Inside An Alien Spaceship – What Would It Look Like?

Every contact experiencer I’ve interviewed has been inside an alien spaceship.

Some provide very descriptive accounts. Others not so much.

Experiencer Rebecca Renfroe Borneman has had an amazing lifetime of contact. She has studied alien ships closely.

Rebecca’s contact experiences have been positive.

Her research is extensive. Unlike most people who have been witness to the inside of an ET craft, she has been meticulous in documenting her experiences.

A list she wrote during the early 1990s titled “Propulsion Systems Operational Elements” is quite remarkable.

Inside An Alien Spaceship – A Brief Description

Rebecca provided this list to Aliens Revealed Live. It highlights sixteen different elements. She says there are others but the following are the ones which stood out prominently.

Here’s the list she shared with us:

  • propulsion systems operational elements
  • interdimensional
  • telepathy
  • metallic
  • organic
  • layering
  • lights
  • colors
  • tones
  • speed and direction
  • triangular fields
  • prep
  • gel
  • DNA
  • lasers
  • geo-design
  • bio

“I have been able to read and see pictures since then. They correlate a lot of my own theories”.

“It’s pretty well known now that many of the craft are not only material and matter, but of a biological and consciousness make up”.

“It was easy to see that the ET’s who drive their craft have the ability to function with or are specifically made for an individual craft”.

“Like a pilot on our planet suited properly for his plane and trained accordingly. A lot of it is done with telepathic communication between oneself to the craft”.

Intelligence A Feature Of Alien Ships

Inside An Alien Craft
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Rebecca observed that intelligence seems to be built into the alien craft. This is a common belief among experiencers.

Craft intelligence is theorized to evolve in the future. Again, this is a theory that many experiencers I’ve interviewed have observed.

It would eventually become part of the vehicles. That’s either landlocked or in the air.

Road and air vehicles today already have certain intelligence components built into them.

During interviews with abductees, they quite  often report the craft they see as interacting with them in an intelligent way.

“I know that one of the closest and accurate pictures I’ve seen was Bob Lazar’s picture that he has drawn out of Area 51”.

“But when I was shown how an energy component works, it was quite different to what I’ve seen in a lot of drawings. I can go through that list”.

“The round ones that I have observed have had energy components within that are intelligent themselves”.

“It’s as if the matter, the dark matter, which was at the top section and then the gel, that was in the center, contain the components and I will use a movie comparison here”.

“In the movie Arrival, the beautiful actress that stands there in front of the huge aquarium made me think ‘oh my goodness, it looks like the craft I was in”.

“They had moving components. Light components that were intelligently moving within the gel”.

“They were acting as part of the energy component of the craft. It ran through it like an electrical system”.

Inside A Spaceship Of Alien Origin Presents Opportunities

It can be totally overwhelming being inside an alien spaceship. That’s especially so when people are there against their will. But Rebecca isn’t one to just let an opportunity to study something pass her by.

She likes doing her own research. She likes sharing her findings with others.

Rebecca hopes others will be encouraged to come forward. In the following excerpt from our interview, Rebecca talks about the inside of the alien ships. She talks about the makeup of their propulsion systems.

And then this slight twist. When asked about how far advanced these aliens were compared to us, the answer will surprise you.

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