Aliens In The Bedroom – The Night The Monkeymen Showed Up

aliens in bedroom
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Terry Lovelace’s experience with aliens in the bedroom as a child set off a lifelong chain of events.  The former Assistant Attorney General has spoken up in recent years. His alien contact experience as an adult at Devil’s Den in Arkansas in 1977 made worldwide headlines completing a famous trifecta of alien abductions. It followed … Read more

Alien Encounter Stories – Alien In The Bedroom Visits Take A New Twist

Alien encounter stories don’t get more mesmerizing than those experienced by Terry Lovelace. 

Most of us know about Terry’s terrifying experience at Devil’s Den in Arkansas during 1977.

The Devil’s Den UFO encounter has now become a major part of UFO folklore.

Lovelace has been a virtual lifelong experiencer. In the first article of this three part series, we told you about his first meeting with what he termed as the monkeymen. 

It’s titled Aliens In The Bedroom – The Night The Monkeymen Showed Up.

Alien encounter stories come in all shapes and sizes. In the case of Terry Lovelace, a man who has built a very successful career in law, it seems they never let up.

As we resume the story, Lovelace had just tried to convince his mother that the monkeymen were real. 

In fact, he had a hard time convincing anyone. At just six years of age, stories such as his are dismissed as vivid imagination.

Protecting Himself From His Next Alien Encounter

Shortly, Lovelace will explain the next significant moment in his life littered with alien encounters.

But first, he decided he had to protect himself. 

He found his dad’s gun and planned to have it by his side the next time they visited. He had resigned himself to going with them every time they came to visit.

The gun idea soon turned sour. Lovelace and his friend Ernie Pearce, the only person who believed his alien encounter story, almost shot one another by accident during a scheduled practice session.

Guns were out! 

The next two ideas for protection weren’t as extreme but dangerous nevertheless. A knife or a bayonet, belonging to Ernie’s dad.

Alien Encounter Stories In The Sky

Terry Lovelace was seven when the next influential alien event occurred in his short life. Up until this stage, he had never anticipated meeting aliens in his bedroom.

He always thought they traveled by spaceship. Up until the following experience, he had remained conflicted because of this. The ones who came to take him regularly never arrived by spaceship.

Lovelace just assumed they were ghosts or demons. But that all changed.

“This was when one of the most extraordinary events in my life occurred”, he said. 

“If you’ve read Incident At Devil’s Den, you’re familiar with the experience. I’ll try to be succinct here”.

The Day The Flying Saucer Turned Up

Alien Encounter Stories
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“It was a warm day in May and I always remembered it as a Saturday. But it must have been a weekday”.

“It was after lunch. Our windows were open, and I could hear my mom’s soap operas through the screen windows, hence my assumption it was a weekday”.

“The neighborhood was active with dogs, kids, cars and people outside enjoying the beautiful spring day”.

“I had a bale of hay in our backyard set-up as a target. My uncle had given me an adult target archery set. This was no toy and no way would I ever give my children such a lethal weapon at that age. It really was a different time”. 

“I was by myself and Ernie was on a trip to “the lake” for his final vacation. He drowned that summer and introduced me to loss and grief”.

“But on this day, all was right with the world. I hadn’t had a visit from the monkeymen in a week or ten days. Everyone took that as a hopeful sign”.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky that day. My attention was 100% devoted to my target practice”.

“Looking down and loading an arrow I saw a circular shadow move across my feet. Instinctively I looked up”. 

“There it was. A flying saucer and it was beautiful. Awestruck, I dropped my bow and arrow as my eyes tried to take-in every single detail. What could this be?”

“I quickly ran through my mental list of possibilities and ran out after eliminating hot air balloons and dirigibles. Flying saucers were the only possibility left on the list”.

The Sexiest Of Alien Encounter Stories?

“Today, I’d call it ‘sexy’. That wasn’t yet in my vocabulary at age eight”.

“It was shiny and just beautiful in the way a new sports car is beautiful. It was metallic with a rim that curled upward”.

“I remember being sorely disappointed I couldn’t see the topside. That would have to wait. I was amazed there were no portals or window, nor rivets or seams. I called the bottom silver. Of course, it was probably highly polished aluminum or god knows what”.

“What I failed to adequately describe in the Devil’s Den book was the change to my environment. This made the difference between a flying saucer sighting and a UFO experience. This was a sensory experience”.

