Full Disclosure 2020? The World After Post Disclosure? (Part 1)

Full Disclosure
This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Disclosure 2020

Today we begin a four-part series on Full Disclosure 2020.

2020 has been the year that just keeps on giving. Here’s a sample:

  • Pandemics
  • Riots in the U.S.
  • Total sporting blackouts
  • An acquittal of a U.S. president
  • Devastating bushfires in Australia
  • Two royals leaving the nest
  • Massive unrest in Hong Kong
  • U.K. leaving the European Union

There’s much more to add to that list and we aren’t even half way through the year. A similar year to 2020 occurred back in 1968 but this time, it has a different feel about it.

And there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight if you want to take the pessimist view.

So with all the above going on and more, full disclosure on aliens seems like a billion light years away.

Full Disclosure Just A Pipe Dream?

Full Disclosure 2020
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Despite the Pentagon releasing three unclassified videos in late April of unidentified aerial phenomena, full disclosure in 2020 is just a wishlist hope.

Planet Earth appears to be “on fire” at the moment and 2020 is a year when the unthinkable is becoming reality.

It’s a “never say never” scenario and it appears the world is a very divided place. The only real bright spot in recent weeks was the Space X launch and for a moment, we were all rooting for the same side.

But what if we use this “anything can happen in 2020” analogy on the alien full disclosure equation?

You know, expect the unexpected.

It’s unlikely but hey, it’s 2020. Nothing is impossible. Right?

On that premise, then hopes of a declaration about our ET visitors may not be such a reach.

After all, I’ve been told many times – don’t hold your breath.

There’s too much unrest in the world so how would an alien disclosure help? Many say it would cause even more widespread panic.

Not exactly what we need right now.

But I’m an optimist.

What better way to bring the world together – unified in one cause?

A full alien disclosure perhaps?

Remember Ronald Reagan’s famous extraterrestrial speech to the United Nations in 1987? He said…

I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”.

Experts Weigh In

Earlier this year, Aliens Revealed Live conducted a three day online summit featuring thirty leading experts on all things extraterrestrial.

While they spoke at length on their chosen subject, I asked them all one common question on full disclosure.

“Are we close and what would a post disclosure world look like?”.

One of the reasons we did this is because when you throw a question at any group of people, you’re going to get differing opinions.

And that’s exactly what we got during the original 42 minute disclosure special. It’s nothing fancy visually, just honest opinions from people on the frontlines of the disclosure topic.

Here are snippets of some of the responses.

“Well, I think disclosure happened when the New York times printed the article about the Nimitz affair…”

“Well, I think we are never going to have a full disclosure…”

“I think the world will be in a much better place once that happens…”

“In 2012 I shifted gears, realized I was on the wrong train and realized that consciousness is a key part of this thing. So if you hear about people in the government talking about nuts and bolts, free energy, they haven’t got a clue…”

“It’s happening already? And it has been the beautiful work of Hollywood…”

The following is part one of the special featuring nine experts.

I want to hear your opinions too so leave a comment below.

Alien Disclosure 2020 – What Will The World Look Like? (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Disclosure 2020

Alien disclosure 2020 – will it happen or is that just wishful thinking?

2020 has been the year that just keeps on giving and most of it has been negative.

In a year where what used to be unthinkable is fast becoming the norm, and full alien disclosure might be just the tonic needed to bring the world together.

But what are the chances?

Again, it’s 2020 and the popular catch-cry “never say never” has taken on real significance.

Alien Disclosure 2020 – Is It Still A Pipe Dream?

Full Alien Disclosure
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So what would an alien disclosure in 2020 achieve?

Apart from confirming the opinion of most that aliens exist and there has been a cover up going on, what exactly would an alien disclosure mean?

Would it be beneficial in times of trouble? Would it create more panic? Or would it actually bring people around the world together?

Would any good come from full disclosure?

Aliens Revealed Live presented a forty two minute video on disclosure during an online summit in February 2020.

Thirty of the world’s leading experts on all things ufo or alien responded to questions on disclosure. The responses were wide and varied.

What Will The World Look Like Post Disclosure?

The reason I love asking a large group of people the same question is because everyone has a different take.

Disclosure is no different.

The following is the second part of a four part series on disclosure. The first part was published on June 3rd, 2020. Click here to access it.

Here are a sample of the responses from our experts featured in the second part of the series.

“What I’ve sort of changed my opinion in the last couple of years is, and this is based upon watching what these very high level guys are saying – I don’t really think the government has what people think they do. I used to think they had it”.

“It’s already happening. And it has been the beautiful work of Hollywood”.

“I think what we’re having is a drip feed disclosure now. I think people are going to get very p**#*d off that they’ve been lied to for 80 or 90 years”.

“So we’re at the second rung. They’re going to show the third rung, which I believe will be, real footage of crashed discs or even perhaps retrieved alien bodies. It’ll be something like that”.

“Well, I’d like to think that we’re certainly on the brink of it, if it hasn’t happened already”.

“It’s not as simple as just, you know, aliens showing up on our front lawn and saying ‘Hey, were here!’ Or they show up on the White House lawn and you know, everybody panics. Probably not the best approach”.

What’s Your Best Alien Disclosure Guess?

So, what do you think will happen. Is alien disclosure 2020 a possibility?

I’d love to get your responses so leave your answer below.

