The Pascagoula Incident Documentary Series

The Pascagoula Incident documentary series is getting closer to being aired. Production began in the latter part of last year.

The much anticipated television event focusses on one of the most famous ufo abduction incidents ever recorded.

The documentary series on the 1973 Pascagoula alien encounter featured Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson. It made world headlines when it occurred and remained “front and square” in the news for many weeks.

UFO researchers and authors Philip Mantle and Dr. Irena Scott have worked tirelessly on this case for the last few years and have uncovered a great deal of new information.

They’ve also been able to gather several new first hand eyewitnesses who have stepped forward to give their accounts of what happened on that famous October night in 1973.

“Dr Irena Scott and I are still looking for any info on this case or to speak with any eyewitnesses in confidence if required”.

“We can be contacted by email. Meanwhile, I’ve had two lengthy conversations with a US production company and things look promising”.

Parker and Hickson were snatched from a pier while fishing by robotic-type aliens and taken on board their craft.

They underwent invasive examination during their ordeal before being released.

They eventually plucked up the courage top report what they had gone through and what followed could only be described as a “media circus”, not unlike the Travis Walton abduction incident.

Parker and Hickson stayed true to their account of what happened despite the pressure of being in the spotlight.

In recent years, the Pascagoula Incident has gained new scrutiny and attention thanks to the investigative efforts of Philip Mantle. New witnesses have come forward to report that what Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson saw and experienced in October 1973 was true.

The Pascagoula Incident Documentary Series To Become Reality

The Pascagoula Incident Documentary Series
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If it wasn’t for the pandemic, the documentary on the Pascagoula Incident would have more than likely already have been produced and aired.

Things were moving fast in late 2019 and early 2020 according to Mantle but when the pandemic hit, it “put the skids” on plans for the production of the series.

“A documentary crew came to interview me and I said, ‘oh, by the way, have a read of this when you go’. And I gave the interviewer a copy of Calvin Parker’s first book”.

“They more or less came straight back to us saying ‘we’re interested in this’. So we made an agreement”.

“Then of course, the pandemic came and that put paid to anything. But thankfully, once all the restrictions were lifted, they came back again and revised the contract slightly”.

“They said, ‘was right, let’s start planning it and make a date to start filming it’.”

“So the first step was for me to send them any sort of audio or visuals that I had”.

“So I had audio recordings and some film clips. I also pointed them in the direction where they could get vintage film clips of Charlie and Calvin”.

“And I sent them a whole raft of photographs and documents and so on. So that was the first stage”.

Pascagoula Witnesses Still Coming Forward

While the Pascagoula Incident happened fifty years ago, the ufo witnesses are still emerging.

At the time, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson were not only at the center of what happened at Pascagoula, but the only two to come forward.

Naturally at the time, reporting ufo sightings or close encounters of the third kind wasn’t considered as rash behavior.

There was a stigma attached to the topic. And many witnesses to Pascagoula simply kept quiet about what they saw.

The Pascagoula Incident documentary series will hopefully allow those who saw the ufo that took Parker and Hickson, to confirm it actually happened.

From where the incident happened, there was a lot of vantage points for others to witness it across the waterway.

While Charles Hickson was the main spokesman about what happened, Calvin Parker, who shunned the limelight and kept quiet for several decades, is now talking.

Parker was only nineteen at the time of the Pascagoula abduction. And he has only come forward in the past decade to talk about what happened that night.

In the following interview, Philip Mantle discusses why witnesses are coming forward fifty years after Pascagoula took place. He looks at the strong possibility that more will do so before the documentary is completed.

Mantle talks about the work Dr. Irena Scott has done on the project. He also discusses the chance that some big names will be involved in the television series.

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