Is A Reptilian Presence On Earth Influencing Humanity?

Is there a Reptilian presence on Earth guiding us to a future where we are pawns for the elites in a new world order?

Interesting question to ponder and one of many raised following author Ronald Kinsella’s book, The Digital Demon.

Another question although cheekily asked is did the dinosaurs really become extinct?

Are the recent servings of the Jurassic franchise of movies just another part of the education process into conditioning us to understand we are not the alpha species on or within this planet? Maybe a little far-fetched? Or not?

The downfall of man started very early in the Garden Of Eden and the perpetrator was portrayed as you guessed it, a member of the reptile species.

Was that simply a prelude to what was to come?

Whether it was the incident in the Garden Of Eden or something else, it seems a few perceptive people started waking up a long time ago to the Reptilian presence throughout our history.

To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought. I’ve been focussed more on the unidentified flying objects in our skies.

And the millions of people around the world who have reported being taken or contacted by aliens.

As Ronald Kinsella aptly points out, the deception has been going on for a long time. Instead of looking at it unfold, the majority of us are being distracted by ufos and alien abductions.

Did it all start with Roswell? Is this part of the deception to keep us from looking at the right hand and not noticing what the left is doing.

And with the massive leap forward in technology during the past seventy years, that deception appears to have become easier to manipulate.

The Reptilian Presence On Earth?

Reptilian Agenda On Earth
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The Reptilian presence on Earth has grown from a theory by a handful of researchers to something that is gathering real momentum.

Some people say the Greys, so often depicted at the center of alien abductions, are either of the reptile variety or the workhorses for the Reptilian race.

Whatever the truth is, presenting enough evidence to support this has always been an issue.

But there always seems to be just enough to keep the brave few men and women in the alien research world going as they draw closer to the truth.

Kinsella admits he will be criticized for his views. But it’s hard to argue when you examine what he says with a clear head.

Kinsella and his twin brother Philip have been lifelong experiencers. Ronald believes there has been a lot of contradiction with what we have been told about ufos and aliens.

It seems when we’re told something, it depends on the current state of play to suit the narrative.

Classic case in point is the recent China balloon drama. The U.S. government had no hesitation in trying to hide their incompetence in dealing with the intrusive balloon.

The initial announcement that what was shot down the second time around were ufos was almost laughable.

Instead of telling us the truth, they fabricated a story which to the people’s credit, they didn’t buy.

Would an alien race travel light-years to our planet and then attack us with balloons? Really?

So where do these serpintine-in-nature manipulators reside? Kinsella has plenty of his own conclusions about what might be going on. And much of it is deduced from his own experiences.

Kinsella’s Alien Experience

Ronald Kinsella
Author and researcher Ronald Kinsella

When Kinsella had a contact experience in 1982, it left him a little baffled. Not because he doubted what happened but he was confused by the entities he saw.

He called them the doctors.

He describes being snatched up from his bed one night. That’s despite his twin brother being in the room with him sleeping in another bed.

He was floated through the attic to what may have been a craft hovering above the house.

“It was dark. It was darker than space itself. I couldn’t see exactly what it was. There was something there, but I was taken into it”.

“I remember I was transported into this very modern-looking wheelchair. It didn’t conform to our typical wheelchair. It was just very modern”.

“And I was partially paralyzed and couldn’t move”.

Kinsella says there were three strange men standing in front of him beside what he describes as an operating table. And he sensed one standing behind him.

“The strange thing about these men is they were completely covered from head to toe in gear that is completely baffling”

“I would make a resemblance to radiation gear, but they had masks on that were equivalent to our World War II soldiers gas masks”.

“They had circular lenses for the eyes. I couldn’t see their eyes andI couldn’t discern anything normal about them”.

“I called them the doctors because the room I was put in had a medical feel to it. It had sterile medical feel”.

Aliens With A British Accent?

Kinsella simply had no choice but to stare at his hosts because he had almost no ability to move.

They just stared back at him.

He described them as doctors because of the way they were dressed. Then the presence he felt behind him began to speak.

“The three in front didn’t speak. They just stood there. The the one behind me began to speak.

“He seemed to be in charge. He was the chief. That’s what I got from him. He appeared to be pulling the strings”.

“The first thing he said was very bizarre. He said, ‘we’re going to perform an operation on you, Ronald’.”

“Now, when he said my name, I flinched because he knew who I was. But I didn’t know who he was. I couldn’t even see him. I tried to turn, but I just couldn’t do it”.

“It wasn’t like this force was keeping me strapped down. I guess we call it paralysis. His voice was British. That’s strange, isn’t it?”

Very strange indeed. So were they really aliens from another world or from this planet? Is there a Reptilian presence on Earth? Are they working hand-in-hand with a race of greys?

Kinsella’s first encounter left him with many unanswered questions. It led him on a crusade to find out what’s really going on.

He talks about it in the following interview with Aliens Revealed Live. He also talks about the contradiction with what we have been told about ufos and aliens.

And what about the influence his research reveals that the Reptilians have over the Deep Black Military Operatives and Secret Aerospace Communities?

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