Do UFO Experiencers Put Relationships In Jeopardy By Speaking Out?

UFO experiencers who have a close encounter could risk their personal relationships by speaking out.

Many ufo sightings will go unreported but in recent years, the number of close encounter experiences reported is on the rise.

And following the recent session in Congress discussing all thing ufos, that number is likely to increase as people will feel vindicated in what they saw.

UFO contact experiencers are encouraged to come forward and tell their story and they’ve responded in large numbers.

But there is always a downside to speaking out about something large numbers of the population still find hard to believe.

Personal relationships including marriages could be put under pressure if what they’re reporting is not believed by the people closest to them.

UFO Experiencers Conundrum – Speak Out Or Zip It?

UFO Abduction Experiencers
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Lifelong experiencer Erin Montgomery is an Associate Marriage Therapist who recently spoke out about her experiences.

In fact, Montgomery is part of a four generational family of experiencers. She details her life as a contactee in her book Dirty Little Secrets released earlier this year.

Coming out wasn’t as traumatic for Montgomery although she says she was very scared.

“I was scared. I thought I was going to be ostracized and lose my job. There were so many different things to consider working as a counselor in the mental health field and then, coming out with a crazy story like this?”

“I think it needs to be normalized. It may seem radical and just crazy at this moment, but it’s not just a few people that are being taken”.

But coming out and talking about your experiences could present problems on the home front.

UFO Experiencers Could Face Conflict In Their Relationships

Montgomery says it’s almost a no-win situation for ufo experiencers in their personal relationships.

For example, in a marriage, if an experiencer tells their partner what’s going on they may not be believed.

But if they don’t, they could be accused of keeping secrets.

“One thing you’re going to run into is, when you’ve had experiences where you’re being abducted. Or you have contact with ETs and your partner does not believe you”.

“That can affect many different areas of your relationship. That includes the creation of secrets. Like this is happening to me but I can’t speak about it”.

“And so you’re creating secrets which can fester and grow in a relationship. It creates an environment where you do not feel necessarily safe being yourself and being truly honest and open”.

“I did not reveal any of this stuff until the moment I had a very large pattern. Not really a bruise but it was like a mark on my back. And so then I had to explain how that happened”.

Montgomery says when she discovered what was happening to her, the sheer process of coming to terms with it herself was hard enough.

But keeping it to herself while also trying to deal with it and rationalize it on her own eventually created pressure in the marriage.

“It was my first marriage that I found out and trying to understand that I was having these experiences”.

“And I think that through my process of trying to come to terms with it, that is one of the reasons why it unraveled”.

“You know, ‘Erin was getting crazy?’ And so it kind of unraveled the marriage”.

Seeking Help?

Erin Montgomery says a ufo experiencer has to feel comfortable talking about their experiences before they talk to their partner.

Speaking with counselors like herself who are well versed in this area makes good sense.

In the following interview, Montgomery talks about her own relationship issues. She also touches on the possible reasons ETs might put your relationship at risk by meddling in your life. 

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