“There was a change in the acoustics. I stated in Devil’s Den the neighborhood became quiet. That’s inaccurate”.

“It was more as if the sound was muffled. It was as if someone dialed down the volume and words were slightly distorted. There was the ionized air that made it feel like a sensation after a spring thunderstorm”.

“Then I did something that baffles me to this day. The thought crossed my mind that if I lay down on the freshly mowed yard and looked up, I could get a better view of the thing”.  

“Of course, that made no sense whatsoever. But that is exactly what I did. I just laid back on the grass, but I can’t recall lying down”.

“The yard was freshly mowed, and I knew there would be hell to pay if my mother discovered grass stains on my clothing, but I didn’t care”.

Again No One Believed His Alien Encounter Story

“I can’t recall how long I laid there. Maybe a few minutes or as long as a half-hour. The disc wobbled in the breeze just slightly”.

“It tilted to clear the power lines and without warning shot off. The craft went from dead still to 500 miles an hour from a dead stop. It would have been missed in the blink of an eye”.

“I lay there for a while. Slowly the sounds returned and I could smell the fresh mowed lawn. The ionized air was gone. My gaze was fixed on the hole in the sky where it vanished”.

“Months afterwards, when I was in the backyard I’d stare at that spot hoping they’d come back. But they never did. Not in the backyard at least”.

“Then it was as if someone snapped their finger and I was back. Jumping to my feet I yelled for my mother. My poor mother admitted afterwards she feared I’d shot a neighbor in the head with an arrow. She came running and did a quick assessment for blood. Finding none, she shifted her attention to stifling my screams”.

“I don’t remember screaming but I’m sure I did. She ushered me inside – more accurately she dragged me inside by my arm. My head was turned, and my eyes were glued to the spot in the sky where the flying saucer had vanished. I was about to learn what happens when you used the word flying saucer in 1963”.

“I was out-of-control with excitement. ‘Mom, did you see it mom? Was it a real spaceship? Do you think it came from Mars?’” 

“But this was the 60s and children’s voices were discounted. Anything out of the ordinary drew the same line, ‘Oh that boys’ got him such a vivid imagination, I tell you!’”

A Young Boy’s Encounter With Mantis-Like Aliens

“Even though my parents left rural Arkansas shortly before I was born my mother never lost her “country” and carried it the rest of her life. I was raised in a family that spoke like the television series ‘Hee Haw’.” 

On my first day of school, my accent drew teasing and ridicule. My parents couldn’t understand it! I had no accent!”

“After dinner when my dad watched Huntly and Brinkley, or Walter Cronkite, I listened intently to every word and its enunciation”.

“They were amused that a young child watched the news”.

“It didn’t take long to lose my ‘country’, and speak as well as any news broadcaster of the day. My vocabulary was limited, but enunciation was spot-on”.

“After the flying saucer experience, I was shocked to find that adults didn’t believe me!”

“I had a good reputation. I didn’t lie or tell stories”.

“But they refused to believe me, and I couldn’t understand it”.

“There was another unforeseeable consequence of the flying-saucer experience. Dreams”.

The next and final phase of this period of Terry Lovelace’s alien encounter experiences goes to another level.

Stay tuned for the third part of one of the most fascinating true alien encounter stories ever published.

You can read more about Terry Lovelace’s close encounter experiences in his book, Incident At Devil’s Den.

Alien Abduction Symptoms – Terry’s Monkeymen Nightmare Turns Toxic

Alien Abduction Symptoms

Alien abduction symptoms can be categorized by both physical and mental evidence however, the problem most abductees have is remembering what actually happened to them.

Terry Lovelace captured the imagination of a world audience when he recounted his alien abduction experience in 1977.

It became known as the Incident At Devil’s Den.

The incident occurred in a state park in Arkansas while he and his friend Tobias were on short excursion leave from the air force.

It’s now a big part of UFO folklore.

Alien Abduction Symptoms And A Lifelong Experiencer

What many people don’t realize is that Lovelace is a lifelong experiencer. His alien abduction symptoms morphed into reality.

As a young boy of six, he experienced several encounters with what he calls the monkeymen.

Through hypnotic regression in 1977, he was able to remember some of what happened to him during a period between 1962-64.

I’m not sure whether Lovelace will ever look back at his experiences as positive because hearing him recount them, they sound terrifying.

In the first two parts of this three-part series, we’ve looked at the night the monkeymen showed up in his bedroom and the flying saucer incident that followed in his backyard.

