How You Can Reach Out And Make Contact With Aliens

So, how do you make contact with aliens? More to the point, how do you make contact with peaceful and loving aliens?

CE-5 has become a recent phenomenon that is sweeping the world.

Dr. Steven Greer pioneered the CE-5 protocols more than a decade ago. Since then, it’s been adopted by people all over the world.

Kosta Makreus and Hollis Polk currently oversee the biggest CE-5 family on the planet through their Let’s Talk community.

Their mission is to foster proper and safe CE-5 protocols. They are extremely proactive in their mission to teach people how to make contact with advanced and benevolent star beings who visit our planet.

And to say they have been successful is an understatement. With more than twenty thousand groups from more than one hundred countries now part of the ET Let’s Talk community, contact with ET has never been more prevalent.

How To Make Contact With Aliens Of The Benevolent Kind

Making Contact With Aliens
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The truth is, CE-5 devotees don’t even like to use the word aliens. They prefer ET or star beings.

Here’s the three-step method in line with CE-5 protocols taught at ET Let’s Talk:

1. Be positive and quiet your mind. This is essential to contact success. This can be achieved through meditative practice.

2. Join a group and work with others. Makreus says working with like-minded people will only enhance your experience.

3. Tap into the universal energy that is freely available to all of us. By plugging into this and working together with others in a group, connecting with compassionate and benevolent ETs suddenly becomes a reality.

That is a basic crash course on using the CE-5 protocols to make contact with ETs. It does take some practice and that’s why becoming part of a group for regular sessions is encouraged.

Do You Have An Open Mind?

So, can anybody make contact with aliens? Makreus says there is a misconception that just experiencers have the ability to connect with ETs.

That’s not the case. All you need is an open mind.

“It’s suited to anybody who has that open mind?”

“There are people who I encounter every day who had experiences that were foisted on them that were passive. That’s where they saw a ufo or had a closer experience than just seeing. They are known as contact experiencers”.

“So that happened to them. And maybe they revisit this years later and find a community like ours and say, ‘oh, you mean I can repeat that but I can consciously go after it instead of passively having it happen to me’.”

“So there’s that group of people who were contacted when they were younger. And then rediscovered that they can now step up and do this anytime they want”.

“And then there are people who maybe never had any experiences, but they’re open minded. They’ve heard their friends talk about it”.

“They’ve seen the movies and they’ve been interested in science fiction. Suddenly they hear about our community and say, ‘you mean that they’re here and I can contact them? Well, how do I do that?’”

“So they’re ready for their first experience. And again, if they’re open minded and put the skepticism aside, they’re going to make some kind of contact”.

“One thing I know is that our star friends from these many civilizations have very creative ways to contact people”.

“And it’s not just the lights in the sky, which for me, are still awesome”.

“After all these years, I love to see the ships power up and react to our thoughts. But there are other ways”.

Make Contact With Aliens And Bring On Disclosure One Person At A Time

Makreus and Polk started the ET Let’s Talk community following their own personal experiencers.

The recent UAP report to Congress excited a lot of people but in actual fact, to experiencers, it was really a “fizzer”.

Makreus says his guided People’s Disclosure Movement is bringing on disclosure one person at a time.

In a recent newsletter Makreus says:

My friends, I urge us all to cease expecting the truth – Disclosure – from governments or other authorities about this topic. Let’s get off of our knees, unclasp our pleading, trembling hopeful hands and stop expecting a Disclosure announcement from a President, a Prime Minister, a Premier, whatever. Look in the Mirror! YOU are the Disclosure you/we have been waiting for!”  

In an interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Kosta Makreus and Hollis Polk talked about the CE-5 experience, how to become part of it, their own contact experiences, the gods fallacy and the people’s disclosure movement.

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