Famous People Touched By The Roswell UFO Crash

The Roswell ufo crash has been covered, examined, explored, investigated, debated and talked about non stop since 1947.

It’s the most famous ufo case in history.

When Tom Carey and Donald Schmitt decided to write another book about Roswell, they took a different angle.

One that looked at people considered celebrities or famous that have been touched by Roswell.

And so they did. According to Carey, it was to be his last offering on the topic.

Touched by Roswell: Crash Encounters Of The Rich and Famous is a fascinating book written by Schmitt and Carey that explores the most celebrated ufo event in history – the Roswell incident of 1947.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the event.

It includes eyewitness accounts and government documents that were previously classified.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book is the connection it draws between the Roswell Incident and a number of well-known celebrities and public figures.

The authors provide a “Who’s Who” of notables who are connected to the event and the town made famous by tourists who visited of an extraterrestrial kind.

Former president Bill Clinton, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, actor Christopher Reeve, and singer John Denver are just a few of the famous people who share a connection to Roswell.

The book also delves into the government’s response to the Roswell Incident, including the infamous “cover-up” that many believe was orchestrated to hide the truth about extraterrestrial life.

The Roswell UFO Crash

Roswell UFO Crash
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Carey and Schmitt have performed a lot of thorough research on famous people touched by the Roswell ufo crash.

But just because they have been included in the book, it doesn’t mean they were part of what happened there.

So how did they come up with an idea linking famous celebrities to Roswell.

Tom Carey says it was born from a chapter he wrote in the book preceding Touched By Roswell. It was title Roswell: The Ultimate Cold Case.

“I wrote a chapter in it called Touched by Roswell. It was so popular that we thought, well…”.

“I was thinking, ‘oh, this is our last book. This is our last book’. “Well, Don got the idea; let’s do a whole book on the the rich and the famous that have been touched by Roswell over the years. And that’s how the book came about.”.

Roswell And The Prince Of Liechtenstein

Tom Carey
Touched By Roswell co-author Tom Carey

So what do the Roswell ufo crash and the Prince of Liechtenstein have in common?

Well, not much. That is until he decided to bring together up to twenty seven Roswell witnesses in 1990 to hear their testimony.

It was a move that stunned those with a passion for ufos and aliens because to get such a high profile figure taking an interest was publicity money couldn’t buy.

“Well, I always start off with Prince Hans Adam of Liechtenstein”.

“Back when he became interested in Roswell, he was the Crown Prince Hans Adam II. Now he’s the head of state, the richest head of state in Europe and the fourth richest head of state in the world”.

“In 1990, the Prince funded a meeting of all the first hand witnesses to Roswell that we were aware of”.

“The meeting was held in Washington, DC. The purpose was to videotape their statements for posterity. And I can tell you now, Dean, they’re all gone. Right now, they are all dead”.

“But there were twenty seven of them in this “confab” in Washington. And he recorded all of their statements”.

“Two years later, they produced a video called Recollections of Roswell. And it showed all of the 27 witnesses”.

“These were first hand witnesses. Even today, I use that. I have the VHS version. I still use it as a resource to what they said”.

“So that was Prince Hans Adam’s touch with Roswell”.

“Bringing twenty seven people from all over the world, putting them up in expensive Washington DC, renting a big hall that costs a lot of money was his contribution to the Roswell case”.

Touched By Roswell

The authors provide compelling evidence to support their claims, including declassified documents and eyewitness testimony from military personnel who were present at the scene.

Overall, Touched by Roswell is a well-researched and thought-provoking book that is sure to captivate anyone with an interest in UFOs or extraterrestrial life.

The authors present their findings in a clear and concise manner, making the book accessible to both casual readers and serious researchers alike.

While some may dismiss the claims made in the book as conspiracy theories, the evidence presented by Schmitt and Carey is difficult to ignore.

One potential downside of the book is that it may be too focused on the Roswell Incident for some readers. While the authors do touch on other UFO sightings and encounters, the majority of the book is dedicated to Roswell. However, for those who are specifically interested in the Roswell Incident, this is unlikely to be a problem.

Carey and Schmitt provide a compelling case for the existence of extraterrestrial life and the government’s attempts to cover it up.

In the following interview with Tom Carey, he elaborates on why they chose the celebrities they did, the biggest “smoking gun” evidence they’ve come across to confirm an alien ship crashed at Roswell and the most remarkable deathbed confession they’ve seen or heard.

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