Men In Black Sightings: One Woman’s Chilling Christmas Eve Encounter With The M.I.B.

The Men In Black…fact or fiction? We say fact if you take into account the reports that have come in over the years. Men in Black sightings have been reported many times, especially following UFO events.

They seem to appear when people have reported either:

Men in Black or M.I.B., call them what you want but it’s a topic that people either dismiss or  take seriously. However, there’s just been so much evidence that these characters tend to show up at inopportune times or should we say, opportune times. And they scare the living daylights out of people. 

From as far back as Harold Dahl, who was paid a visit back in 1947 these creepy characters have shown up. Dahl took pictures of a UFO near Washington’s Maury Island and met the M.I.B. shortly after.

Others who were visited include Kenneth Arnold, who sighted a group of UFO’s only days before the Roswell incident and then got the infamous visit; Dr. Herbert Hopkins, who had been working on a teleportation case in 1976 got a visit; the Jim Templeton story, UFO researchers Jack and Mary Robinson, M.I.B. sightings during the Mothman Prophecies event in West Virginia during the 1960s.

Even Dan Ackroyd reportedly was visited by men in black shades. And we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Men In Black Sightings Seem Frequent

M.I.B. Sightings
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During the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit, several speakers highlighted an M.I.B. incident during their lives where sightings of men in black occurred. 

Denise Stoner, a Mufon National Experiencer Research Team member gave a chilling account of an experience she had about eight years ago.

These were your normal men in black with  black suits and black sunglasses. Here’s a transcript of Denise’s description of the event during Aliens Revealed Live… 

“Yeah, they’re interesting characters. I can say that because I’m still here despite the subtle threat they made to me. They didn’t follow through obviously. This has been back, oh gosh, I would say maybe eight years”.

“It was Christmas Eve with my mom and we were in Penney’s buying a last minute gift. And we saw something that we were shown I think, on purpose”.

“Two blonde gals came in with a stroller and a baby in it, no accessories, no diaper bag, no nothing, no purses, and the child was definitely a grey with great big eyes and they kept toiling back and forth and nodding at it”.

Time Stands Still

What followed next was truly mind-boggling. Denise says it was as if time stood still.

“My mom and I took a look at it, the people in front of us at the cash register were frozen. We tried tapping the gal on the shoulder saying look at that”.

“She was not moving, not recognizing the cashier, same thing, and they passed us to go to infant’s clothing”.

“Then I followed her or them – they were twins and they disappeared. They were gone. I turned away and so we got back”.

“Everybody was in motion again. We paid for our goods and went out the door. The only thing outside those double doors was a brick wall of the mall. It wasn’t dark. The sun was setting, but it wasn’t dark”.

“My mom was just quick on her feet. She went right across to the car and I was carrying the bag”.

Confronted By Men In Black – What Now?

“So I was a little slower and stepped over and I heard somebody say…’don’t repeat anything about what you were shown in that store’.”

“Turning around and looking over my shoulder I saw three men in black with hats and a briefcase leaning against the brick wall. And when I turned around, they said…’step up here’.”

“So I did. And he said…’did you hear what I said?’ They were very threatening and I just nodded yes”.

Then I stepped off the curb, went to my mom, and when I turned around, they were gone”.

There was nowhere for them to go. They had locked the door behind us to the store”.

“And they had to go straight down the sidewalk a long distance to the other parking lot or come across where we were. These things were gone”.

Were These M.I.B. Human?

When asked if she thought they were human she responded…

“No. No. Their faces were kind of doughy looking and a tan color. They were wearing the sunglasses and the black hats and the suits. Yep. Yeah”.

“And then when we got in the car and my mom said…’did you see that baby? Did you see those women? What was wrong with that baby?”

“And of course, I couldn’t answer her.  So I just said…’I don’t know, something was wrong, but I don’t know’.”

So who were they? What were they? We can just chalk it down as another men in black sighting, one Denise Stoner and her mom will never forget.

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