Paranormal Experiences – The Single Biggest Issue Facing Experiencers

Paranormal experiences come in different forms. From ET contact to ghosts, when someone goes through something out of the ordinary, it’s a fair bet they will be shaken up.

When we spoke with the co-founder of the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research on Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experience, Rey Hernandez during the Aliens Revealed Live Summit, he made an interesting statement.

Following extensive research where thousands of experiencers were surveyed, Hernandez said:

“These people are not just having UFO contact experiences. They’re having near death experiences. They’re having out of body experiences, UFO contact, remote viewing, ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, orbs, channeling, hallucinogenic journeys and more”.

Hernandez says, ”non human intelligence contact in any of the above ways is interrelated”.

“They’re having all of the above and more. They are experiencing all of these events with many having them their entire lives”.

Paranormal Experiences Leave People Feeling Confused And Afraid

Paranormal Experiencers
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In my many interviews with contact experiencers, many don’t just have ET contact. Some have had near death experiences, some have dealt with hauntings while others suddenly develop a psychic ability.

Dr. Melanie Barton is a psychotherapist, an ordained minister and an experiencer. She is a classic example of someone who has experienced more than one aspect of the paranormal.

She has dealt with paranormal experiences her entire life. In fact, she had a three foot tall grey she named Robbie who acted as her guide until she started kindergarten.

Dr. Barton took a strong interest in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and social work following a near death experience in 1991. 

More people have been encouraged to speak about their paranormal experiences today than ever before. And many are turning to counselors who have experienced the same type of activity.

While most are yet to have the courage to go public, just being able to relate what happened to them to another human being is enough to release the pressure of living with their secret.

Paranormal Counseling Provides A Pressure Release Valve Environment 

Dr. Barton has been counseling contact experiencers for several decades. She says the biggest issue they face is that they are afraid.

“They are afraid that they’re crazy. They’re afraid that somebody is going to lock them away if they talk about it”.

“They’re afraid they’ve done something wrong. And they’re afraid they don’t have any control over the situation”.

“I help them to understand and to normalize the situation. To figure out the purpose of why they were contacted or abducted”.

“I help them normalize it. I help them figure out what they’re supposed to get out of the experience”.

“And more importantly, to help them realize they probably already have a family connection to these beings. I help them establish that, get comfortable with it and learn from it”.

Normalizing Paranormal Experiences

Dr. Barton made a great point during the interview. She talked about normalizing a paranormal experience.

To someone who hasn’t had a brush with the paranormal, normalizing something out of this world probably doesn’t make sense.

But to an experiencer who can’t understand why it’s happening to them, getting them to normalize their experiences is crucial in maintaining a sense of sanity.

This very same point was made by another counselor and experiencer Erin Montgomery.

In my interview with Montgomery during July of 2020, she said:

“With the number of people that were in that room on that ship I was in back in 2018, yes, I think it needs to be normalized”.

“It may seem radical and just crazy at this moment but it’s not just a few people that are being taken”.

“If hundreds of people at a time are being taken to fill up an entire auditorium on a ship, then yes, it is definitely something that needs to be normalized”.

Montgomery details her experiences in her best selling book Dirty Little Secret.

In the following excerpt from my interview with Dr. Barton, she talks about her near death experience. She also talks about the fears faced by experiencers and the relationship issues experiencers face with their loved ones.

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