Contact With Extraterrestrials – Do E.T.s Contact People By Accident?

Contact with extraterrestrials is never by accident according to Sev Tok.

Tok has been a virtual lifelong experiencer and her story is one of the more amazing among people who have had contact with extraterrestrials.

And it’s an all too familiar story among those who have chosen to come forward and talk about their experiencers.

For Sev Tok, the contact began as a young girl. There was plenty of confusion to go with it.

The denial stage followed and it wasn’t until recently, in the past decade, that she decided to explore her options about telling her story.

She found expert guidance in the shape of Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty and Barney Hill.

Today, she shares her story in the hope others will show the same courage and come forward.

Tok says to take that first step, even if it’s behind closed doors to talk to someone without going public is a major breakthrough.

Most experiencers just want validation that what they went through or are experiencing is real.

Tok resisted the urge to come out and talk to someone about what she was going through. It just didn’t make sense to her.

But all this changed on September 25th, 2017. She discovered two marks on her body in the shape of the letter X.

After several days of trying to make sense of it all, she says it finally made her cross that imaginary line in the sand and make the decision to talk to someone about what was happening to her.

Contact With Extraterrestrials Is No Accident

Contact With Extraterrestrials - Do E.T.s Contact People By Accident
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Tok says that contact with extraterrestrials is no accident. Many people share a similar story, especially those people contacted by E.T.s since their childhood.

This also includes people who have limited contact as well as people who see ufos, especially close up. In fact, people seeing ufos close up is an article for another day. We have interviewed several people with close up sightings who later report missing time.

“No, E.T. contact is never by accident. Not even seeing a UFO in the sky. That is not an accident”.

“There’s a reason these things are happening”.

“Often it’s too reawaken a memory that you have been having contact”.

“And now the E.T.s are telling you it’s time to remember. It is time to remember because earth is transitioning. It’s in a transition”.

“Are we going to be able to see it to the end? We don’t know yet’.

“But we have started this transition and it includes the acceptance of E.T.s and other beings living in other dimensions, on other planets and currently communicating with us”.

“It’s currently happening”.

“That’s part of the transformation that we have to accept, in order for earth to move into a higher frequency”.

“It just has to be done”.

“We’re not going to get to a higher frequency without accepting that and knowing it”.

The Benefits of Contact With Extraterrestrials

Are there benefits to having E.T. contact? According to Tok, the answer is yes.

While many experiencers suffer confusion when contact begins and they question their sanity, Tok says it can change one’s life for the better.

“So when you engage in communication with an other worldly being that has a high frequency, you automatically have access to information from the higher perspective”.

“Information from the higher perspective is very, very valuable”.

“What it does is, it allows you to kind of pull back a little bit and just watch your life from a different perspective”.

“So what that does is, it doesn’t allow you to get all caught up in the things that aren’t important”.

“That includes the stresses in life. The things that really don’t matter that so many of us really do tend to get all caught up in”.

“Because many of us are just in this state of fear”.

“So when you get guidance from a higher perspective, it makes you realize you don’t have to be attached to all that. You’re not attached to all that”.

“You can just withdraw and you can create your life from a platform of self control and peace and not falling into this world of chaos and fear”.

“And you don’t have control and letting other people determine what’s happening to your life”. That is not a reality unless you deem it’s your reality”.

“You can have a reality of the exact opposite. And that is what information from these beings from a higher perspective can help you discover. And that changes your life for the better”.

You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens

In her book, You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens, Tok reveals many of her contact events with extraterrestrials and her journey as an experiencer.

Tok encourages experiencers to come out.

“I encourage experiencers to come out to themselves first and then to come out to somebody”.

“And if they don’t have somebody to come out to, they can come out to me. It’s very important that experiencers face this reality in their life”.

“This is part of your earthly journey, your E.T. contact. It’s happening for a reason”.

“The more you suppress it, the more you hide it, and the less you’re being your authentic self”.

“And we all know that when you express your true self, your authentic self, that’s when you’re the most fulfilled and the most peaceful. And life is very enjoyable”.

“It’s very important that we meet these blocks. And it was a huge block for me”.

“It was scary for me to move through this block, but it’s the best thing I have ever done”.

“It is part of my journey that I should not be embarrassed about”.

“No experiencer should be embarrassed about this remarkable experience”.

“It is incredible and worthy of your attention and respect”.

Everyone’s E.T. Story Is Fascinating

Sev Tok has heard from contact experiencers all around the world.

She says everyone she has spoken to has a fascinating story to tell. And in everyone’s story, there is a positive message for that person.

Tok says these E.T.s want to help and they’re not here to hurt”.

In the following interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Tok talks about her own experiences from childhood up to the present day.

She talks about the amazing encounter she had on September 25th, 2017, and how it eventually led her to coming out. 

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