Is Sleep Paralysis Supernatural?

Is sleep paralysis supernatural? Or is it a medically related condition? And how do you tell the difference between a dream and sleep paralysis?

When we talk about sleep paralysis, most of us will dismiss it as something that happens once or occasionally and it’s probably medically-related? But is it?

Ever wake up one night and you can’t move but feel as if something is in the room with you?

Chances are your feelings are correct. Vicki Joy has released a ground-breaking new book titled They Only Come Out At Night which “blows the lid” on sleep paralysis and it’s true meaning.

Speaking to hundreds of experiencers who are suddenly confronted by alien entities while in their beds, many report the inability to move or react. Is this sleep paralysis related?

The truth according to Vicki Joy when asked is sleep paralysis supernatural or medically related is, that it could be both.

Is Sleep Paralysis Supernatural Or Medically-Related

Sleep Paralysis Supernatural
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This has become a controversial topic. Once upon a time, speaking about sleep paralysis was almost taboo.

Joy is well qualified to speak about it having experienced it from a young age. She says the emergence of thousands of people in recent years suffering the effects of sleep paralysis can’t be ignored.

“There are thousands and thousands of people coming forward with this. And so I felt like, well, I’m qualified to write this book because I’ve got forty five plus years of personal experience with this type of harassment”.

“And I just felt that if it took me nearly fifty years to figure this out and it’s been a lot of trouble and a lot of confusion along the way, there’s probably other people in that boat too”.

“So maybe I can fast forward them on their journey. Because what has been very discouraging to me is that much of what you find on the Internet is just absolutely copy-pasted disinformation”.

“But for some reason, this conversation isn’t allowed to really go too much over the line of the narrative – the accepted narrative”.

“I thought with all of the disclosure going on and with everybody talking freely about their experiences, if we can talk about ancient aliens and Anunnakis and pyramids and ascension doctrine, then I think we can talk about sleep paralysis. I think the time is right”.

“So in the if you’re going to talk about aliens landing on your front lawn or things kidnapping you in the middle of the night, there’s not going to be a lot of people that are going to put up with that”.

“And in the past, a lot of people who would talk about this, would just be written off”.

Joy’s Forty Years Of Silence

As an long time experiencer, Joy knows the “dangers” of talking about what she experienced.

During the seventies, eighties and even the nineties, talking publicly about supernatural occurrences would almost certainly get you shunned.

Joy stayed quiet for almost forty years.

“In the past, it would be written off as something like schizophrenia. I know in my life and personal experiences, I never told anyone other than my parents”.

“In the 1970s, there was wasn’t a term for this. If you said sleep paralysis, people didn’t know what that was”.

“And so I would tell my parents that, ‘I had another one of those dreams last night’ because I knew that they were different”.

“I decided that when I was fifteen, I was going to confide in my best friend. She was very receptive, kind and gracious and believed me”.

“However, the following Monday at school, she informed me that she had spoken to her mother who said, ‘Vicki is possessed by a demon and we need to get a priest and she needs to be exorcised of this demon”.

“Her mother was well meaning and that was according to her religious tradition. It’s the way that they did things like that”.

“And chances are there probably was something demonic going on there”.

“But I really didn’t feel like it was probably wise to keep telling people about this problem because best case scenario, they were going to just think there was something wrong with me”.

“But worst case scenario is, that if you tell the wrong person, they’re going to start trying to take care of the problem for you. And I didn’t want to be given a mental illness label. So I just kept quiet basically for forty years about it”.

The Entities You Encounter During Sleep Paralysis

Joy says sleep paralysis episodes are a unique experience to everyone.

While some have a benign experience where they simply are awake but can’t move, others experience scary and physical interaction.

Joy calls this the classic sleep paralysis experience.

“You’ll hear experiencers talk about shadow people, old hags, incubus, succubus, things on my chest”.

“They’ll say, ‘I felt something on my chest’. ‘I saw something on my chest’ or ’I couldn’t breathe’. ‘I felt like I was being choked’ or ‘I can’t move’. ‘It felt ominous’. ‘It felt evil’. ‘I felt like my soul was in jeopardy’. ‘I felt like I was going to be dragged to hell’.”

“This is what I would call the classic sleep paralysis experience”.

“We’ve got people who just wake up and feel super scared. They call in the name of Jesus and it’s a thirty second thing”.

“And then we’ve got people being dragged out of their beds and scratched. We’ve got people who are seeing demonic-like entities, shadow men, dark shadows and ominous things with red eyes”.

“We’ve got people that are seeing alien greys. Others wake up and little fairies, like little tiny things are crawling all over them or walking up their legs”.

“And the most recent thing that I’m hearing, and I’ve gotten probably close to a dozen people who have written to me and said, ‘I’ve never really talked about my sleep paralysis experience because it’s so out of the box that it almost sounds silly. I just can’t explain it and it doesn’t fit the narrative’.”

“I don’t even know what to do with it”.

“But what they’re experiencing is what I would call electronic or technological hallucinations, where they’re not seeing an entity or a being, but they’re seeing technology”.

Physical Injuries And PTSD

Joys says there are reports of physical injuries and evidence that people suffer during these sleep paralysis episodes.

They are severely traumatized by the experience and many simply won’t discuss it for fear of being traumatized just by talking about it.

“A lot of times these are the people that don’t want to talk because they’re traumatized by it and it’s a retraumatization to tell it”.

“It’s kind of like men who come back from war with PTSD. They don’t want to sit around and brag about all their exploits because they’re still processing it”.

“Another reason why you don’t hear a lot of those stories is because a lot of the people that have it to that degree, it’s repressed”.

“And you hear this a lot in the UFO community. ‘I have missing time’. ‘I saw this bright light’. ’Three hours passed but I couldn’t you what happened’.”

In the following interview, Joy answers the question, is sleep paralysis supernatural. she talks about astral projection and its inherent dangers, the end game, the purpose of these entities who invade our sleep and where they come from.

Joy’s book, They Only Come Out At Night is available at

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