The Official Record Of Extraterrestrial Species In The Universe?

Is there such a thing as a record of extraterrestrial species in the universe.

The answer is yes.

The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac: The Ultimate Guide to Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, and Nordics is one of the most fascinating books produced in the past two years.

Just like it’s title says, it’s a record of extraterrestrial species. It’s one of the most requested topics in the ufo-believing community.

The book’s author is Multiple award-winning filmmaker and Emmy-nominated casting director Craig Campobasso.

Among his work, Craig directed, wrote and produced the short film Stranger at the Pentagon and wrote the four book series The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial Saga: The Huroid Revolution and Other Warring Creatures.

Last year, Campobasso released the much-awaited UFO Hotspot Compendium: Places To Visit Before You Die Or Are Abducted.

But it’s his compilation of ET species that has captured the imagination of the ufo believing public.

During alien encounter cases, one of the first questions asked is what did the extraterrestrials look like.

The most popular answer is they short, had large heads and eyes with spindly arms and they were grey.

They are more commonly known as the Greys but the fascinating aspect is they have now been identified as coming in several different sizes. In other words, there are not just different alien species but different races of Greys.

Add the Nordics, Arcturians, Reptilians and more to the list and it makes for fascinating reading.

The Official Record Of Extraterrestrial Species

Record Of Extraterrestrial Species In The Universe
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The record of extraterrestrial species contains eighty two races of aliens.

Campobasso says he is aware that there are a lot more that eighty two different alien races but was limited by the book’s publisher to keep it within a specific amount.

Campobasso explained why he chose eighty two species.

“Well, I chose eighty two alien races because I had to make the book under 300 pages per the publisher”.

“And really what the publisher wanted were thumbnail reviews”.

“And then if the reader was interested in a particular race, they could go and research it on the internet. So that was the purpose of the book”.

“I also chose eighty two races because I’m a fan of the former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellier”.

“Mr. Hellier, in one of the last interviews he gave, said he knew of eighty two alien races that were visiting Earth”.

“I know there is way more than that visiting Earth because I came up with a whole analog when I was doing this book”.

“Now, what I did was throughout all the years, I had read many books on contactees. They were having face-to-face contact with different extraterrestrials from all over this universe and some multi dimensional”.

“So I went back to those materials, the publishers and the actual contactees and talked to them about inclusion of those extraterrestrial races in the book”.

“So a lot of the information is from real contactee experiences”.

Good And Bad Aliens?

Craig Campobasso
Author and Filmmaker Craig Campobasso

Whenever putting together a record of extraterrestrial species people are going to want to know if there are good and bad aliens.

This topic is often hotly debated by researchers and contactees. Some say there are only aliens with good intentions.

Other’s say yes that’s true but there is a malevolent alien presence visiting the earth.

It’s an argument that will probably never be settled until this whole alien mystery is brought out into the open.

Campobasso has his favorite “good guys” and says we have to be careful when isolating the good from the bad.

“Well, definitely there’s the Greys. By the way, what we would refer to as the good Greys, like the ones from Zeta Reticuli, they prefer to be called Zeta humans”.

“They don’t want to be put in the same category as Grey”.

“Then there are also other offshoots of Reptilians, like the Alpha, Albino Dracs, etc. But let’s not forget, there are a lot of good Grey races and Reptilian races”.

“It’s just that these are the ones that are interacting with Earth. That’s why we’re talking about them”.

“But good Grey and Reptilian species are also interacting with Earth”.

“And then I would say my favorite benevolent races are Pleiadans, Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians, Clarians, and Alpher Centaurians”.

“I just love all of those races for all different reasons and the things that they are doing for humanity and to help the Earth”.

But as far as one species looking out for this planet, Campobasso says he has to combine two races, the Agarthans and Telogians.

He describes them as inner earth dwellers.

And then there are what he describes as Blue Printers, the guardians that oversee the evolution of a planet on an ethereal scale.

The Universe Is Teeming With Intelligent Life

For ufo and alien-believers, there’s no doubt the universe is alive with a multitude of different alien species.

The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac put together by Craig Campobasso is a great starting point in discovering the names of these alien races.

Campobasso also updates the book with almost every reprinting as different information comes to light.

Campobasso is an experiencer with a family history of experiencers. But he has also “left no stone unturned” in seeking out other contact experiencers and researchers in making sure the information he’s providing is as accurate as possible.

In our discussion, he covers a lot of ground including an amazing story involving his biological father.

He looks at the benevolent and malevolent types, the warring factions out there in the universe, whether the races are predominantly humanoid and a faction that appears to be out to discredit this compilation of alien races.

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