How Would You React When Aliens Show Up

How do you think you would react when aliens show up? I’m talking about your own personal contact, not a worldwide announcement.

Just you alone with E.T.

Many people I speak to say they would welcome it. But I’m not so sure they would when put to the test.

It’s why you have to respect the courage of alien contact experiencers. Most never asked to be contacted and for those courageous enough to go public and speak about it, that’s a level of courage most of us lack.

Alien visitations are usually unannounced. They just show up. It happens regularly. People will suddenly feel a presence or they’re suddenly confronted in their homes by beings of different stature.

Many experiencers say the feeling is intrusive. Uninvited guests suddenly in their home who look and act different.

The result is usually a piece of information is passed on and they leave. But many times they are there to collect you for whatever reason and before you know it, you’re up among the stars.

Some remember the experience, many don’t but they have a knowing that something unusual took place.

One of the most amazing contact experiencer stories I’ve encountered is from British experiencer Annette Williamson.

Before October 18th, 2017, Williamson  probably hadn’t even thought of a ufo let alone an alien.

Then her life changed during one remarkable evening.

It was an adjustment she never bargained on having to make. Communicating with someone other than human is not something they prepare us for in school.

When Aliens Show Up

when aliens showed up
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How did Williamson react when aliens showed up for the first time in her life?

“At first I went into shock. We spoke every day and night for three months straight. It was so intense and turned my reality on it’s head”.

“It was like I was back at school with the teachers who had the answers to all my questions”.

“Looking back, yes I was in shock when the aliens first show up. I couldn’t stop talking about the three beings I’d met and all the conversations my friend Zoe and I were having with them”.

Zoe? Yes, Williamson’s alien experience started because of her friend Zoe. She hadn’t spoken to her in awhile and then one day, while flipping through her Facebook timeline, she noticed Zoe had posted something entirely out of character.

“My friend Zoe had put up this picture of a little alien. It was black and it was shaded with a big, massive head”.

“It had no face features at all, just a little head, small body and a caption above it that said, ‘humans, are you ready’?”

“It’s so unlike Zoe to write or post anything like that”.

“So I phoned her immediately and said, ‘what what’s going on’? What is this picture’?”

“And she said, ‘well, over the weekend, my alien family just showed up’.”

“And I remember going into like this real light excitement, thinking ‘oh my gosh, my friend has seen aliens’.”

Williamson then visited Zoe that evening to hear all about her alien experience. It would be the catalyst to her own personal alien contact journey.   

Three Small Beings In The Hallway

Williamson said Zoe was visited by three small beings. They communicate telepathically and were benevolent.

As they sat at the table and chatted about Zoe’s encounter Williamson was about to get her very first dose of the E.T. experience.

“I remember I was just sitting there and taking it all in and thinking ‘that’s so amazing’.”

“And before we’d got onto the subject of what they were talking about, she just stopped talking”.

“I remember she was looking over my shoulder and literally, her whole body just froze”.

“And she was like, ‘they’re here!’.

“And I said, ‘where’? She continued looking over my shoulder. So I’ve turned and looked over my shoulder and can’t see anything”.

“I then said ‘where are they’?”

“Zoe said ‘they’re in the hallway. They’re not coming in. They never come in. They always like to stay back a little’.”

“But this time they started to walk in a little bit and she said she said, ‘they’re coming in’.”

“I wasn’t spooked at that point because I couldn’t see anything.

“I totally believed her because she was absolutely petrified. Her body language literally changed. She wouldn’t even move her eyes”.

“She said to me, ‘they want to speak to you’.And I remember thinking, huh?

“And I said hesitantly, ‘okay’.

“And then, then the first thing they said to me was ‘haven’t you had enough yet’?”

An Alien Download Of Information

And so began Annette Williamson’s alien contact story. During the next few months, Williamson would learn things she’d never, ever given any thought to in her life.

For example, the first thing her E.T. visitors asked her through Zoe was whether she had any idea what happened when flowers are picked?

“The first thing they really said to me was, ‘what do humans think happens when you pick a flower’?”

Williamson's impression of the three alien visitors
Williamson’s impression of the three alien visitors 

“And I remember thinking about it and then saying, ‘I don’t know, it dies, turns to compost”.

“And they said, ’no, nothing dies, energy can’t die. It can only change form”.

“They mainly went on during the first hour’s conversation talking about dimensions. They also talked a lot about death”.

“The E.T.s said, ‘does humans know’? That’s what they used to say, ‘does humans know’?”

“They said, ‘does humans know there is no death and there is no night’.”

“I remember them saying, ‘there is no death and there is no night. They didn’t explain themselves too much in that first hour. And I remember as quickly as they came, they left. It was roughly about an hour’s conversation”.

When Aliens Show Up..What Happens Next?

This is a remarkable alien contact story. It’s about human behavior in the moment when aliens show up. It’s totally benevolent and it satisfies that perception of when intellectually superior beings show up, class is in.

Well, Williamson’s contact experience seems to “tick all those boxes”.

In fact, she says most of the information she is given seems to “go against the grain” of anything she’s already been taught.

“One of the first conversations they had with me was about multiple dimensions happening simultaneously at the same time and that there are different states of reality”.

“And I was like taking it all in and I’d never heard of these things before”.

“I remember I asked them about Atlantis during my initial contact with them”.

“They said Atlantis hadn’t gone anywhere. And it’s just in a reality state that is still there. It’s just that we can’t see in the dimension that we’re in”.

“And they said, when you die, you can go there because it’s still there”.

This is just a small example of the download of information Williamson was receiving from her alien visitors.

In the following interview, Williamson goes into more depth on some of the information she was given.

For example, she says the E.T.s told her they talk to all humans whether it be during daydream sessions or times of deep sleep. How they have been here for billions of years and come in different forms. And that there is no such thing as time.

Williams was taught about astro traveling, dimensions, time, the truth about numbers, super humans, consciousness, multi dimensional beings and the new upgrade humans are about to receive.

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