The UFO Deception: One Man’s Crusade To Reveal The Truth

The term ufo deception can be interpreted in several ways. One is that the ETs themselves are perpetrating the deception.

Another is that the ufo deception is being orchestrated right here on planet earth by people in power or those who lurk in the shadows.

And that’s another story for another day.

Philip Kinsella has experienced some weird stuff in his life. Along with his twin brother Ronald, they are no strangers to bizarre ufo and paranormal events.

The dynamic duo are two of the biggest voices in the fight to expose the deception regarding ufos. But their boldness since the late eighties and early nineties to get to the truth hasn’t come with the obligatory ridicule from those suppressing the truth.

Philip doesn’t talk much about his alien abduction which springboard him on his journey to discover the truth. In fact, he doesn’t even like the term alien abduction.

As a member of the U.K. National UFO Reporting Center, Kinsella and his peers are relentless in their pursuit of the ufo truth.

And that’s despite the fact that an invitation they sent to a member of parliament to work with them didn’t even elicit a response.

Kinsella says this silence is nothing knew from those in power.

A UFO Deception Helped By A Stringent Media?

Kinsella says that when all they get are the “sounds of crickets” to their requests for information, one can’t help think about deception.

And he’s laying much of the blame “at the feet of the media”. Kinsella highlighted the many occasions he’s had the opportunity to either record or go live with information.

If it was a recorded interview, it was heavily edited. And if it was live, any information the deceptors didn’t want revealed meant Kinsella was shut down quickly.

Sound familiar?

“So that kind of shows me that there was a very stringent control within the media establishment”.

“And of course as we all know, the subject of ufos is highly controversial”.

“But the way that the media and the governmental establishment and beyond deal with it is even more of a travesty because they dangle the carrot and say, ‘look, this has happened’. And then they throw a spanner in the works and say, ‘oh, ignore it or turn the other way’ or something else”.

“So we’re still no nearer since the Roswell incident to fathoming out just exactly what we’re dealing with”.

“We know it’s real, it’s very real and it exists. But it’s like chasing shadows”.

The UFO Disinformation Roadblocks

The UFO Deception
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Looking back at the ufo deception, especially since Roswell, it’s almost like watching the X-Files series.

Other than dealing with the suppression of the truth, either by those who wield power behind the scenes or the media, there’s a relentless amount of disinformation that’s been thrown out there for people to decipher.

While the power of the mainstream media has become somewhat diluted since the advent of the internet, Kinsella says people still need to be very wary about disinformation.

“We have to be careful of the disinformation and the stuff that’s planted in certain sectors online or offline”.

“Certainly with the ufo phenomena, perhaps we’re dealing with a situation which goes beyond what most people would believe is credibility and filters into areas which might frighten them”.

“And I know that our understanding of alien contact as we call it, is very much a reality, but operates on a very different premise from the initial stages of the UFO encounter itself”.

“So I believe there are two parts to this and that the phenomena seems to integrate on a very personal level with the person that they’re either abducting or connecting with”.

“And the problem being is that the only people that are talking about it is like me and many other good people like yourself, advocates in bringing this information to the masses in the way that you do”.

“It’s a highly complex process and one that’s not easily categorized or put into a box. It’s just not going to fit in there”.

A Program Of UFO Denial

Kinsella says that the when people experience a ufo event, it’s not just the viewing of the ufo.

He says it’s also not just about the experience of being taken.

Or even having an interdimensional connection that has to be explained.

He says it can lead to a plethora of paranormal experiences. Trying to explain that can be like a nightmare”.

“I believe that someone, somewhere, has some idea of what we can possibly be dealing with”.

“And that someone somewhere, has instigated a program of denial and a cleanup operation which has been evident for decades. So nothing much has changed there”.

Kinsella delves deep into the world ufo deception in the following interview with Aliens Revealed Live.

He talks about the public fighting back. He reveals the greys and their fascination with human souls. And he chats about the media’s role in the deception and the tipping point that sent him on his journey in search of the ufo truth.

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