like the centre of a dough nut It flew over my friends house. I followed it threw the front of the houses to the back. That’s when I seen one more. The other one was flying to the left. Away from where the first one was flying. I started flashing my phone camera over and over again to attract its attention but nothing hapend. I also took a phone video of a flying metallic silvery orb. It flew from inside the clouds it flew from the right to the left and done a instantaneous 90degree turn and started flying to the right. There was one more orb in the film but you have to slow it down fraim by train to notice it. They say seeing is believing well I am a believer in UFO,s I don’t know about ET,s


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