ET Communication – The Day I Was Activated By An ET

Speaker, author and spiritual counselor Sev Tok has had ET communication throughout her life. Like so many who are experiencers, deniability eventually translates to admittance.

Her story is familiar among experiencers. Early contact followed by confusion before reaching a stage of acceptance. 

ET communication for Sev started when she was a child. It was something she needed to get accustomed to. However, the fact it was happening was still hard for her to comprehend.

But she kept it to herself before eventually showing great courage to talk about her experiences. She talks about her resistance to revealing her truth.

Her message is a powerful one.

For those of you still wondering if you should talk to someone about your experiences, reading Sev’s compelling account may just give you the boost of courage you need.

ET Communication by Sev Tok

“I dropped into 3D reality from another dimensional awareness. As I began to re-align my point-of-view, the memory downloaded quickly”.

“I remembered lying on a hospital-type bed unable to move my arms and legs, as if paralyzed. Energetically, I felt something standing behind me. I could turn my head and when I did, came face-to-face with an ET”. 

“The Grey stood inches from my face doing something to my back. We locked eyes. It seemed I was looking into two pools of black oil”.

“There was no telepathic communication, as there usually was. Then fear took over. As I turned my head back around, my eyes popped opened in my bedroom. And I knew I had been on the Moon”.

“Thus began my morning of September 25, 2017. Nine days prior, I had another exemplary start to my day. I discovered a red X burned into my left derriere cheek”.

“It was comprised of nine red circles which were all evenly shaped and uniformly spaced about 2 inches wide”.

ET Communication Goes To A Whole New Level

“So, this particular morning came after nine days of me silently freaking out about a mysterious red X appearing on my bum. And the freak-out continued”.

“What if that Grey marked me again? A yes would begin a series of dramatic paradigm shifts within my essence of being. I wasn’t sure I could handle it and that scared me a lot”.

“I felt I was in a state of emergency that morning. All I could do was sit on the couch and listen to my heart rapidly beat in my ears. My then-boyfriend awoke and walked down the stairs towards me in the living room”. 

“I asked if he noticed anything weird in the night. Was I ever gone from the bed? Did he feel any strange sensations?”

“No was the answer to all my questions. He knew something was up and it was weird. I didn’t disappoint”.

“I finished describing my Moon travel by asking for another tush inspection. It’s a moment I had been dreading all morning. After bending over and hearing nothing but silence for way too long, I finally punctured the quiet.

“Well? Is there another X?” I half-yelled, praying he would say no.


My world flipped. “It looks just like the first one. Directly opposite it, on the right cheek.”

“Time stopped. I was suspended in mental confusion. My reality changed in a split second. I could never go back to being in denial about aliens again”.

“So, I conjured up a reality where the abusive Greys were taunting me”. 

“I rationalized that if Humans can abuse, so can greys. I rose to the occasion and declared my powerlessness like a good victim would and played the victim beautifully for most of my life”.

ET Communication Since Age 10

“I’ve had ET Contact since I was 10 years old. I had hidden it for decades, too worried what others would think”.

“I had Contact in Roswell NM, Baltimore MD, Capitol Hill Washington DC and on the Inner Banks of North Carolina, where I currently live”.

“I”ve spent my life ignoring the bright lights in the middle of the night, the geometric body marks, chunks of skin missing, and the memories of aliens telepathically talking to me”.

“I dismissed everything as a dream or a fluke; until the second red X appeared. The moment I saw it, I fundamentally knew that aliens were real. And I was afraid of them”.

“The Xs came at a time in my life when I was focused on expressing my authenticity”.

“I finally realized that my authentic self is my best self and that version guides me towards fulfillment and success”.

“There is an uncomfortable flip-side to exposing the real me: the illumination of my fears”. 

“For the first time, I admitted that aliens were my biggest fear. I knew losing that fear would break the barrier preventing me from achieving my dreams. Why?”

“Because admitting that aliens are part of my life removes the debilitating grip of worrying what others think of me”.

“That allows me the freedom to be me. Wow. I could be free to be the real me?”

“I wouldn’t have to pretend to be someone else to make others happy? That reality would remove my need to play the victim”.

“I would feel empowered and in control. What a grand life that would be!”

ET Contact Changed Sev’s Life

“I needed help, though”.

“My life-changing guidance came from Kathleen Marden, Director of Experiencer Research at MUFON, Author, Speaker, Researcher, and the niece of Betty & Barney Hill, the most famous ET Communication story”. 

I am honored that she endorsed my book, You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens. The book was my “coming out.” I exposed my most private secrets. Talk about being vulnerable. I pretty much rolled over and exposed my belly for all to rip apart”.

In 2018, my book debuted on Amazon. Two weeks later, I was invited to be a Speaker at AlienCon in Baltimore”.

“This was an eye-opening experience. Not only did my talk go over well, I was approached by many experiencers. They wanted to tell me their stories”.

“Often, they started with, “I have never told anyone this before, but”. 

“At that conference, a new life mission materialized for me: helping experiencers”.

“People want to talk about the reality of ETs in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Folks want to share their experiences. They don’t want to be ridiculed”.

“There is good reason why a spacecraft shows itself”.

There is good reason why its inhabitants make contact”.

“It is a divine experience. It’s designed to help our collective consciousness expand”.

“That’s so our earthly reality manifests as fulfilled, peaceful, and successful”.

Ready To Share Your ET Contact Experience?

“I offer free help for Experiencers around the world on my website You can tell me your story privately on ET Encounters”.

“I will respond and help you understand why your incredible experience is important to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being”. 

You can read portions of real stories shared with me on True ET Stories. I also offer a free newsletter and YouTube channel, Alien Spirit TV with videos about ET Contact and spiritual & metaphysical information”.

“All of this has been created to offer free guidance, support and awareness. It’s to establish that we are communicating with aliens. That’s aliens of all frequencies, shapes, and sizes”.

“Millions of people are having ET communication and don’t know it”.

“The brain has a hard time processing the multi-dimensional experience and so it labels it a dream or hallucination. It is not”. 

“Real communication with extraterrestrial intelligence happens in an inter-dimensional fashion because there are parts of you existing in many dimensions”.

Interactions with other-worldly beings provide lessons and knowledge from the higher perspective”.

“Think of it as Galactic self-help designed to activate the best version of yourself to live the best version of your life”. 

Sev Tok ET communication
Sev Tok

Sev Tok is a Speaker,  Author, and Spiritual Counselor. Her book, You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens, is on Amazon. To learn more and to share your ET Contact story privately, please visit

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