Proof Aliens Exist – Linda Moulton Howe Provides Startling Evidence

Is there real proof aliens exist? You’d have to be a bigger skeptic than Philip Klass to deny the evidence is overwhelming.

Just read some of the articles on this site from well credentialed witnesses to realize we are not alone. 

Proof aliens exist is all around us and just recently, the Department of Defense released three Navy videos that contain unidentified aerial phenomena.

Not that that’s anything startling to UFO devotees but the fact they have admitted something is out there is startling in itself.

From abductees to close encounter experiencers to UFO witnesses and even those threatened with retribution if they talk, let’s all admit, there’s plenty of proof aliens exist.

In fact, today, you could almost be considered to be in the minority if you disagree.

The Five Letters That Are Strong Proof Aliens Exist

Proof of Aliens
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Two pieces of metal allegedly pulled off the bottom of a Wedge – Shaped ET craft has created strong interest for more than two decades.

The alien craft allegedly came down on the white sands proving ground in the late 1940s. Pieces of it has captivated those who have come into contact with them as well as the UFO fraternity. 

Leading UFO researcherLinda Moulton Howe, has been heavily involved in researching these mysterious objects for more than 20 years. 

And if you doubted the existence of ET before this, her account will leave you in no doubt that we are not alone. 

During a lengthy interview with Moulton Howe, I was left mesmerized by her detailed description of the five letters she received over a period of about four months. They came from the grandson of a man who served in the army during the 1940s.

He was a security post during the “golden” period of alleged crashed alien craft in New Mexico during that time.

Physical Evidence Is More Proof Aliens Exist?

Four of the letters we’re preceded by two pieces of metal allegedly pulled off a crashed ET craft.  

Moulton Howe connected with the man over a three month period and each of the letters were released individually during that time. 

Moulton Howe said the man told her that what he was sending her were truly part of his grandfather’s legacy.

“He said…’I am being shipped out to Iraq and I do not know if I will come back alive. I want you to know that this is real. This is from my grandfather’s box. He died in 1974’.”

“His grandfather had told him a tremendous amount about being in the army and being a security post at where one of the many unidentified flying objects came down in the New Mexico region in the forties”.

“Now here is a really, really important part to keep this going. In one of the letters he gives a latitude and longitude”.

Linda Moulton Howe Interview

The following excerpt is from my interview with Linda Moulton Howe. She goes into a lot of detail. She starts with the lead up to her receiving the mysterious pieces of metal and the letters.

We pick up the interview at the point Art Bell called her. Bell lets her know he had just received a package and he wanted to send it to her for further investigation.

Grab a coffee or your favorite beverage because there is some amazing information revealed by Moulton Howe. 

About Dean Caporella

A journalist, reporter, anchor and sports commentator for over 30 years I was mesmerized by the UFO topic when I was just 5 years old after watching the 1956 classic “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers”. Did I even understand it at that age? Oh sure. It scared the crap out of me but I was hooked even back then! Do I believe in life elsewhere in the universe? I think it was said best in the movie Contact…”The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space”….I think we’d have to be pretty arrogant to think we’re it”.

4 thoughts on “Proof Aliens Exist – Linda Moulton Howe Provides Startling Evidence”

  1. I am on hospice after having 8 strokes and 3 heart attacks, let me just put that out there!
    So I have always been an avid believer in UFO’s and everything related. From Roswell to this day, I believe there has been a massive government cover-up to keep this hidden from us. Today, we are slowly being “conditioned” to realize the truth of the concept of it all, likewise the release of the aerial photos of UFO’s present in our skies just as the beginning of revealing the truth! Thank you for providing more evidence of this reality!

  2. Dear Dean;

    I’ve followed L.M.H. for several years. While she often discusses material that challenges the rational mind, I have never found reason to doubt her sincerity or her infallible professionalism. She is becoming like a national treasure . In my minds eye I can imagine the alien visitors listening to her interviews and smiling. Just like me.



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