Read and listen to the most amazing alien close encounter stories gathered by our team at Aliens Revealed Live. Scan the links below which will take you to the selected story.

The Extraterrestrial Download That Led Mike To Universal Consciousness

An extraterrestrial download can be interpreted as several things but for popular CE-5 instructor Mike Murburg, it introduced him to the fascinating world of universal consciousness. Murburg spoke about his experience during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit. It proved to be one of the most popular presentations during that event. CE-5 is now well established around the world with…

How You Can Reach Out And Make Contact With Aliens

So, how do you make contact with aliens? More to the point, how do you make contact with peaceful and loving aliens? CE-5 has become a recent phenomenon that is sweeping the world. Dr. Steven Greer pioneered the CE-5 protocols more than a decade ago. Since then, it’s been adopted by people all over the world. Kosta Makreus and Hollis…

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