Have Aliens Been Mistaken For God?

Have aliens been mistaken for God? Whichever way you look at it, I’m going to cop some flak.

I’ll cop it firstly from my precious wife, from my church, from God-fearing christians and even from non-christians.

But think about the question again. Have aliens been mistaken for God? 

My faith is strong, very strong. But like a lot of bible reading christians there are some passages of scripture, especially in the old testament that just scream ufo or alien abduction event.

Paul Wallis is an arch deacon for the Anglican church in Australia. He’s also a theological educator. No one would question his faith in God as a christian.

But like myself and countless others, he had questions as a child. Certain aspects of what he was being taught and explained didn’t make sense.

Wallis began to question and the more he did the more pushback he got. Eric Von Daniken’s Chariots Of The Gods played a huge part in Wallis gaining the courage to eventually seek answers and it led to his much acclaimed first book, Escaping From Eden.

It was a crushing success attracting millions of readers worldwide during  who had the same questions. But it also gained him a lot of criticism and dissension from his peers which he expected.

But undaunted, Wallis set about producing the follow up to Escaping To Eden, The Scars Of Eden

And it’s much anticipated released in 2021 again was a stunning success reaching the top of the bestsellers list.

And more recently, his third offering Echoes Of Eden has been received with the same aplomb.

Why have Paul Wallis’ books received so much support? Because many people have wondered whether we’ve confused aliens with God.

Have Aliens Been Mistaken For God? 

The more people look into this topic the more they seek answers. Wallis began his search following his own alien contact experience as a young man.

It didn’t make sense. He believed strongly in God but his faith was a little shaken by that experience.

He wanted answers.

But the question is, are there really any answers? Will this all remain conjecture? Can anyone prove categorically that no, we haven’t mistaken God for aliens?

You see, until ET drops into our back yards and announces to the world that “yes, it was us who called Moses up the mountain to meet with God” or, “it was our craft that was mistaken for the Star Of Bethlehem the night Jesus was born”, we can really only surmise.

As a young catholic boy before my teen years, I asked during one of our weekly religious instruction classes at elementary school, “if God is spirit and can be anywhere at anytime, why would he need a fiery chariot to travel around in?”

The response from the priest teaching the class was swift and decisive. Within seconds I was banished from that class and it would be a month before I was allowed to return.

You see, this is a touchy subject. Very touchy. As I mentioned above, I’ll cop some flak just for asking the question.

But I admire people like Paul Wallis who have plenty to lose within their own faith circles but “put their necks on the chopping block” nevertheless seeking answers to this emotive question. 

Can The Texts Themselves Answer The Have Aliens Been Mistaken For God Question? 

Many believe the answers are in the bible texts. They may be right. Wallis says understanding the texts and what they say is crucial in getting answers.

“Have Aliens been mistaken for God rather than the other way around?”

“Well, for me, my answer to that really begins with the texts and understanding what the texts say and what the texts are about”.

“And it’s been a really fun and exciting journey for me, discovering the correlations among texts narratives from all around the world”.

And in those, I find stories about other kinds of beings that then get interpreted as gods”.

“So I guess that’s the way I’ve seen it”. 

Who Are We…Really?

As a species, all sorts of theories have been put forward about who we are, from being engineered by God or ETs to being just one of several intelligent beings to have occupied this planet.

Wallis believes this topic is bigger that we realize and people have different ways in which they arrive at the God/alien narrative. 

“Well, people have different ways in to the topic. For me and I’ve mentioned a couple of ways but another way is, if you do have a faith in Jesus, then immediately that’s going to give you questions about the Hebrew scriptures”.

“Because if God is as Jesus suggests he is, then you go back to the old stories of Genesis and further into the Hebrew scriptures. And you think, ‘well, that can’t be right’.”

“You think, ‘this can’t be a story about God. So what is it about’?”

“And for many of the early church fathers right at the beginning of Christianity, that was how they got into this ET narrative; by beginning with Jesus”.

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“But I now find I’m meeting with people who get into this topic from all sorts of starting points. It comes from a study of archeology, or neurology; a study of mythologies or astronomy. And also DNA research”.

“There are so many ways that people can study this topic and they’ll swallow a red pill, a new picture will open up, and they’ll suddenly realize, ‘oh, there are other entities in this big world that I’ve just been exposed to’.”

“And often we will meet in a discussion about ETs, ufos or adduction stories and realize that we’ve come from all these different start points to the realization that this is what we’re looking at”.

The Escaping To Eden Interview

The following is the full original interview I did with Paul Wallis during the release of Escaping To Eden. It’s the first time the full interview has aired.

It’s interesting to see what has transpired since I sat down with Wallis especially with the congress hearings on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon).

In the interview:

– Wallis takes us back to when he first started to think about questions such as “have aliens been mistaken for Gods”.

– what his extensive research really tells us about our alien history.

– why some books were banned from the bible.

– the verse in the bible that makes him question our heritage the most.

– the topic of disclosure.

And there’s much more that Wallis covers during the interview.

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