Oumuamua – A Mysterious Object In Space Or Just One Of Many?

Any mysterious object in space will get our attention these days but none have got our attention more than Oumuamua.

The strange cigar-shaped object that came barreling through our solar system created enormous interest. Whether it was ufo fans, astrologers or people just interested in space, Oumuamua was a mystery. In fact, no one could come up with an explanation of what the heck it was.

Since it was first spotted in October of 2017, much of the early conjecture surrounded the possibility that it might be an alien spacecraft.

The truth is, while most scientists agree it was probably an object of natural origin, the alien spacecraft theory really isn’t off the table yet.

Oumuamua was the ultimate mysterious object in space. It was close enough to detect and observe. However, it was just far enough away to tantalize us about what it really was.

So was it of alien or natural origin? The jury’s still out and we probably will never get an official verdict.

Any Mysterious Object In Space Is David Toon’s Business

Mysterious Objects In Space
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Major David Toon has presented a couple of fascinating presentations on Aliens Revealed Live in the past year.

Toon stumbled upon a possible goldmine of ufo activity when he went on NASA’s site looking for weather information.

Instead, he got more than he bargained for when several of the images he was looking at appeared to have suspicious looking objects in them.

As he describes it, they made him hesitate.

Toon really hadn’t been interested in ufo activity before this and since he discovered the suspicious pictures several years ago, it’s driven him to put together a database of over 50,000 images, and each contains some type of mysterious object in space.

At the time, Toon was in the process of getting his degree in unmanned aircraft systems. He was well versed in what aircraft can and should do so anything that looked out of the ordinary, his trained-eye would pick it up immediately.

Oumuamua Was As Mysterious A Space Object As We’ve Seen

I spoke to Toon briefly about Oumuamua while we were off air earlier this year but we never talked about it during our interview.

But we did speak about the future and when we as space travelers would have manned craft that would travel the galaxies.

Could the suspicious objects Toon is seeing in NASA’s images be other civilizations doing this exact same thing.

Could they just be traveling the universal freeways with no real interest in earth and simply on a “space road trip”?

Earth may just be one of the exit signs they come across on their trip but they have no need to get off.

Could Oumuamua have been an actual spacecraft on this exact journey?

Again, lots of questions which make for fascinating discussion. Toon says many of the objects he studies just seem out of place in our solar system’s natural landscape.

“We’ve been flying for what, about a hundred years – maybe 110 years since the Wright brothers took off?”

“We have spacecraft now at the edge of our own solar system. So anything that we’ve achieved in the air and in space was intelligently designed”.

“So, if you flip it around and look from the outside in, and intelligence was looking for intelligence, they would see what we have and we would see what they were doing”.

“And I think that’s kind of what we have right now. NASA looking for techno signatures out there but they’re not using the word ufos”.

“And they even had a conference on it last year in Texas in search of techno signatures”.

They’re Already Here

Why are we looking through telescopes at planets in other systems? Toon believes the intelligent life we’re looking for could already be traveling through our solar system.

“I’d say if I would have been there, I would have  told them – ‘I’ll show you where they’re at’.”

“Even though NASA has identified astrobiology as the next big question mark with a lot of research that needs to happen, they are also doing it by trying to find an exoplanet with life on it”.

“And in my research, what I’m trying to tell the folks I do presentations for is – if they’re intelligent like we are, and they are a couple of hundred years ahead of us or a couple of thousand years ahead of us in intelligence, why are we looking for them on their planet when they’re probably already star traveling”.

“And if they’re star traveling, why don’t we just look at our star? Because it’s the best source of light for the photography we’re doing”.

“If we’re catching their craft going by our star, then it would be an easy jump of logic to say it’s possible. We don’t have to look at exoplanets anymore for life. We just need to watch the traffic going through our star system”.

Mysterious Objects In Space…Maybe Not So Mysterious

So what is traveling through our solar system? And why do they seem to pay earth little attention and just zip by?

Questions we don’t really have the answers to but as I said earlier, it makes for fascinating discussion.

Could you imagine being in a room full of people from all walks of life and expertise? And all having their say on this?

Toon talks about the mysterious space objects he sees in the following excerpt. He also looks at the possible massive size of the objects he detects in the images and why they would be so close to our sun.

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