The Best UFO Hotspots In The United States Could Be Drive-In Theaters

Best UFO Hotspots

When discussing the best ufo hotspots in the United States areas in Florida, Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado come to mind.

In a recent study, California recorded the most ufo sightings, almost twice as many as the next state in Florida with Washington State listed third.

But a rarely discussed area which is prone to attracting its fair share of unidentified objects are America’s drive-in theaters.

To the younger members of our audience, the term drive-in theater instantly elicits a Google search.

Here’s how a drive-in theater is defined in Wikipedia:

A drive-in theater or drive-in cinema is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand, and a large parking area for automobiles”.

Believe it or, there are still drive-in theaters in operation around the United States today. In fact, a report in 2020 suggested there are about 305 drive-ins left in America.

And be careful about making drive-in jokes or trying to get a laugh in a group at someone else’ expense. You may very well have been conceived at a drive-in theater.

But what about ufo sightings at drive-ins?

Prolific author of all things paranormal Preston Dennett, produced a riveting study on ufos at drive-in theaters. In 2020, he published a book titled UFOs at the Drive-In: 100 True Cases of Close Encounters at Drive-In Theaters.

And when you read account after account of the E.T. presence at outdoor movie venues, it’s quite evident that either there’s been a cover-up of an enormous magnitude going on, or people simply don’t care.

Why many of these reports weren’t leading off the “six o’clock news” in their particular states is baffling.

Drive-In Theaters May Just Be The Best UFO Hotspots

Preston Dennett
Paranormal Researcher and Author Preston Dennett

Dennett was first given an inkling that ufos were making regular appearances at drive-ins in the 1990s.

“I actually did run into my own case very early on in my research in the 1990”.

“A lady had come to work at my office. She found out I was a UFO researcher and told me this incredible encounter at the Paramount Drive-In Theater”.

“And I just thought it was a one off. I had no idea that this was a thing”.

“I have to tell you, I was shocked when I found out how many cases there were”.

In the book, Dennett details over one hundred accounts but says these were the best. There were many, many more he could have published.

“I investigated that first case as best as I could and then let it go because I was working on other cases at the time”.

“But I would occasionally run across a case like this”.

“It wasn’t until I was writing the book UFOs Over Colorado several years ago. I ran into three drive-in cases in a row and I thought, ‘you know what, I remember that first case and there might be something going on here’.”

“And I started to really look into it and I after a brief survey of literature, I didn’t initially find much of anything in books and magazines”.

“However, as I dug deeper in sightings report at NUFORC, MUFON and reporting centers, I started to find a lot of cases”.

“And they were mostly from newspaper articles and similar sources. I found over a hundred cases and these are not normal sightings”.

Why Weren’t The Media Interested?

Given the nature of many of the cases it’s baffling why the media didn’t seem interested.

Chances are they were under the supposedly non existent ufo truth embargo. That meant that anything that was sighted, encountered and reported but wasn’t explainable was suppressed.

Dennett says there were many cases where witnesses reported to the newspapers and local radio and television news outlets but were met with disinterest.

Even the airports and police it seems didn’t want to know!

“I can tell you that there’s a portion of ufo encounters – I would say maybe twenty to thirty percent where people are in the right place at the right time at a drive in theater”.

“It’s at night, you’re outside for quite some time and your chances of seeing a UFO are much better than being inside”.

“And yes, some cases reflect that they just sit in their car and see what I would call a random fly-by meaning that’s lights overhead”.

“But that’s not what these cases are really about. Most are completely different from anything in all the literature on UFO that I’ve studied”.

Dennett says what makes these drive-in ufo cases unique is the number of witnesses who see the ufos.

He says anywhere from fifty to a hundred to two hundred people will see the same object at the same time.

In one outlier cases, Dennett reports that more than three thousand people watched a ufo display at a drive-in theater.

And what sets them apart from normal sightings? Dennett says they travel low and right over the screen. And they stay for a long time. That makes them a candidate among the best ufo hotspots in the world.

A Case Of Missing Time And Possible Mass Alien Abduction At A Drive-In Theater

Missing time and a possible mass alien abduction?

Could an entire audience of hundreds of people have been mass abducted from a drive-in theater in Ohio?

“That’s the Ascot Park Drive-In Theater case August, 1974 in Ohio. I corresponded with the witness directly”.

“This is like the ultimate case of drive-in theater ufo encounters because it was a pretty full theater”.

“This huge black triangular-shaped object travels right overhead. The witness said it was much larger than the theater itself covering the entire parking lot”.

“As it appeared overhead, it traveled very low. Then all the theater lights go out; the screen goes out; people’s cars go out and the snack stand goes out. It’s pitch black”.

“This object was making a low hum moving right over the theater. Everyone is getting out of their cars and are aghast and dumbfounded but there wasn’t any signs of panic.”

“Suddenly, the lights come back on. The object’s passed and people start watching the movie again”.

“He didn’t remember this incident until sometime later. There are cases like this with weird memory slips which we see in lots of UFO cases, particularly close up encounters”.

