The Light Of Darkness: Exposing The Extraterrestrial Agenda

When Bruce McDonald sat down to write The Light Of Darkness, he was just coming off co-authoring The Stardust Ranch.

You could have forgiven him for feeling somewhat sick of the supernatural. But getting The Light Of Darkness out was extremely important.

The Light of Darkness: A Warrior’s Tale For Our Time was released in 2020. It tells the amazing story of former Navy Seal Robert Wiegand who has been fighting the warrior’s life since a young age.

The book talks about how he has been groomed for the fight. But what fight are we talking about? Are we talking in the natural or supernatural?

Author and researcher Bruce McDonald says the fight is against evil. It’s about the contemporary evil has for the human race. And McDonald ought to know a little about what that evil looks like and the way it behaves.

In 2019, while co-authoring the stunning account of the most haunted ranch in the United States, the Stardust Ranch, he met evil.

Many say Stardust is even spookier than Skinwalker. In fact, Robert Bigelow who owns Skinwalker, tried several times to convince the late John Edmonds to sell Stardust to him before settling on Skinwalker. But that’s a story for another day.

Meanwhile, the supernatural resistance Bruce McDonald suffered in getting both Stardust Ranch and The Light Of Darkness to print was extraordinary.

In fact, his experiences in working on these two books is a best selling book on it’s own. Heck, Hollywood has a potential horror blockbuster on its hands just using McDonald’s experiences to craft a movie around. In a word, what McDonald endured in writing both books was chilling.

The Light Of Darkness

I sat down and spoke with Bruce McDonald last year and the first part of that interview was published here.

As I mentioned in that first article, there is so much to digest in this story that it’s hard to decide where to start.

We spoke about the resistance McDonald faced from a group of nasty greys before he could get Stardust Ranch to press.

When researching and writing Robert Wiegand’s story, McDonald was exposed to an even more sinister world.

It is a world the devil plays in and the Luciferian system that has enveloped the western world is one that “takes no prisoners”.

Earlier when we talked about Wiegand being born for a time like this, fighting evil is the reason according to McDonald. Is there an extraterrestrial agenda that needs to be exposed? Are ETs running the world? Is this related to what McDonald terms as institutional Satanism. In other words, utter contempt for the human race.

Wiegand’s Message To The World

Light Of Darkness
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Wiegand needed to get his message out and he and McDonald eventually crossed paths. But again, the pushback to get this information to the public was strong.

Originally, McDonald was collaborating on The Light Of Darkness with an English researcher but he, according to McDonald, got “cold feet” and pulled out when they were working on the section about “institutional Satanisn”.

“So this fellow I was doing the book with was the best friend of Cynthia Crawford for the last 10 years of her life. She’s the alien human hybrid that we introduced in the Stardust Ranch”.

“We got about a third into the book with him on institutional Satanism and he got cold feet and abandoned the project”.

“And I haven’t spoken to him since. He’s never returned an email or a Skype call. And within twenty four hours of that, Robert Wiegand came into my life and finished the book”.

“So it was meant to be, you know, it was meant to be”.

Is Institutional Satanism Suffocating The World?

The term institutional Satanism would send the chill up anyone’s spine. Even uttering the devil’s name can put fear into the hearts of most.

According to McDonald, Wiegand has come face-to-face with him.

“The Light Of Darkness is very much about what we’ll call institutional Satanism in the world”.

“Now let me preface this by saying I was raised a Roman Catholic. But when we say Satanism, it’s really a word that is about anti-life and it’s about contempt for the human species”.

“And so it’s a bit of a spiritual and an extraterrestrial narrative at the same time. But the key thing here is contempt for the human species”.

“So I reworked the beginning of the book to tell Bob’s story and then we segued into the rest of the story. It’s really a one-to-one carry over from the first fellow I was working with”.

“Robert Wiegand read all the material first and said, ‘yeah, let’s pick it up from here. This is brilliant what you’ve done with this other guy’.”

“And Bob and the other guy are friends now. So it was kind of like a three-person attempt to write The Light Of Darkness”.

“I don’t mention the other guy’s name on purpose because he’s had problems in the past. He’s been targeted”.

Writing The Light Of Darkness Was Phase One

McDonald believes Wiegand has been charged with stage one of this battle to push back against evil. And the information in the book is the first phase.

While he didn’t elaborate, he says stage two will be done off the public stage.

I originally tried to get in touch with Robert Wiegand about doing an interview on The Light Of Darkness.

McDonald says he wasn’t doing any interviews about the book. In fact, Wiegand believed his responsibility was helping McDonald write it.

“No, Bob will not do any interviews for this book. His responsibility was writing the book”.

“He doesn’t even want to talk about it anymore”.

“And we agreed generally that we weren’t going to do a whole lot of interviews for this book”.

“But you know, this was serendipitous. You contacted me so I feel obliged to do the interview”.

“However, we haven’t done any marketing on the book but it’s selling quite well just by word of mouth”.

The following is the full interview I recorded with Bruce McDonald. I will warn you that there are some parts that may not play well with your food. Especially the section in which McDonald describes what it was like to meet the devil.

McDonald talks about Wiegand’s belief that there is no good or bad, the extraterrestrial agendas we are fighting, whether ETs run the world and the shadow government. McDonald rarely does interviews. The following will have you asking many questions about the reality we live in.

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