How To Meet Aliens In A Safe And Non-Threatening Environment?

It wasn’t too long ago when wanting to know how to meet aliens would have drawn plenty of strange looks.

Today, a quick scan of the online ufo groups and forums shows this is now one of the biggest requests made. People just want to meet aliens.

But be careful what you wish for. The truth is, there needs to be a distinction made between those ETs that may not have your best interests at heart and those of a benevolent nature.

I’ve copped some flack from the higher consciousness community whenever I publish a story about bad aliens.

For example, the story on the Grey Alien Agenda garnished a massive response. So did this piece about Evil Aliens.

Most was positive but some of the response drew criticism from those who only believe there are good aliens.

Examples Of Both Good And Bad Alien Experiences

How To Meet An Alien
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The best way to illustrate why you may want to be careful about your desire to learn how to meet aliens might have been best put by lifelong experiencer Terry Lovelace.

In an interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Terry gave a chilling account of his abduction at Devils Den experience in 1977. It’s one he recounts on a regular basis these days since revealing to the world what happened to he and his friend Toby.

Today, he is busy appearing at various seminars both on and offline. He said about the aliens who took him onboard their craft.

“I thought that they were absolutely malevolent. There were other humans that were captives on board that ship”.

“They were immobilized and holding their clothes”.

“Those poor souls were still on that thing when it went up in the air. So I don’t know what happened to those people”.

“Maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome, but you know, my anger and my rage has somewhat softened over the years. Maybe if I sat down and talked to them, they’d say, ‘hey man, just doing my job’. I don’t know”.

Still keen to learn how to meet aliens? Lovelace had some well-timed advice for one young man at a conference in Houston in 2007.

After speaking about his traumatic ordeal,  Lovelace was approached by the young audience member who didn’t just want to know how to meet aliens, but wanted them to come and take him.

“This college student stood in line impatiently waiting to ask me a question. And when he got to me, he says, ‘how can I get them to come take me?’”

“And I said, ‘have you not been listening to me? Does this sound like fun to you?’ He says, ‘yes, an adventure. I want to go’.”

“Well, I responded with, ’I would be careful what I asked for because they probably read your thoughts’.” 

How To Meet Aliens And Feel Safe

Mike Murburg runs a regular CE-5 group on his Florida ranch every month.

He once famously said “why chase ETs when you can invite them in for tea”.

Puzzled? Well, the difference between people who are abducted and those who invite non human intelligences to meet them is vast.

Murburg explained it perfectly during an interview with Aliens Revealed Live in February 2020.

CE-5 is a human initiated contact experience while abduction is a CE-3 or CE-4 experience. It’s non-consensual”.

“So whatever’s going on and whoever’s doing the abducting is not part of what we do as a CE-5 group”.

“I have never heard of a CE-5 group bringing in a malevolent spirit, malevolent entity or physical being. Never heard of it…ever”.

The CE -5 experience is about connecting with ETs on a higher frequency.

It’s meeting them at a higher level of consciousness and those who experience this by all reports, are changed forever.

Murburg says you meditate and bring these spiritual and universal beings into your surroundings.

He says they are friendly and communicate with you in several ways.

It’s how to meet aliens in a safe environment 101.

Still Want To Learn How To Meet Aliens?

Murburg has been a lifelong experiencer. He had his first major contact experience in 1979.

He says while he can show or direct people on how to get involved with the CE-5 experience, contacting Kosta Makreas and Hollis Polk may be a better option.

Makreas and Polk run ET Let’s Talk and have all the resources to get you started and more importantly, connected with a group near you.

In the following interview excerpt, Murburg talks about how to get involved with the CE-5 experience.

He also talks about how to start the process of running your own groups, the information exchanged with the ETs and what we need to do to awaken non believers to the reality of ETs and non-human intelligences.

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