The Extraterrestrial Download That Led Mike To Universal Consciousness

An extraterrestrial download can be interpreted as several things but for popular CE-5 instructor Mike Murburg, it introduced him to the fascinating world of universal consciousness.

Murburg spoke about his experience during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit.

It proved to be one of the most popular presentations during that event.

CE-5 is now well established around the world with prime movers Kosta Makreus and Hollis Polk creating an “army” of thousands upon thousands of CE-5 enthusiasts around the world.

Makreus and Polk run the community incorporating The People’s Disclosure Movement and it’s become somewhat of a modern phenomenon.

Murburg has taken many of his early cues from Makreus as he navigated the special world of universal consciousness.

He now runs his own human initiated experience community in Florida.

So what is CE-5 or human initiated contact?

CE-5 is close encounters of the fifth kind. It’s a human initiated contact experience. Um, it’s known as H.I.C.E today.

“There are those of us who have stopped using terms like ufo and have started using terms like unidentified aerial phenomenon instead. We feel there are more friendly terms instead of aliens”.

So we use extraterrestrials and non-human intelligence or non-human intelligent beings, because language is important”.

“Language can, you know, cut very sharply in places where it has to be very carefully used or not used at all”.

An Extraterrestrial Download – The Moment It Happened

E.T. Download
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Murburg says his goal was to take a lot of the mystery out of human initiated contact with ETs. But he had to learn the process which took some trial and error. 

Once he came to grips with his own extraterrestrial download several years ago, teaching people how achievable a heightened spiritual state has become much easier for him. Now he runs regular gatherings on his family ranch in South Florida.

“The contact experience is a non linguistically and spiritually based contact experience where we meditate and get into a heightened spiritual state”.

“This doesn’t take hard work. It’s actually very easy to achieve”.

“If everybody knew how easy this was, we could remove so much of the mystery from it which is what I tried to do”.

“I kind of tried to democratize CE-5 and the human initiated contact experience”.

The Day ET Came Calling

Murburg has a long history of contact experience. His lifelong contact experiences have been documented in the powerful first volume of Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness & Contact With Non Human Intelligence.

His experiences started when he was a child. They have continued on throughout his life.

“Things started for me very early in my childhood”.

“I maintained contact for quite a long time. And in 1979, I had a major contact experience with fifty other people up in the Berkshires. Back then, there wasn’t an internet and you didn’t talk about those kinds of things”.

“In 2015 – October 3rd, 2015 to be exact, I had been translating and digesting some works by a Dallas master and a very large orb appeared outside my high-rise in Tampa, Florida”.

“I had a download experience and I was lucky enough to get to ask it to stop so I could take some photographs of it”.

“I basically said, ‘look, nobody’s going to believe this unless I can get photographs of this’.”

“And it told me, ‘okay’. I asked it to do some things and it did. And that got me ‘flying’.

“I had no desire to make contact”.

“But because I was in what I would call a heightened spiritual state after hours of working on these works, contact happened”.

“Just like it did for Steven Greer whom I didn’t even know of at the time”.

“Greer’s first experience was also after having meditated. It was a very similar experience”.

What is An Extraterrestrial Download

An extraterrestrial download can be interpreted any way you like. When an ET downloads information to you the experience is life-transforming.

It certainly was for Murburg and has been for dozens of other CE-5 experiencers I’ve interviewed just in the past twelve months.

One of the most amazing descriptions of an E.T. download I’ve heard was by Rey Hernandez in his presentation during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit.

You can hear it by clicking here and then scrolling down to the interview. It’s about the seven minute mark.

So what is an extraterrestrial download? And what did Murburg receive that was so transformational in his life?

“So many people talk about it, and I hadn’t had it before October 3rd. The download is an almost a trance-like state, but you’re very, very conscious when it’s going on”.

“You receive a large amount of information”.

“Essentially what what happened was in a very shortened version of it, was the information that I got completely obliterated my whole concept of a world of duality”.

“And I experienced what is known as universal consciousness”.

“That universal consciousness has been an ever present part of my life to one degree or another since 2015”.

“So that kind of universal consciousness, the consciousness that you get by studying Dao… by studying some of the other masters as well Master Nee”.

“And you can get it, it’s very, very simple”.

One Race Of Entity Or Many?

Murburg says it’s impossible to tell how many difference race of beings there are out these.

He reiterates in a strong fashion that this is not about proving that these being exist.

“The important thing to remember is that this is a spiritual exercise”.

“It brings you in contact with a multiplicity of non-human intelligences and beings and they manifest in many numbers of forms”.

“So, you know, getting a photograph of one is great and all,  but you have to accept as a proposition that this is real”.

“You have to accept that this is a real phenomenon involving real beings of the spiritual nature that are super highly intelligent”.

An extraterrestrial download may not be something we all receive although even that is up for debate.

But in Mike Murburg’s instance, it certainly changed his view of the world.

The following interview is the full presentation from the Aliens Revealed Online Summit.

Murburg talks about human initiated contact, his own experiences, whether what they’re inviting in is benevolent or malevolent and how you can become part of the CE-5 phenomenon.

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