The final part involves probably his most terrifying experience during this period. It’s alien abduction symptoms to the core. Dreams but different that your average dream.

The Secret Terry Wasn’t Supposed To Tell

Symptoms Of Alien Abduction
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Alien abduction symptoms include missing time and memory lapse. Another is knowing something happened to you but you can’t quite “put your finger on it”.

Lovelace was worried about this latest nightmare.

“This was a dream I found disturbing. It wasn’t a screaming bloody murder nightmare, this was different. It seemed as real as what I had for dinner the evening before”.

“I didn’t want to admit it or even discuss it. It felt like a secret. One I wasn’t supposed to tell”.

“These dreams always involved a woman who looked like our neighbor, Sue. She was Japanese and widowed. She had married an American serviceman and came stateside with her husband”.

As you’re about to find out, the woman, or the name Sue, plays a big part in Lovelace’s memories of this real-life nightmare. In fact, he had a good reason for being afraid of her.

“On the times I went with the monkeymen, more and more of the memories come back each day. These were the ‘play dates'”.

“When the monkeyman extended his paw and pleaded with me to go with them I was certain I had gone with them in the past. Lately, when I took his paw into my small hand, sometimes it wasn’t a paw at all”.

“It was four very long fingers. Years later this image haunted my sleep. I’m sure I went but I can’t remember. When he took my hand, there would be a twirling sensation”.

“It was followed by a pop or crackling sound and a brilliant flash like the camera-flashes of the day used”.

The Alien Abduction Play Date

“The monkeymen took me somewhere strange. It was always the same room, brightly lit and there were other children there. There was a woman there and I called her ‘Sue’”.

“She had a resemblance to the real Sue, but I knew they were not one and the same.  She spoke to me and was always very kind and kept me from being so afraid in a strange place. These dreams returned in snippets”.

“I must have been around four or five when I first met Sue. These meetings were “secret” of course, not that anyone would believe a four-year-old”.

“I can’t recall much about how I traveled to the play date. My memory picks up in the playroom. On our play dates, we were always playing on the padded grey floor in a small room with a domed ceiling”.

“I recall there were four or five of us all together. I’d guess our ages were between three and six years of age. There was always a girl there who appeared to be around ten”.

“She had curly brown hair and wore a dress that was very short, like they made little-girl dresses back in the 50s”.

“I think she was there as Sue’s helper. In retrospect, I don’t think I saw her as she really was. I saw her as she wanted to be seen”.

“In addition to the girl it was usually the same four or five kids. We all played together. Usually, no one was frightened”.

On An Alien Craft And Out In Space

Terry Lovelace
Terry Lovelace promoting the book, The Incident At Devil’s Den.

“We never spoke and communicated with our minds as natural as any verbal conversation I’ve ever had. It was easier because there was never a chance of being misinterpreted or not getting the point across”.

“The domed ceiling provided light and no windows. There was one instance where the whole panel of the wall slid back, and the night sky was in front of us. But it was different”.

“The stars were more brilliant and there were many more of them. It was a treat to see and I believe it was a reward of some kind”.

“We were never offered food or drink. I don’t recall ever requesting a potty-break. It felt like I was part of this group. I belonged there. Whenever any one of us were frightened, we’d sit on Sue’s lap. We all sat cross-legged on the floor”.

“There were some toys, but I don’t remember much about them. At least not in detail. I remember the multicolored blocks”.

“Sue asked me to arrange them in certain patterns, like green, blue etc.  She was always quick to offer praise when a job was well done and encouragement when I screwed-up”.

The Alien Abduction Symptom Turns Toxic

Lovelace has just described what he called play dates. Kids were taken on board the monkeymen’s craft for play dates.

It seemed they were undergoing some sort of assessment. This was just a warm up. The real drama was about to begin.

Lovelace was afraid of the night as a child, especially when the monkeymen turned up. He had hatched a plan to take them out the next time they visited.

His plan was to hide his friend Ernie’s bayonet under his pillow and when his unwanted visitors came to get him, he would kill them.

Unfortunately, his plan went awry. He had forgotten to move the bayonet, which he hid under the mattress, and put it under his pillow.

And this was the night the monkeymen showed up again. Lovelace always knew when they were there. He said his heart always pounded and he felt eyes on him.

“My plan was to wait until the first one spoke, pull the bayonet from its sheath and thrust it into the chest of the monkey closest to my head”.

“The one that always asked me, ‘Terry, come play with us and we’ll have fun’”.

