Is Debunking UFOs Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

Debunking ufos usually got you plenty of support not too long ago. But what about today?

Since Roswell, debunking ufos almost became fashionable as skeptics lined up quickly to have their say anytime someone reported seeing something strange in the sky.

Even if the ufo event was seen by thousands of people, somehow skeptics always seemed to “get the points”. It almost became a game of how fast can we put the “tin foil hat brigade” back in their place.

Take the Phoenix Lights event of 1997 as an example. Tens of thousands of witnesses watched a series of strange lights make their way across Phoenix on the evening of March 13th, 1997.

Most ufo believers would have thought, “Right, we’ve got them now. How are they going to debunk this?”

Well, they did and very effectively.

The Night The UFO Lights Came On

The Governor Fyfe Symington called a press conference and during it, he introduced the audience to a staff member dressed up as an alien.

In short, he made light of the event, essentially ridiculing it in front of a national and worldwide  audience. The majority of people soon went back to their normal lives and it was left to ufo believers to keep this event alive.

It was remarkable. Possibly the greatest ufo-witnessed event in history was relegated to the “backwoods of history”.

So where am I going with this? Well, debunking ufos in 2021 doesn’t earn you the same plaudits as it did in 1997. Actually, ufo debunkers and skeptics might just be a “dying breed”.

While the UAP report to Congress in late June didn’t produce the evidence and ufo declaration we all hoped it would, it had an impact.

The fact that a ufo report was called for by lawmakers is remarkable in itself. It was a first step of sorts in a long road to final disclosure. It was a “middle finger” to ufo debunkers.

Debunking UFOs Is Not So Fashionable Today

UFO Debunkers
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One man who always took on the debunkers was legendary researcher Stanton Friedman.

His battles with skeptics such as Philip Klass have become part of ufo folklore.

Friedman, who passed away in May , 2019, was a champion for the ufo-believing community. He never took a backward step when someone challenged his ufo beliefs.

Grant Cameron is one of the world’s leading ufo researchers. Cameron displays that Friedman tenacity when it comes to ufos. He also never takes a backward step when it comes to discussing his research.

Cameron was given access to Friedman’s massive archive of files after he passed away. In an interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Cameron talked about Stanton Friedman’s legacy.

Cameron said Friedman kept everything he wrote down on paper. He came across a lot of files dedicated to his ongoing battle with the skeptics.

The MJ12 Document And Fighting UFO Skeptics

His battle with the skeptics and the infamous MJ12 document were the two things that seemed to consume a lot of his time according to Cameron.

“So the weird thing was the MJ12 document that Stan basically spent the vast majority of his time defending; that he was right about, he didn’t really see until it was too late”.

“He got stuck in it and was defending it and I would say that was what he spent most of his time on”.

“The other thing was basically fighting with skeptics”.

“So the famous Phil Klass from Aviation Week And Space Technology and Stanton Friedman had lots of discussions on the ufo topic”.

“There are literally hundreds of pages of correspondence, especially ‘snail mail’ correspondence between the two”.

“Constant going back and forth correspondence where these two guys are arguing about various subjects”.

“So those were the two main things that Stan was basically working on. The skeptic thing and the Majestic 12 document”.

One of the classic Friedman/Klass encounters ended up making Friedman about one thousand dollars. 

In short, Klass made an offer of $100 to anyone for various pieces of evidence including downed spacecraft to a real-life extraterrestrial. He also offered Friedman $100 for every piece of evidence he could produce against Klass’ own claim that there were inconsistencies with the typeface used in the Cutler/Twining memo.

This was the memo Robert Cutler, the assistant to President Eisenhower crafted to General Twining which made reference to MJ12.

Friedman apparently produced more than a dozen examples and was paid one thousand dollars.

Debunking UFOs Could Be A Dying Profession

If you were thinking of taking up debunking ufos as a profession, it could be short-lived.

Friedman left a lot of skeptics “scarred” when they came up against him. He did as much as anyone in the ufology field to make sure the ufo truth didn’t get lost in a “denial graveyard”.

The UAP report to Congress is a small step but a significant one in the verification that ufos exist.

The following is the full interview I conducted with Grant Cameron. He talks about Stanton Friedman, getting access to his massive collection of files, MJ12, Friedman’s battles with skeptics, disclosure and the emergence of the CE-5 movement worldwide.

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