Extraterrestrial Contact – How To Make Contact With ETs

There are several ways to make extraterrestrial contact according to lifelong experiencer Sev Tok.

Tok, who is now an author and spiritual counselor, had her first contact experience as a ten year old child.

But she hid her contact experiencers for several decades before revealing her story in 2017.

Her life has been one of continual communication with extraterrestrials and today, she spends much of her time helping and counseling others.

According to Tok, seeing UFOs is no accident.

Making Extraterrestrial Contact

How To Make Extraterrestrial Contact
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In a recent interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Tok said there was a reason you see an alien craft.

Tok eventually came to grips with the fact she was being contacted by ETs but resisted the notion for a long time.

She says playing the victimhood game disguised the actual benefits her contact experiences would have on her life.

“I’ve been hiding my ET contact for decades and I work with experiencers”.

“I encourage experiencers to contact me through my website and share their story with me and I help them understand why it happened”.

“These things just don’t happen by accident. There’s a reason why you see a UFO”.

Channeling and meditation are two ways to make extraterrestrial contact. Tok has even created a three-part series teaching people how to connect with non-human intelligences.

“There are several ways it can happen. It could be in 3D or it can happen in a multidimensional way through channeling and meditating”.

“In fact, I have a three part series on my YouTube channel, Alien Spirit TV. It’s a brand new three part series on how to channel, how to meet and how to connect with other worldly beings”.

“And I have heard from many people who’ve done the guided meditation that I include in these videos where you hear my voice guiding you to connect with another being”.

“Whether it’s an angel or an ET, it’s just another worldly being. In fact, they’re all ETs”.

“And so it can be done that way and many people have made extraterrestrial contact watching these videos”.

“These communications have been really pivotal for them because it started to connect the dots of what’s been going on their entire lives”.

You May Be Having ET Contact Without Being Aware Of It

We’ve reported several times in the past the instances of people discovering extraterrestrial contact.

And it’s only been through methods such as channeling, meditation and regression therapy that they learn the truth.

Many will know something is there in the “pit of their stomachs” but usually dismiss it as “just one of those things”.

In the following interview, Tok explains how the energy we emit is the conduit for extraterrestrial contact. It’s fascinating stuff.

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