The Best UFO Hotspots In The United States Could Be Drive-In Theaters

When discussing the best ufo hotspots in the United States areas in Florida, Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado come to mind.

In a recent study, California recorded the most ufo sightings, almost twice as many as the next state in Florida with Washington State listed third.

But a rarely discussed area which is prone to attracting its fair share of unidentified objects are America’s drive-in theaters.

To the younger members of our audience, the term drive-in theater instantly elicits a Google search.

Here’s how a drive-in theater is defined in Wikipedia:

A drive-in theater or drive-in cinema is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand, and a large parking area for automobiles”.

Believe it or, there are still drive-in theaters in operation around the United States today. In fact, a report in 2020 suggested there are about 305 drive-ins left in America.

And be careful about making drive-in jokes or trying to get a laugh in a group at someone else’ expense. You may very well have been conceived at a drive-in theater.

But what about ufo sightings at drive-ins?

Prolific author of all things paranormal Preston Dennett, produced a riveting study on ufos at drive-in theaters. In 2020, he published a book titled UFOs at the Drive-In: 100 True Cases of Close Encounters at Drive-In Theaters.

And when you read account after account of the E.T. presence at outdoor movie venues, it’s quite evident that either there’s been a cover-up of an enormous magnitude going on, or people simply don’t care.

Why many of these reports weren’t leading off the “six o’clock news” in their particular states is baffling.

Drive-In Theaters May Just Be The Best UFO Hotspots

Preston Dennett
Paranormal Researcher and Author Preston Dennett

Dennett was first given an inkling that ufos were making regular appearances at drive-ins in the 1990s.

“I actually did run into my own case very early on in my research in the 1990”.

“A lady had come to work at my office. She found out I was a UFO researcher and told me this incredible encounter at the Paramount Drive-In Theater”.

“And I just thought it was a one off. I had no idea that this was a thing”.

“I have to tell you, I was shocked when I found out how many cases there were”.

In the book, Dennett details over one hundred accounts but says these were the best. There were many, many more he could have published.

“I investigated that first case as best as I could and then let it go because I was working on other cases at the time”.

“But I would occasionally run across a case like this”.

“It wasn’t until I was writing the book UFOs Over Colorado several years ago. I ran into three drive-in cases in a row and I thought, ‘you know what, I remember that first case and there might be something going on here’.”

“And I started to really look into it and I after a brief survey of literature, I didn’t initially find much of anything in books and magazines”.

“However, as I dug deeper in sightings report at NUFORC, MUFON and reporting centers, I started to find a lot of cases”.

“And they were mostly from newspaper articles and similar sources. I found over a hundred cases and these are not normal sightings”.

Why Weren’t The Media Interested?

Given the nature of many of the cases it’s baffling why the media didn’t seem interested.

Chances are they were under the supposedly non existent ufo truth embargo. That meant that anything that was sighted, encountered and reported but wasn’t explainable was suppressed.

Dennett says there were many cases where witnesses reported to the newspapers and local radio and television news outlets but were met with disinterest.

Even the airports and police it seems didn’t want to know!

“I can tell you that there’s a portion of ufo encounters – I would say maybe twenty to thirty percent where people are in the right place at the right time at a drive in theater”.

“It’s at night, you’re outside for quite some time and your chances of seeing a UFO are much better than being inside”.

“And yes, some cases reflect that they just sit in their car and see what I would call a random fly-by meaning that’s lights overhead”.

“But that’s not what these cases are really about. Most are completely different from anything in all the literature on UFO that I’ve studied”.

Dennett says what makes these drive-in ufo cases unique is the number of witnesses who see the ufos.

He says anywhere from fifty to a hundred to two hundred people will see the same object at the same time.

In one outlier cases, Dennett reports that more than three thousand people watched a ufo display at a drive-in theater.

And what sets them apart from normal sightings? Dennett says they travel low and right over the screen. And they stay for a long time. That makes them a candidate among the best ufo hotspots in the world.

A Case Of Missing Time And Possible Mass Alien Abduction At A Drive-In Theater

Missing time and a possible mass alien abduction?

Could an entire audience of hundreds of people have been mass abducted from a drive-in theater in Ohio?

“That’s the Ascot Park Drive-In Theater case August, 1974 in Ohio. I corresponded with the witness directly”.

“This is like the ultimate case of drive-in theater ufo encounters because it was a pretty full theater”.

“This huge black triangular-shaped object travels right overhead. The witness said it was much larger than the theater itself covering the entire parking lot”.

“As it appeared overhead, it traveled very low. Then all the theater lights go out; the screen goes out; people’s cars go out and the snack stand goes out. It’s pitch black”.

“This object was making a low hum moving right over the theater. Everyone is getting out of their cars and are aghast and dumbfounded but there wasn’t any signs of panic.”

“Suddenly, the lights come back on. The object’s passed and people start watching the movie again”.

“He didn’t remember this incident until sometime later. There are cases like this with weird memory slips which we see in lots of UFO cases, particularly close up encounters”.

“Three years later, he was in a bookstore and saw Ed Ruppelt’s book on ufos, the Project Blue Book guy”.

“And suddenly he had this flash. This is what I call a cue. We see this in a lot of abduction cases where they’ll see a short person, a bald head, large dark eyes or something that reminds them of an original event and boom…they remember”.

“We see this in all kinds of trauma victims”. It all flooded back into his head and he’s wondered to this day, could there have been a mass alien abduction?”

Drive-Ins Must Rank Highly On A List Of The Best UFO Hotspots

There’s little doubt that when talking about the best ufo hotspots anywhere, then drive-in theaters must be rated highly.

Dennett says there are not many cases in ufo history where hundreds of people witness ufos flying at low level for long periods of time consistently.

There has been the odd sighting at sporting venues but not at the consistency of drive-in theaters.

In the following interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Preston Dennett looks at some of the more remarkable cases of ufos at drive-in theaters including the Ascot Park event.

Dennett also explores why drive-ins are a ufo hotspot and what attracts E.T.s to these gatherings. He talks about why there was a reluctance to make these encounters into news events and the influence that Project Blue Book may have exerted plus the different types of alien craft witnessed.

The Best UFO Hotspots
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