CSETI – Is It Opening The Doors To Hostile Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

CSETI was founded by Dr. Steven Greer in 1990 and stands for Center for the study of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Dr. Greer has been at the forefront in the promotion of contact with extraterrestrials of a non hostile nature and his work has been both lauded and criticized during the past three decades.

But he has survived through a period of the pursuit of extraterrestrial contact which has spawned amazing progress.

Progress during an era where we’ve gone from cringing at the mention of ufos and aliens, to the government virtually admitting they don’t know what some of the craft flying in our skies are. And who they’re piloted by.

Dr. Greer’s work through CSETI has certainly played an important role in this progress and the fight for ufo disclosure.

But there appears to be a divide between mainstream ufo believers and the CSETI or CE-5 crowd.

When I first started covering the ufo and alien topic three years ago, I assumed everyone was on the same side.

That was a mistake that I soon learned the hard way.

Terry Tibando has been a coordinator for CSETI since 1993. He has continually lead successful teams on field expeditions out of Vancouver in the past twenty eight years.

More to the point, he and his teams have been successful in establishing contact and communication with extraterrestrials visiting our plant.

Tibando has been a long time experiencer. In fact, since childhood. He says when he came across the CSETI information line in the early 1990s, it was a message that resonated with him.

So, is there a divide in the ufo community concerning the work being done through CSETI and CE-5 groups?

CSETI – The Disconnect Between The CE-5 And The Mainstream UFO Crowd

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As a ufo believer, I’d love nothing more than seeing the mainstream ufo crowd and the CE-5 and consciousness crowd come together.

Imagine that type of strength in numbers.

Tibando didn’t shy away from the question, “is what you’re doing just inviting in demon related beings”.

Boy, you’ve opened up a big can of worms”.

“Okay. I’m going to say this, and I apologize to anyone that’s listening to this upfront”.

“For the most part, Europe and North America in South America is predominantly Christian. And when you talk about demons, you’re talking about Christian terms. It’s not to say that other religions don’t use similar terms. Jins and demons and whatever else”.

“But it conjures up an image”.

“And Dr. Greer says, we’ve got to be very careful with what we say because words are powerful encapsulations of thought. And if your thought is somewhat negative, you’re going to express it negatively”.

“We’ve got to choose our words carefully. We either want to offend and produce fear in somebody, or we want to reassure them, ‘hey, wait a minute. We know very little about them. They probably know a lot more about us”.”

“Therefore, when we make contact, they’re the lead dancer in the dance. If a craft lands it’s in physical form, we don’t go rushing over there and start climbing on top of it”.

“So what we do is wait. If it lands, we wait. If they power down their propulsion and step up and approach us, we have our hands open to show that we have nothing in our hands and they approach us”.

“And if we communicate with them, we ask very open ended questions. Is there anything you would like to ask us?”

Open Ended Communication With Extraterrestrials Is The Key

Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Carol Rosin. Terry Tinando (host), Dr. Alfred Webre
Disclosure Witness Guest Speakers Dr. Steven Greer, Dr. Carol Rosin. Terry Tinando (host), Dr. Alfred Webre

Tibando in giving Aliens Revealed Live an insight to the way he and his team communicate with E.T. beings, says, “it’s very open ended”.

“We don’t say, ‘where are you from and what’s the secret of your propulsion system?’ That would get you into trouble with the military because that’s what they’re after”.

“That’s the distinction. The military is after possessions of material goods and brinkmanship so that they’re more powerful than the next nation”.

“But we’re saying, ‘no, we don’t want that. We want to be diplomats and ambassadors. We want to establish a relationship that’s friendly, mutual and peaceful”.

“And so when you approach in that mindset, you’re going to get results. If you go out and your heart and mind is filled with love, peace and friendship, they respond to that”.

“It’s like you put out the mental antennas and they’re picking up on that”.

“But if somebody in the group is fear based and we’ve had some people like that and I’ve asked them to either go home for the night or to not participate”.

“So that’s the whole point. When you approach it in that manner, you start to get results”.

“For instance, what we’re finding now is they don’t necessarily show up in physical form, but in inter dimensional form”.

“That gives them the ability to do things around us, touch us and they have these fragrances”.

“But because of their technology they have the advantage”.

“So therefore, that says a lot of things, that regardless of what the military may think they can do, E.T.s are always one step ahead because you’ve got a whole Galactic Federation of them”.

CSETI, CE-5 And The Mainstream..Shouldn’t Were All Be One Big Happy Family?

Vancouver CSETI Team
Vancouver CSETI Team

That’s a question I’ve asked guests a lot at Aliens Revealed Live and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer.

Tibando says we should and I wholeheartedly agree.

“We should and I noticed this from day one when I got involved in CSETI when I started to look at and listen to other people in the ufo community”.

“There appears to be a lot of big egos out there, and it’s all about maturity. And the mature thing to do is to share information and get a handle on it”.

“And the problem is that part of it is ego, part of it is that people who invest full time in this have to make money”.

“They see that this is a hobby but they want to write a book or two or produce a movie”.

“But they have another job or they have to sacrifice their job to pursue this phenomenon”.

“And it’s a juggling act. So the thing is, when you get people who take opposing sides in the good E.T. versus the bad E.T. argument, it’s us versus them, which is a human trait”.

E.T.s don’t respond that way. They have learned to work towards developing a global society”.

“And in order to do that, you have to have a sense of unity. And in order to get that unity and peace, a number of other factors have to fall into place”.

“Justice, equality, elimination of prejudices and the ability to work together”.

“Humans for the most part have difficulty working together. So we’re at a disadvantage ‘right off the bat’.”

A Lifetime Of E.T. Interaction

Terry Tibando has had a lifetime of E.T. interaction. It started in 1953 as a five year old child when E.T.s showed up in his bedroom.

And when he stumbled across Dr. Steven Greer’s message in 1993, it resonated with him.

He knew which direction he needed to go in in pursuit of establishing contact and communication with E.T.s.

I sat down with Terry Tibando and we had a lengthy discussion. From the divide between the CE-5 community and the mainstream; to the work CSETI does; to his contact experiencer journey citizen’s disclosure.

The following interview is that discussion.

Tibiando has written six books including an amazing reference point for anyone with even a slight interest in ufos through the Citizen’s Disclosure series.

That’s another interview in waiting and we’ll present it to you in due course.

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