“Three years later, he was in a bookstore and saw Ed Ruppelt’s book on ufos, the Project Blue Book guy”.

“And suddenly he had this flash. This is what I call a cue. We see this in a lot of abduction cases where they’ll see a short person, a bald head, large dark eyes or something that reminds them of an original event and boom…they remember”.

“We see this in all kinds of trauma victims”. It all flooded back into his head and he’s wondered to this day, could there have been a mass alien abduction?”

Drive-Ins Must Rank Highly On A List Of The Best UFO Hotspots

There’s little doubt that when talking about the best ufo hotspots anywhere, then drive-in theaters must be rated highly.

Dennett says there are not many cases in ufo history where hundreds of people witness ufos flying at low level for long periods of time consistently.

There has been the odd sighting at sporting venues but not at the consistency of drive-in theaters.

In the following interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Preston Dennett looks at some of the more remarkable cases of ufos at drive-in theaters including the Ascot Park event.

Dennett also explores why drive-ins are a ufo hotspot and what attracts E.T.s to these gatherings. He talks about why there was a reluctance to make these encounters into news events and the influence that Project Blue Book may have exerted plus the different types of alien craft witnessed.

The Best UFO Hotspots
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It’s Not A Question Anymore Of Whether UFOs Are Real

UFOs are real. I’ve seen them and millions upon millions of people around the world have seen them.

If you are yet to have made a ufo sighting, then I can understand your skepticism. As a journalist, my profession is in many ways, skepticism-based.

Although today, that’s very questionable given the way the mainstream media is performing.

When it comes to ufos, I’ll listen to everyone’s opinion. That’s the way it should be. If you’ve seen a ufo, then you’re a believer.

If you haven’t, you’re in two categories. You can’t wait to see one or, you just don’t believe they’re real.

Philip Mantle is one of the world’s foremost ufo and alien researchers. He has spent a virtual lifetime reporting on this topic.

Mantle runs Flying Disk Press and publishes a lot of content including books, on the subject of ufos, aliens and close encounters.

Mantle was at the center of the famous alien autopsy investigation back in the 1990s.

You see, he’s a “skeptic first and believer second” kind a guy. Just like myself. That’s the way it should be.

But his credibility when talking on this subject is second-to-none. When the alien autopsy event was happening, like most of us believers, we hoped this was the real thing.

But Mantle was never convinced. He’s since declared it a hoax although it could have made him plenty of money. And gained him much fame. Recently, he updated his research on this hoax in a book titled Roswell Alien Autopsy – The Truth Behind The Film That Shocked The World.

Mantle recently told us he’s “had enough talking about it and won’t discuss it again”.

UFOs Are Real

UFOs are real. If you’re on this site, then you believe they are or want more information about them.

That’s good. You’re doing your own research.

In an interview during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit, Phillip Mantle made an interesting observation.

He believed today, it’s no longer a question of whether ufos are real or not. In other words, UFOs are real, prove to me they’re not.

“I think it’s fair to say now that even from a skeptical viewpoint, we can say that these encounters do indeed take place”.

“It’s not a question anymore of whether UFOs are real or not. I think if we were to take the UFO phenomenon to court we could win the argument”.

“The argument then goes on to say, ‘well okay, now what lies behind the UFO phenomenon? What is its nature and origin’ which is something entirely different”.

“It’s like saying, you know, ‘there’s my car parked on the drive. Okay, we agree it’s a car but who built it and when was it manufactured’?”

“So that’s where you have to try and keep an open mind. It’s very, very difficult Dean and I can understand why some people have preconceived ideas or theories”.

“I certainly did when I started out and was very naive. I didn’t know an awful lot”.

“My own opinions have changed as the years have progressed and I dare say, they’ll change again”.

“You know, I was reading a quote and it says ‘your mind is like a parachute – it works best when it’s open’. And I’ll leave it at that”.

How Much More Proof Do You Need That UFOs Are Real?

UFOs Are Real And Exist
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Other than an actual alien spacecraft on full display somewhere, proof that aliens are real is overwhelming.

I see it this way, are millions upon millions of believers who have seen a ufo all colluding together and jointly perpetuating a lie?

Are they all liars?

My second sighting was very profound in 2004 and it left me with many questions. It wasn’t quite a close encounter but it’s the day I started questioning more our own existence. Why were here? Who we really are? What the heck is life all about? And who or what are piloting these unidentified craft traveling our skies?

In the last thirty years, the stigma associated with the ufo phenomenon started to slowly dissipate.

While the alien autopsy film at first was seen as being harmful to the subject, it actually proved beneficial.

Philip Mantle says it got the ufo topic into the mainstream news. People were talking about them. People started to do their own research about them. And television shows like The X-Files captured the imagination of people and began to challenge even the skeptics to do their own research.

“I don’t think the TV series, The X- Files did any great harm”.

“It brought the subject into everybody’s living room and even now, most people will know the word Roswell and they’ll all know it’s where the spaceship crashed”.

