UFO Contact – Why UFO Contactees Need To Share Their Story

Rebecca Renfroe-Bourneman has experienced UFO contact since the age of seven.

As an ET contactee, she has been privy to information most of us only dream about. 

Rebecca spoke during Aliens Revealed Live.

She received amazing feedback from viewers especially those UFO contactees who have yet to come forward and tell their story.

The message is strong from Rebecca after decades of contact with extraterrestrials.

She says the best path forward for those who have experienced contact is to come forward and share their story.

Sharing UFO Contact Experiences

Rebecca Renfroe-Borneman
Rebecca Renfroe-Borneman

In recent years, the emergence of contactees has increased significantly.

It wasn’t too long ago when any type of ET encounter, be it malevolent or benevolent, was met with extreme skepticism and ridicule.

And people, skeptics and the general public alike usually delighted in mocking those courageous enough to tell their story.

It’s any wonder most people will stay quiet about their experiences to avoid this type of response.

Rebecca Renfroe-Bourneman has become somewhat of a pioneer in encouraging close encounter experiencers to share their story. 

Today, experiencers can avoid the ridicule or embarrassment by talking about their encounters in a safe environment.

Safe Haven For UFO Contactees

Mufon has been at the forefront of providing a safe haven for UFO contact experiences.

They offer the environment for them to come forward and speak about what happened to them.

In many cases, contact experiencers have bottled up their encounters for many years.

Many want to share their experiences but stay quiet because of fear of ridicule.

Renfroe-Bourneman decided the best path forward for her was to do her own research on UFO contact.

She has shared her findings with audiences during the past few years but doesn’t consider herself special in any way.

During the interview, she discussed what some of her research revealed.

In the following excerpt though, she speaks about her own experiences. We’ll provide her research results in a later post.

She says there were two places where her UFO contact encounters took place.

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