The Stardust Ranch In Arizona Is Home To Aliens, Doppelgängers And More

The Stardust Ranch in Arizona could just be America’s spookiest property.

Aliens, ufos, and people floating from their beds. Evil doppelgängers, animal mutilation, demonic voices, men in black and other mysterious creatures.

Sounds like a season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 right?

Well, that could be the case but all of the above and more have plagued a piece of real estate in Arizona known as the Stardust Ranch.

Similar in nature to the famous Skinwalker ranch “just up the road”, many believe Stardust to be even more terrifying.

That could be backed up by the fact that the found of Bigelow Aerospace had been trying to buy Stardust well before he purchased Skinwalker Ranch.

Skinwalker almost seemed a consolation prize according to the late owner of Stardust, John Edmonds.

John Edmonds passed away in March 2022. He sat down and did an interview with Aliens revealed Live in late 2020.

We never got to play the full interview which is now available below and on the Aliens Revealed Live YouTube Channel.

Edmonds reported that Bigelow was really obsessed with buying Stardust.

“At his peak interest, he would call me between seven to ten times a week. You could say he was obsessed with it but we could never agree on a suitable price”.

Edmonds believes in the end, he bought Skinwalker simply because he couldn’t get Stardust. If that’s the case, then is it possible we could be seeing a Stardust Ranch series on television instead of Skinwalker?

Stardust Ranch In Arizona – Who Moved The Furniture?

On June 1st, 1996, John and Joyce Edmonds moved into their new pride and joy, Stardust Ranch.

Stardust Ranch is situated in Arizona’s Rainbow Valley. Edmonds and his wife Joyce were planning on operating a horse rescue farm. It had been their dream.

But what has followed during the past twenty six years defies logic and reality.

Edmonds, along with journalist Bruce McDonald, detail these incredible events in their bestselling book, Stardust Ranch: An Incredible True Story.

From the very first day Edmonds moved into Stardust, things started to happen.

For example, when they arrived in the evening of that first day with their belongings, the former owner’s furniture hadn’t been moved. This prompted Edmonds to call his real estate agent who asked them to stay in a motel that night and he would organize the furniture to be moved.

As it turned out, the real estate agent couldn’t get hold of anyone but Edmonds didn’t know this.

When he and his wife arrived the next morning, the furniture wasn’t in the house.

It was stacked in the empty pool ten feet in depth. Much of it was packed in boxes.

When Edmonds called his real estate agent and asked him why the movers didn’t just simply put it on a truck instead of having to come back and double-handle it, the reply was shocking.

The real estate agent said he couldn’t contact anyone and would continue looking for a mover the following day. Edmonds asked him “well, who moved it”. The response was simply, “I have no idea”.

This began to confirm Joyce Edmonds feelings about Stardust Ranch during their initial visit. She thought that something “felt off” about it but in Edmonds excitement to purchase it, he wouldn’t be swayed from buying it.

An Encounter With A Doppelgänger

One of the scariest encounters the Edmonds had was with a spooky doppelgänger. John Edmonds takes up the story.

“Well, we have both had examples of myself Joyce at different times where we couldn’t even tell that we weren’t talking to the other person”.

“We were literally talking to something that looked exactly like the other person”.

“And in one particular case, I drove all the way to town and took her out to dinner thinking that I was with my wife”.

“I didn’t know until I looked into her eyes and I could tell something was wrong”.

“It got up and walked off and went into the ladies room”.

“Then I got a phone call from my wife back home. And she says, ‘why did you leave me’? I said, ‘what do you mean’? She replied, ‘well, I’m here at home, where are you’?

And I said, ‘but how is that possible, I’m here at the restaurant with you’.”

“Then I said, ‘you’re here with me and you’re in the bathroom right now’.”

“I followed with, ‘so how does this work? How can you be at home and also in the bathroom at the restaurant’?”

“And she says, ‘you know, that’s absurd. Why are you making this up’?”

“I replied, ’I’m not making it up’.”

“I then asked somebody to go in the bathroom and find the doppelgänger Joyce, and they couldn’t find her. And I thought, ‘oh my God’.”

“I drove back home and Joyce read me the riot act. I explained to her what happened. And she was horrified”.

“We went through the same thing on our Hawaiian honeymoon. It’s happened a few times during our relationship. We don’t understand it. We don’t know why it happens, but it happens”.

Edmonds Gets A Visit From The Men In Black

Edmonds didn’t even know who the men in black were other than they came out of Hollywood.

But his real-life encounters with them soon made him realize that his reports on what was happening at Stardust Ranch had “hit a nerve or two in high places”.

“At the time, I didn’t even know what men and black were. I mean, to me, they look like the Blues Brothers”.

“I just thought, ‘who are these guys’?”

“And they got to within two or three feet away from me and one looked me in the eyes. He had sunglasses on but he looked me in the eyes and he said, ‘you need to stop reporting the information on the CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) website that you are reporting. That must stop now’. And that was all he said”.

“They appeared human, but the strange thing about both of them was the pallor of their skin. I mean, it looked like uncooked chicken”.

“They were kind of wet looking and were just a strange color. They almost looked like walking corpses”.

The following interview is the full chat I had with the late John Edmonds in late 2020.

He talks about how he stopped his wife being kidnapped from her bed by aliens, a mysterious visitor who approached him in his driveway, doppelgängers, men in black, demonic voices and Robert Bigelow’s interest in the Stardust Ranch in Arizona.

The Stardust Ranch In Arizona
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