How Many Alien Hybrids Are There On Our Planet?

How many alien hybrids are there on this planet? No one really knows the answer to that but certain people who have worked with them can definitely confirm they are here.

Barbara Lamb co-authored the landmark book Meet The Hybrids with Miguel Mendonca which was released in 2015. It virtually changed the way we look and perceive the alien hybrid topic.

Lamb’s work in this field is almost legendary. With hundreds of hours of interviews and counseling with people who have had alien contact during their lives, Lamb is well qualified to make judgement on why an alien hybridization program is alive and well here on planet earth.

In an interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Lamb couldn’t say how many alien hybrids are here on this planet. But they are here and are being created for a very specific reason.

To help raise the consciousness levels of the human race.

Sound familiar? It should. It’s the exact same message I receive from alien contact experiencers who I interview.

Raising the human consciousness level of humans appears the main mission of E.T.s in their interactions with people on this planet.

And Lamb simply confirms it through the ongoing counseling sessions she has with experiencers.

And the alien hybrid phenomenon is not a topic she would have believed prior to the 1991. Or at least, given any thought to.

How Many Alien Hybrids Are There?

Barbara Lamb is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She’s also a certified hypnotherapist and a regression therapist in California. 

She specializes though in regression therapy with people who experienced encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Prior to 1991, she had counseled people who experienced past life episodes. But her whole outlook on a topic she once thought was science fiction changed when she counseled and regressed her first alien contact experiencer

Before 1991, I had been doing several years of past life regression therapy. I had been trained to do regression therapy by the Association Of Past Life, researching therapies in Riverside, California”.

“After those years of training I felt very comfortable in doing regressions”.

“But it didn’t occur to me that people would ever come to me with this particular concern?”

“Wondering what it was about these beings showing up and seeming to take them away for awhile”.

“So it was new to me but soon became very great convincing”.

“And after the first person came in 1991 for that reason, just a few months later, another woman came. And she probably had fifteen regressions over a period of several years”.

“Then another woman that same year came and worked with me for twelve years and probably had at least sixty regressions”.

“I’m amazed, absolutely amazed because I never advertise about doing this, but people have just found me”.

“When they’re ready to find out for themselves what their clues might mean they get in touch with me. I certainly had never earlier in my life expected to be doing anything like this”. 

What Do The Skeptics Think About The Alien Hybrid Topic?

Like all researchers, authors and people who work with contact experiencers, Lamb has experienced her share of skepticism.

The problem with skeptics is, they dismiss any notion of an alien hybridization program on this planet without any research themselves.

But surprisingly, Lamb doesn’t have any harsh words for skeptics. She goes about her business helping experiencers come to terms with what they are dealing with.

And she understands why skeptics operate the way they do.

“I so much understand that, I completely do, because I did not know until really 1991 that there was reality to this”.

“I had had a real interest in certain movies like E.T. and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, both I think, really wonderful films”.

“And I had a sense, well, let’s say a resonation going on that,’oh, wouldn’t it be nice if this were true’?” 

“Wouldn’t it be nice if there were really other beings out there in space. But I didn’t really think it was true. I thought it was science fiction”.

“But it wasn’t until 1991 when somebody actually came to me for regression work that I realized session by session by session with this first person that wow, this really convinces me that these visits and these other beings are real”.

Are Alien Hybrids A Threat To Humanity?

How many alien hybrids are there and are they a threat to humanity

Well, Lamb is not sure of the answer to the first question but revealed she has worked with at least sixteen hybrids during her counseling and research of the topic. 

But are they a threat to humanity is a question that gets asked a lot with a wide array of responses.

How Many Alien Hybrids Are There On Our Planet
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Lamb can’t speak for those who think they are a threat to humanity’s survival. 

She can only report what her first hand research reveals and no, according to her, they are only here for benevolent purposes. 

“In my experience with the hybrids I know and probably some of the ones you know as well, they are here for very, very benevolent purposes”.

“They’re here really to help humanity. It has nothing to do with a take over. It has nothing to do with that at all”.

“It’s totally in service. In fact my coauthor and I put a subtitle on the book Meet The Hybrids and the subtitle is The Lives And Missions OF E.T. Ambassadors On Earth”.

“And I love that because that’s what they are. They are E.T. ambassadors on earth”.

Why Are Hybrids Being They Being Created?

So we don’t really know the answer to the first question of ‘how many alien hybrids are there?’

But we may have a strong clue as to why they are being created. Lamb gives some interesting insight on why hybrids are being created on this planet. 

This is first hand information gleaned from the experiencers and hybrids she has worked with for the past thirty one years.

“You see, I think it makes sense to realize that the extraterrestrial beings living on other planets, most of them look so different than we human beings look”.

“And their whole physiology is really different. Their biological systems are different”.

“So they cannot come here and actually live on our planet. They would not be able to handle the bacteria and viruses”.

“They would not be considered normal enough looking from a human point of view to be accepted here”.

“That is why they create these hybrids. They take certain human beings and create hybrids because those people will be able to thrive here like the rest of us”.

“And they would be totally accepted here and do the work that these beings would like to see done here to help improve humanity”. 

Alien Hybrids Are Here To Stay

There’s little doubt if an alien hybridization program has been operating on this planet for several decades, it’s likely here to stay.

Barbara Lamb is one of the most highly respected researchers and authors in the world on this topic.

It’s hard to argue the points she’s made in this article, especially about the non-hostile intent of creating hybrids.

In the following interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Lamb talks about how prevalent the alien hybridization program is. She talks about the abilities they have, how someone can identify they are a hybrid and the alien abduction phenomenon

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