The Pascagoula Incident To Be The Focus Of A New Documentary Series

The Pascagoula Incident is one of the most famous alien abduction cases ever recorded.

Now, it’s set to become the focus of a television documentary series. It will be based on the two books written by Calvin Parker during the past five years.

Pascagoula involved the abduction of Parker and his friend Charles Hickson on a balmy October evening in 1973.

Parker and Hickson were fishing from a pier on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. It wasn’t long after they started that their worlds were about to be changed forever.

A craft of unknown origins appeared nearby. Robotic-like creatures emerged snatching both men and taking them on board.

What followed was an ordeal that catapulted both men into a world spotlight they would rather have avoided.

The Pascagoula Incident To Become A Documentary

Pascagoula Alien Abduction Incident
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Renowned UFO researcher and book publisher Philip Mantle has been responsible for the Pascagoula Incident not being forgotten in ufo folklore.

Calvin Parker has only emerged in recent years to tell his story. With Mantle’s guidance, the Pascagoula Incident has been once again thrust into the spotlight.

Mantle has been heavily involved in negotiations for Parker’s story to be depicted in movie form.

Last year, a screenplay was completed. However, it needed to satisfy Calvin Parker who was determined that the facts would not be skewed.

Parker wanted his alien abduction story told the way it happened. He didn’t want the usual Hollywood “filler fluff” that accompanies most movies based on true events.

Fire In The Sky was made in 1993 based on the abduction of Travis Walton. But Walton himself has confessed in interviews that he wasn’t totally pleased with the way the story was told.

Parker was determined that the Pascagoula Incident would not suffer the same distortions.

So it seems instead of Pascagoula being immortalized in movie form, it will become a television documentary series. Philip Mantle described it as further good news.

“We have now signed a contract with a UK Television production company. The contract includes making a documentary series based on Calvin Parker’s two books”.

“We have been in discussion with the production company on and off over the last year”.

“Covid-19 interrupted our plans and still does”.

“Although we can’t begin filming until it is safe to do so, we can at least make plans. We are all pleased to have now signed this contract and would like to thank everyone involved”.

Calvin Parker’s Interview

It’s still unclear when filming will start. It’s also unclear whether the Pascagoula Incident will eventually make the big screen as a movie.

Pascagoula was one of three major alien abduction cases during the 1970s. They were so significant they captured the imagination of a worldwide public.

The 1975 Travis Walton abduction and the 1977 Incident At Devil’s Den are the other two.

Calvin Parker virtually stayed silent about what happened to him. He emerged during the past decade to talk about his ordeal.

He hoped that by doing so, he would encourage others to come forward and tell their stories.

Parker is very protective of the way the Pascagoula Incident is told. He’s keen on maintaining the integrity of the true facts.

I sat down with Calvin Parker in 2020 to talk about Pascagoula and the emergence of new evidence and witnesses.

The following is the full interview. It was presented during the Aliens Revealed Live Online summit.

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