Extraterrestrial Communication – 4 Reasons Aliens Contact People?

Extraterrestrial communication is no accident according to experiencer Sev Tok.

Tok has had ET contact since age ten. She has lived her life with consistent communication with extraterrestrial beings.

In a recent interview, Tok said there was a reason why people see UFOs.

These things just don’t happen by accident. There’s a reason why you see a UFO”.

“There’s a reason why you come in contact and it’s all for beneficial reasons”.

“It’s all to help you individually and to help us all collectively. It’s to help mankind”.

A Lifetime Of Extraterrestrial Communication

Extraterrestrial Communication
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Tok kept her communication with non human intelligences quiet for forty five years.

Following a contact experience which left her a little shaken and confused, she decided to come out.

That was in 2017 and since then, she has been busy helping other experiencers. She encourages them to meet with her in a safe environment.

That’s been one of the key drivers in contact experiencers finally making the decision to come out and talk about their experiences. The fact that there are environments where they can talk to someone without being under the critical scrutiny of the public.

“That was a pivotal experience in my life because I couldn’t hide it anymore. I’ve been hiding my ET contact for decades and I work with experiencers”.

“I encourage experiencers to contact me through my website and share their story with me in privacy and I help them understand why it happened”.

Four Reasons Why ET Communicates With People

In a fascinating discussion, Tok shared information on why extraterrestrial communication has been going on.

At least the ET communication that’s taken place in her life over a long period of time.

She said ETs gave her information about the hybridization program, DNA activation, Earth’s role in the galactic neighborhood and the possible fate of humanity.

“So the one that they were talking to me about had to do with the greys and humans”.

“The greys are looking for the DNA, if you could call it that”

They are searching for signs of sympathy and empathy because that has been bred out of their species and you have to have that in order to continue”.

“So they’re like splicing that into the hybrids to make sure they are very loving, very empathetic and very sympathetic”.

I had a long discussion with Tok and she covers each of the four reasons extraterrestrial communication has been taking place.

Whatever you may think you know about ET contact, this will either confirm it or challenge you to extend your belief system.

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