Spiritual Connection – How To Connect With ET & MultiDimensional Beings

Spiritual connection with ETs and inter dimensional beings has been part of Rebecca Hardcastle Wright’s life since childhood.

Since her first spiritual experience, Hardcastle Wright has been on a journey of discovery.

Now, she has arrived at a place where she not only understands what she is experiencing, but can pass on her knowledge to others.

Hardcastle Wright is founder of the Institute for Exoconsciouness. She originally coined the word exoconsciouness, and gave a riveting presentation on the subject during Aliens Revealed Live.

When you wrap your head around what you’re about to hear, you’re likely to be ready for spiritual connection. It’s a topic that can take some understanding.

Once you do, it may have you walking away shaking your head in disbelief. It’s not because it’s a topic that’s too far out there – because it’s an area humankind always seemed destined to explore and finally master.

Spiritual Connection The Exoconsciousness Way

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright is a PhD and a leading expert in consciousness and extraterrestrial contact.

Her groundbreaking work is collaborating with and investing in exoconscious humans – humans who are co-creating innovations with ETs and multidimensional beings.  

Again, wrap your head around the last part of that statement.

It’s taken Hardcastle Wright a virtual lifetime to reach her point of spiritual connection and more importantly, understanding its meaning and significance.

She has been trying to figure out what happened to her since her first contact experience.

She has explored who she really is and who these beings are that she’s communicating with?

Her journey has taken her into the area of conspiracy theories, mind control, paranormal phenomenon, ufology, exopolitics and more.

Hardcastle Wright says that there’s a definite spiritual connection to this but her findings suggest that exoconsciousness does not equal spirituality.

She explains what she means by this in the following interview, part of my chat with her during Aliens Revealed Live.

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright
Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright is the Founder and Director of the non-profit Institute for Exoconsciousness. It’s an international community of ET, multi-dimensional experiencers. Its mission is to advance entrepreneurial experiencers who are inventing next-generation technology and science. This also includes communication, education, art, healing and co- creating with ETs and multi dimensionals. The Institute’s vision is to co-create a post-disclosure exoconscious civilization.

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