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What Is CE-5 And Can It Help You Make Contact With ETs?

What is CE-5? More importantly, can it help you make contact with extraterrestrials or see a ufo? Cielia Hatch who is based in Calgary, Canada, runs a CE-5 group. She became interested in CE-5 more than a decade ago after watching Steven Greer documentary on the subject. A science fiction devotee growing up, Hatch decided to take her interest to…

The Truth About Carl Jung, Flying Saucers And Synchronicity

Flying saucers and synchronicity go hand-in-hand. That’s according to famed psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung. Jung founded what is now known as analytic psychology. You can read a short overview of what it is by clicking here. So what does Carl Jung, flying saucers and synchronicity have to do with each other? It’s amazing that we are talking about a…

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