If we get enough of responses, I’ll put them together in a post on this site and share them.

Meanwhile, this is the second part of our disclosure series.

ET Disclosure 2020 – More Experts Weigh In On The Disclosure Topic

ET Disclosure 2020
This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Disclosure 2020

How close are we to ET disclosure 2020? Most would argue it’s still wishful thinking and it probably is.

But in a year when anything seems possible, good and bad, it doesn’t hurt to keep bringing it up in discussions.

Would you believe there are ufo enthusiasts who actually don’t want to see an ET disclosure.

And strange as it may seem, I can understand where they are coming from.

Some of the reasons why include theories such as humanity wouldn’t be able to handle it, there would be mass hysteria everywhere and we’re not ready for it. But the most interesting reason I hear is that it would ruin the mystery attached to ufos.

ET Disclosure 2020 – Would You Like To See It Happen?

Again, I can understand this sentiment.

Humanity loves a mystery. We love a conspiracy. What would we have to talk about if it becomes official that we’re not alone in the universe?

Just some food for thought. ET disclosure 2020…yes or no? Meanwhile, more experts weigh in with their thoughts on a full ET disclosure.

Thirty of the world’s leading spokespersons on the ufo topic gave their thoughts during the Aliens Revealed Live summit in February.

We’ve presented disclosure part one and disclosure part two. The responses to the question of “what do you think the world would look like post disclosure” received a variety of responses.

That’s one of the reasons why I prefer to get the opinions of a wide cross section of people.vEveryone has a unique response and this exercise has been no different.

The World Dealing With An ET Disclosure?

Full ET Disclosure 2020
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Here’s a small sample of responses from our next set of experts in part three.

“Well, I think there will be a big change. I think there will be turmoil initially. But in the long run, we’ll have a planet we’re able to sustain”.

“Now I hope that what happened in 1947 doesn’t happen again because that information was suppressed when there was an indication of public hysteria”.

“The post-disclosure world is going to be a very peaceful and verdant world eventually because of the spiritual nature of human beings”.

“First and foremost, who would you have deliver disclosure? Would you believe the U. S. president? Would you believe the Secretary General of the United Nations? Would you believe the Pope?”

“It seems to me that ETs have an agenda of disclosure as well so it seems to me it’s very tightly controlled”.

“Well, I think we already have had unofficial disclosure. I think there’s been twenty-something countries that have had either partial or full disclosure already”.

Want To Weigh In On The Disclosure Topic?

What’s your best guess regarding an ET disclosure in 2020?

For that matter, what are your thoughts on full disclosure …period?

I am looking at compiling a large sample of responses from people and if you have an opinion, please leave it in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, here’s part three of the disclosure series.

UFO Disclosure 2020 – Another Govt Distraction Or For Real This Time?

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Disclosure 2020

UFO disclosure 2020 gathered pace recently when the New York Times published an article suggesting the Pentagon’s UFO unit will make some findings public.

Naturally, it created plenty of excitement among the ufo community.

The tic tac videos in 2017, Marco Rubio’s Senate Intelligence Committee’s recent announcement that they want a detailed analysis of unidentified aerial phenomena data, and now this latest report on the Pentagon’s UFO unit.

What’s the general consensus? Obviously there is a slow drip fed disclosure going on.

But if you are excited about this, it might be a good idea just to temper that excitement until you see some concrete proof produced.

Could UFO Disclosure 2020 Be Just Another Distraction?

UFO Disclosure
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Naturally the journalist in me thinks skepticism first about any perceived bouquets coming from Washington.

I applaud the current soft disclosure release but learnt a long time ago that stuff like this from the government usually hides a distraction or two.

What is it? I don’t know, just to say that when the right hand is moving watch what the left hand is doing.

Want to hear a funny story? When I put together a collection of responses from thirty experts interviewed during Aliens Revealed Live in February on disclosure, I thought it would be safe to cut this up into four parts.

What are the chances disclosure will actually happen before I have the chance to play all four segments.

Well, we presented three segments and then the Pentagon story emerged. Not really disclosure but enough to bring forward slightly part four of our UFO disclosure series.

Disclosure Started Well Before 2017

The truth is, disclosure is already happening. Millions of experiencers have reported non human intelligence contact.

Even if the Pentagon produces real extraterrestrial craft, many will see this initial reveal as confirmation that we’ve been lied too for over seventy years.

How will they react? Again, I’m not sure. Maybe this is the reason why official disclosure has been held back.

Not so much because people won’t handle it but mostly because by disclosing extraterrestrial visitation on this planet, they’ll have to admit they lied.

So what about UFO disclosure 2020? Despite the drip feed over the past three years, how long before we actually know officially?

Once again, this could be a long time happening but just remember to be aware of distractions.

In the fourth part of our disclosure series, seven more experts weigh in. I think Rey Hernandez “hit the nail on the head” with his short analysis on disclosure.

Hernandez is the cofounder of the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research on Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experience and said:

“There is no pending disclosure. Disclosure is happening right now. You don’t need the federal government to tell you what’s going on”.

“I’d rather believe a fellow experiencer who I meet all the time who email me telling me about their multi-dimensional experiences. That’s true disclosure”.

“True disclosure is taking place from the bottom up. We don’t need the federal government to tell us about disclosure. All you need to do is to talk to experiencers”.