The Connection Between UFO Events And The Paranormal?

The connection between ufo events and the paranormal is real. That’s the insight provided by British researcher Paul Ascough.

Ascough released a fascinating new book recently titled UFOs – The Real Story. He connects the dots between ufo events and the paranormal.

His discoveries confirm what other researchers have and are discovering daily.

There was a time when a ufo sighting was treated in isolation. It was observed, sometimes reported and investigated and then depending on its exposure, was usually forgotten.

But Ascough, who has been researching the ufo and paranormal topic for almost fifty years, says we are surrounded by entities from other dimensions.

Ascough says we are unable to see them simply because of the frequency level we are on.

UFO Events And The Paranormal

UFOs And The Paranormal
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Paul Ascough has left no stone unturned in providing the evidence to support his findings.

He talks about the fact we all live on parallel planes of reality with other entities. Which means ufos or uaps are visiting us from other dimensions.

So why can’t we see these entities if they surround us? Simply put, we are low vibration beings unable to tune into their frequencies which are on a much higher level to us.

Ascough has good reason for delving deep into this phenomena.

When we interviewed him at Aliens Revealed Live, he says while there has been some excellent research on the better known ufo related events like Roswell and Rendlesham Forest, he wanted to give people the whole picture.

“What I have experienced throughout my life and the investigations that I’ve done, it’s obvious there’s a lot more going on”.

“As I’ve got more mature and more experience, I’ve realized that the paranormal which includes ufos to ghosts to cryptids…there’s a lot of things that are all interconnected”.

“And there’s like one common denominator that runs through it all. And a lot of people are missing the point”.

“I liken it to taking the segments of the orange”.

Rather than doing one segment of an orange or one piece or slice of a pizza, I wanted to do the whole thing and give people an idea that there is scientific reasoning”.

“Not that I’m a scientist. I’m just a normal guy who is trying to put things into normal words so that people can understand it”.

It’s a subject that does get deep and one which many find it hard to wrap their heads around. But when you do, it can change your entire perspective on how the world works.

Do All Paranormal Events Overlap?

Paul Ascough
Paul Ascough – author of UFOs: The Real Story

What do we mean when we say paranormal events overlap?

This is what Ascough talked about in his book, UFOs – The Real Story.

But many people are confused when they first hear that ufos, ghosts, out of body experiences, near death experiences, orbs, poltergeists, channeling, spirits, remote viewing etc. overlap.


“What I mean by overlap is if you just take a step back and look at the electromagnetic spectrum”.

“Now, we have an electromagnetic spectrum and our ordinary matter and energy that we deal with on a day to day basis”.

“Of the things that we know, on the higher frequencies, you have radio waves. And then it comes down through the infrared to what we can hear on the acoustic spectrum and what we see in visible light”.

“And then it goes down through ultraviolet and then X rays, and gamma rays at the bottom”.

“That’s just what we know about. Now, people with better brains than I are suggesting that 75-95 per cent of the energy that’s available in the universe is dark matter and energy”.

“Now they’re saying it’s there. And they’re saying that’s what makes up the majority of the universe. And the energy within the universe because everything is energy and it all reacts and interacts all the time”.

“But looking at their figures, from the radio waves at the high end through our visible spectrum to the gamma rays at the bottom end, that’s only five per cent of the scientific knowledge currently available and that we’re aware of”.”

“And therefore, it becomes quite clear once you take a step back and you grasp this scenario. There’s a whole spectrum out there that’s way, way, way beyond that”.

What Happens When People Are Quieter?

Ascough made the point that paranormal experiences tend to happen to people when they are quieter.

In other words, when they are in a relaxed mode such as “putting their feet up” after getting home from work or during restful times such as sleep.

If you are at work and constantly on the move, there is less chance of experiencing a paranormal event.

Ascough talks about this as well as what he describes as the bigger picture. He delves deep into what’s really going on during the following interview.

He also talks about frequencies and this is something you need to take notice of. It will give you some clue to why we can’t see or tune into the beings that surround us every day.

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