Government Alien Cover Up – Has The Government Really Figured It Out?

Is there really an government alien cover up?

Does the government really have what people think?

And does the government really know as much about the alien mystery as people think they do?

Here’s another one:

“Does the government really have the means to figure this whole ufo thing out?”

Each of these questions will spark furious debate in any ufo forum.

After all, since the Roswell incident in 1947, the term alien cover up has generally been tied into a government conspiracy.

Is The Government Alien Cover Up Just A Smokescreen?

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There’s been a lot of talk about full alien disclosure in 2020. Many experts and ufology students have weighed in with their opinions.

We’ve even put together a four-part disclosure series on this site with thirty leading experts in the ufology field having their say. But seriously, what does the government really have when it comes to figuring out this whole ufo and alien thing?

Recently, Senate Intelligence Chairman Marco Rubio made an announcement regarding government disclosure on unidentified aerial phenomena.

What does that even mean?

Is the government going to produce all the evidence they have on ufos and aliens? A report is expected to be delivered sometime in 2021.

Are they going to admit that there has been a government alien cover up going on for more than seventy years?

I’m not sure. I’m just a little wary about anything on this subject initiated by a government that supposedly has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the real truth about ufos from us, at least since Roswell.

Plus the fact this announcement has been made in an election year.

Meanwhile, one of the world’s best ufo researchers Grant Cameron believes we are being led.

He believes that there is certainly a slow-drip disclosure going on.

But in a recent interview with Aliens Revealed Live, he admitted he’s changed his mind on what he thinks the government really has in the way of ufo and alien evidence.

Or for that matter, how much they really know.

A Government Alien Cover Up? Maybe, But…

Cameron is a “ufo researcher’s researcher”…he’s usually fearless in his quest to learn the truth much in the Stanton Friedman mould.

So when he says he doesn’t believe the government has a clue when it comes to figuring this stuff out it’s worth sitting back for a moment and listening.

What I’ve come to the conclusion after 45 years is, they don’t have any of that stuff”.

“Yes, they have at least one body and they have a craft intact. They have films that they know are UFO stuff. But in terms of figuring it out, they haven’t got a clue”.

“And that’s what Kit Green said, who’s now famously tied into To The Stars. He said it 12 years ago – ‘Uncle Sam and the intelligence committee are clueless and there are intelligence people playing bad games’”.

“So that would be my conclusion that yes, they’re leading us. And I think disclosure may have actually happened”.

Want To Weigh In?

So, just to clear it up. Has there been a government alien cover up going on?

More than likely.

What does the government have in terms of evidence? As Grant Cameron says, they probably have something.

But where Cameron is drawing the line right now is, he’s having severe doubts about whether they can actually figure it out.

If they can’t figure it out for themselves, then what are they going to tell us?

As always, please weigh in with your thoughts. I am going to compile a list of responses and present them a little “later down the track”.

Leave your comment in the section below this article.

Here’s the excerpt from my interview with Grant Cameron. I asked him whether we as a people are being led “up the garden path” on disclosure.

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  1. Listen to Tom DeLong, it was turned over to private sector to avoid FOI. He admittedly stated it is real but is bound by a disclosure agreement to aquire the technology and truth….


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