“Yeah, we’ll have some fun alright. Ernie’s bayonet through his chest. That’s the one I’d kill. Except for bugs, I’d never killed anything before”.

The Monkeymen Show Up Again

“I’m watching, waiting for a shadow to move or dart across a wall. Then it hit me!”

For the first time in all these weeks I’d forgotten to take the bayonet out from underneath the mattress”.

“For the first time in all these weeks, I failed to accomplish the routine…and they arrived!”

“My weapon was out of reach and useless. Did they know? How could they know?”

“I’d gone with the monkeymen once or twice in the past. Those memories were not very clear. But it was very clear the experiences were real and not a dream”.

“I had dreams about Sue, and I could tell the difference. That’s how I met Sue. I took the monkeyman’s paw and then I felt the twirling sensation and flash! I was in the playroom with Sue and the other kids”.

“This was no trip to the playroom. I felt a calm sweep over me and the monkeymen were there but didn’t speak. This was something new”.

“There was no polite conversation. I wasn’t being offered an invitation. Abruptly, there was the twirling motion. There was a flash and I found myself in a different room”.

“This was a new experience. Instinctively I yelled, ‘Sue, help me’. But Sue never came”.

“Just two very big insect-looking beings. The monkeymen were there too. They were the worker-bees. They still wore masks but they used hands instead of paws to subdue me”.

“I was naked and on a table. This tall insect-like being was a six-foot-tall praying-mantis. In my mind’s eye, I see them wearing white lab coats”.

“I’m sure it’s a detail supplied by my mind to help make sense of this or maybe they chose to appear in that form”.

The Spinal Examination

“I was immobilized. The table was still warm. Someone else had been here minutes before me. I doubted they warmed the stainless steel for my comfort”.

“I know I was screaming and remember filling my lungs with air but nothing would come out”.

“The small grey ones are all around me and placed me face down on the table. I was immobile, but I don’t recall straps or restraints of any kind”.

“The grey ones I don’t believe are living beings. I believe they may be a hybrid mix of machine and an organic entity”.

“They are not conscious beings able to determine their own actions and are also incredibly strong”.

“They wasted no time. Their very long fingers deftly manipulated stainless steel instruments of some kind. They did something to my lower spine. I’m not sure”.

“While my anxiety was managed slightly there was no control of the pain”.

“The pain ran from my tail bone straight up my spinal column and registered as a strong electric shock that came in pulsing shocks”.

“It was one every fifteen seconds or so. I screamed…I know that I screamed. The next day I was so hoarse I could barely speak”.

“In 1977 when I was 22 years old this scenario would play out again”.

“That’s all I can remember or I should say, that’s all I was allowed to remember. Sue had let me down. That only added to my hurt”.

“Whether by design but I think more by coincidence, the monkeymen stopped visiting. Something worse took their place. But I soon found out I didn’t suffer alone”.

Alien Abduction Symptoms Become A Reality

For Lovelace, hypnotic regression therapy had given him a peek into his past and the symptoms of alien abduction he was feeling were now confirmed.

Later, he would learn his cousin Gerald would go through similar experiences.

“Gerald was the only one in his household targeted for attack. He shared a bedroom with two younger brothers who never heard a thing”.

“I felt sorry for him because he had eyewitnesses that discredited his story with their silence instead of bolstering the truth”.

“I believed every word of Gerald’s story and it was chilling”.

“The three things I remember most clearly about this period, 1962 – 1964 were Sue, the flying saucer in my backyard and, of course, the monkeymen”.

“Those are hard memories. Ernie’s untimely death before he reached ten was the loss of my confidant. He was my best friend and best witness to what I was experiencing”.

“Years in the future, my friend Tobias will lose his life. Toby was the sole witness to our 1977 abduction from Devils Den State Park”.

“I’ve always wondered if their deaths were somehow tied to our shared experiences. I’m sure there’s an element of survivor-guilt that I’ve never properly addressed”.

Lovelace Is Sharing His Experiences With Others

We conducted a lengthy interview with Lovelace earlier this year and he gave a detailed account of his Devil’s Den incident.

Lovelace hopes it could eventually become a Hollywood production but has had no suitors yet.

Lovelace told of an incident which occurred more recently during the interview.

He provided some interesting proof. It could have just become another symptom of alien abduction but for some startling evidence he obtained, it actually took place.

We’ll be providing an excerpt of this account in a future post.