Consciousness Seminar – Contact And Consciousness Explained

A consciousness seminar featuring four of the world’s leading experts on the topic will be beamed live into people’s homes on Saturday, July 18th.

The rare online event has come about because of the restrictions created by the covid pandemic. Physical seminars have been put on hold all over the world however, it has its benefits.

Traveling to a particular destination for seminars can be expensive. For a minimal fee of twenty dollars, people can sit back in the comfort of their own homes and watch four experts ply their craft online.

Organiser Kathleen Marden, who heads Mufon’s Experiencer Research Team, says the event will run for about five hours.

Marden will give a presentation along with lifelong contact experiencers Denise Stoner and Kevin Briggs as well as experiencer and psychotherapist Dr. Melanie Barton.

Briggs will demonstrate his channeling abilities live to the audience.

Contact And Consciousness

The consciousness seminar schedule is:

  • Kathleen Marden on generational experiencer Denise Stoner’s lifetime of contact and what she has learned from them.
  • Denise Stoner on “The Evolution of Contact: Exploring Kathleen Marden’s Journey into the Unknown”. 
  • Dr. Melanie Barton on how to “Raise Your Vibrational Frequency While Connecting to the Greater Consciousness”.
  • Kevin Briggs on “Spiritual Consciousness and the Council of Eight”. Kevin’s contact experiences began when he was a boy in the U.K. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of the Council of Eight.

Contact Through Consciousness With A Non Human Intelligence During Seminar

Contact And Consciousness Seminar
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Being part of this consciousness seminar is a must if you have never witnessed real contact with a non human intelligence. It will be an event you’ll never forget and you’ll get the chance to understand what it’s like to be in an “experiencer’s shoes”.

Marden says Kevin Briggs will give a channeling demonstration during the seminar. People who register can send in questions that they would like to ask the entity that responds.

“We studied Kevin and these non-humans for a couple of years where we met once a month and we were allowed to ask a question or two and receive answers”.

“This was very educational. And we also received evidence. We were able to use a laser thermometer in order to measure the change in temperature when one of these entities unseen, entered the room and spoke through Kevin”.

“And we could see a significant rise in the temperature”.

“They also arranged for us to see their craft and actually come and speak with me. One did that telepathically”.

“I could feel a very strong tingling sensation through my body when that telepathic exchange took place”.

“So that was initially a little frightening, but I became accustomed to it”.

“We learned a great deal. And since there has been so much interest in consciousness and in communication with non-humans, I decided to invite Kevin to be a speaker and to actually channel and take questions”.

“I’ve asked people who are already registered to send questions to me”.

“The entities like to have only one person asking the questions as they have to adjust to that person’s consciousness”.

Understanding Consciousness

While consciousness can be a deep and seemingly complicated topic, you’ll definitely increase your knowledge and appreciation of it during the seminar.

It’s a unique opportunity to learn about this topic from four of the most respected proponents during this consciousness seminar. Click here to register.

Kathleen Marden introduces each of the speakers during the  following interview.

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