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The Stardust Ranch In Arizona Is Home To Aliens, Doppelgängers And More

The Stardust Ranch in Arizona could just be America’s spookiest property. Aliens, ufos, and people floating from their beds. Evil doppelgängers, animal mutilation, demonic voices, men in black and other mysterious creatures. Sounds like a season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 right? Well, that could be the case but all of the above and more have plagued a piece of…

The UFO Realm, Consciousness And A Strange Field

There’s little doubt the ufo realm is real right? Even the government has admitted there are craft flying around out there that they can’t explain. In a world where reality has been distorted; where conspiracy theories and reality have traded places; where what’s real has been replaced by unscrupulous people force-feeding us nonsense they want us to believe is real….

Leaving Your Body And Traveling To A Three-Sun Star System

Pick a time in your life when leaving your body would have saved you a lot of grief? I can remember several times, including the frequent trips to the principal’s office when “the cane” was still the favored punishment of choice. But that’s another story. Zen Benefiel describes himself as a new millennial man. Reading through his curriculum vitae (CV)…