Formal Extraterrestrial Disclosure – Implications Of A Full ET Disclosure?

What are the implications of formal extraterrestrial disclosure?

This is a divided argument. Some say nothing. Some say it would cause world chaos while others just simply don’t care but say “get it over with already!”

I was recently watching a ufo documentary where formal ET disclosure was discussed and again, the main players interviewed were divided.

But it was interesting to here the judgement of those who are dead set against disclosure.

Their arguments range from it would cause religious chaos.

Or, it would cause panic among the world’s population if they knew for sure there was an alien presence.

Or even that we the people would be panicked to think that we weren’t the center of the universe and there were beings out there much more advanced and intelligent than we are.

What I found amusing was positives such as disclosure would bring us together as a race. Or that the knowledge of alternative, almost costless energy would improve things immensely including reducing hunger and poverty in the world.

That wasn’t even discussed. I guess that means it’s still much too profitable for some to even entertain the notion of extraterrestrial disclosure.

Stephen Bassett is the Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group. He’s been fighting the good fight on disclosure for more that a quarter of a century.

Bassett says it’s not so much the inroads his group have made since the early 1990s, but it’s more that a defined movement has been established fighting for it.

And that has made a big difference.

Formal Extraterrestrial Disclosure – What’s The Hold Up?

Extraterrestrial Disclosure 2021
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Getting a formal extraterrestrial disclosure made official was never going to be an easy thing to do. It was always going to take time.

After all, for many of the reasons discussed above. Especially the “maintain profits” reason, the pushback against any disclosure movement was always going to be tough, almost impossible.

The late Stanton Friedman, one of the pioneers fighting for ufo truth once said that world governments were loathe to announce extraterrestrial disclosure. Why?

Simply because of the technology angle. The way these UAPs maneuver around the skies and evade our fighter jets means they have technology far beyond ours.

Friedman said whoever was able to harness that technology first or competently reverse engineer it would rule the world.

That is a scary thought and it just shows where we are as a civilization. While we think we may be advanced, it’s this “war-like” thinking that prevents us from maintaining any sort of harmony in the world.

The Reality Of The ET Presence

Stephen Bassett says since he’s been involved in the fight for ET disclosure, a good deal of progress has been made in educating the public about the ET presence.

“It’s not so much the inroads that I’ve made there has been a fairly defined political movement in this issue since the end of the cold war starting around 1992”.

“There were people doing some political engagement prior to that going back 50 years but the real disclosure movement begins after the cold war ends”.

“I didn’t enter till 96, but over the last 25 years, a lot of progress has been made in educating the people about the reality of the ET presence”.

“Educating the people regarding the truth embargo that the government imposed on this reality for national security reasons by and large”.

“And educating the political class to try to prepare them to actually do something constructive about this and ultimately to seek the prize”.

“The prize of this advocacy movement is disclosure”.

“It’s the formal confirmation by heads of state. Not by your uncle up the street or but by the heads of state”.

“And that has not happened anywhere in the world”.

“We’ve come close a couple of times but history has intervened, which it often does and set things back”.

“However, I have some optimism going forward. It’s a good group for disclosure”.

Will We See A Formal ET Disclosure Anytime Soon?

As Stephen Bassett says, he’s optimistic going forward. You have to be and by chipping away at those who would deny us the truth, eventually the dam wall will show signs of cracking.

Actually, those cracks may already be starting to occur.

Many believe a soft disclosure campaign has been accelerated. How? With the release of sensitive videos showing UAPs eluding US military personnel.

The tic tac videos created enormous interest when released in 2017. The recent news surrounding the U.S. Navy’s encounter with UAPs is only adding to what we know to be true.

The anticipated UAP report  made by U.S. Intelligence to lawmakers by June 25th only added more ammunition to the argument that ufos are real although it was scant.

At one stage, Senator Marco Rubio announced that it may not be handed in on time.

Senator Rubio said, “there might be some obstacles to making that deadline”. At that stage, many of us would have been thinking, ‘oh, here we go again’.

Meanwhile, Stephen Bassett was forthright in his views on extraterrestrial disclosure in an interview with the Aliens Revealed Live. The interview took place during the ARL online summit last year.

He talked about whether an alien contact movement could speed up disclosure, the national security state, the truth embargo plus presidents and ufos.

That section in itself is priceless as he gives an amazing account of each of the U.S. presidents since World War 2 and there knowledge of ufos. He also gives his thoughts on who among them would have more inclined to make disclosure.

The interview was recorded during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit.

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