“They don’t necessarily know a lot more about it but back when I first started, Roswell wasn’t even mentioned anywhere. It had yet to be reborn, so to speak”.

“The stigma is still there, but I don’t think it’s as great as it used to be”.

“People who have had these encounters tend to relax somewhat and are now able to speak about it”.

Getting Too Close To The Truth?

The X-Files slogan was “the truth is out there”. Mantle is very thorough when he investigates and researches anything to do with ufos or aliens.

Some well known researches admit they’ve gotten too close to the truth and have had to deal with some pushback Some of it unpleasant.

Philip Mantle says he’s never “run foul” of those who would be suppressing the truth. He says he’s never “stepped on anyone’s toes”.

“Areas in and around Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales were haunted by UFO sightings and other paranormal phenomena. And we did our best to try and confront the phenomena face to face”.

“We camped out among the malls in the rain and the mist and I was never worried about treading on anyone’s toes from an official viewpoint”.

“I mean, we used to pester the minister of defense and RAF stations for information. If we were looking for information, we would contact them. So it never bothered me whatsoever”.

The following is the interview I did with Philip Mantle during Aliens Revealed Live. He discussed the difference in ufo research today as opposed to when he started in the 1970s.

Mantle speaks about the validity of the ufo phenomenon and highlights ufo events that perhaps could have rivaled Roswell and the Travis Walton abduction, but never got the coverage because they weren’t in the United States.

He also talks about his relationship with Calvin Parker who was abducted by aliens along with friend Charles Hickson in what’s now known as The Pascagoula Incident. It occurred just two years before Travis Walton was taken.

Mantle also gives us his scenario and his thoughts on what the world would look like when disclosure happens.

Underwater Alien Bases Off The Southern California Coast?

The idea of underwater alien bases off the Southern California Coast is not a new one.

The truth? The USO mystery is not such a mystery after all, especially if you live in that part of the world.

The number of UFO or USO (underwater submersible object) sightings is in a word, remarkable. It’s the latter which seems to be getting the most attention.

Claims of underwater alien bases are not uncommon in this part of the world. Catalina Island for example, is about twenty two miles south-southwest of Los Angeles. It gets plenty of press on this topic. Is there an E.T. underwater base there?

Ivan Anderson created a stir with his book Invisible Residents about 30 years ago. He suggested that there could be a separate civilization older than homo sapiens existing under our oceans. A good place to start searching would be the Southern Californian coast.

Jeff Krause is State Director of Mufon in Southern California. He says…

“I see nothing incredible about that hypothesis”.

“Could be. We know very little about what’s under there”.

“And you know, it doesn’t take a whole lot of technology. If you’re on the ocean floor, dig a tunnel, and make a cave under there with an airlock, well, that’s about all it takes”.

Krause has been investigating UFO activity in this part of the world for a long time.

He’s not really surprised by all the attention. Reports have filtered through from this area as far back as the 1920s. Back then, they were described as unusually-shaped boats which came out of the water and flew high over the mountains.

The terms UFO and USO weren’t known during that period. People described them with the language of the current period. Flying boats or ships seems an apt description.

Underwater Alien Bases

Underwater UFO Bases
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Krause says about 10-20 percent of the reports he receives are water related. In other words, USOs.

But let’s not get carried away here. People will treat a USO as something different from a UFO.

From the reports we’ve seen and heard from witnesses, there is no difference between either object.

“You know the only distinction between a USO and a UFO is whether it is above sea level or below sea level”.

“That is the only difference. They’re the exact same craft”.

“They have the exact same principles of propulsion and that’s what enables them”.

“In fact, they are able to go through the water and waves without leaving a big splash and travel underwater at faster speeds than we can”.

“You know, the field that’s around the craft gets them through interstellar space”.

“It gets them through our atmosphere and they have no problem because water is basically just different kinds of gases at a different density”.

“It makes absolutely no difference when you’re using a field to move your craft rather than propulsion to push through an atmosphere or whatever type of resistance you encounter”.

“So that distinction right there is pretty much nil”.

“Now, as far as what’s our planet made of, it’s mostly water”.

Underwater Seems A Logical Place To Hide From Prying Human Eyes

It makes sense for alien craft to use our vast oceans, lakes and rivers as places to hide or stay out of sight.

With over two thirds of the planet covered by water, there seems little that ET technology can’t master according to the reports we’ve be fed by witnesses. Traveling underwater with little resistance would seem to be a mere formality for them according to Krause.

“So I think their largest playground is underwater and if you want to hide somewhere, well on earth, that’s your best bet”.

“We have very little reconnaissance underwater and you know, satellites can only view so much through the water”.

They can only detect so much. We do have good radar and we have good sonar. And that’s how some of these encounters have been able to be captured because we were able to track some”.

“I don’t believe we’re able to track all of them, due to the fact that they have quite higher technology in use than we have. But every now and then, they slip up”.

Underwater Alien Bases, The Southern California Coast And The U.S. Navy

The famous “tic tac ufo videos” were first captured off the Southern California coast in 2004. When the footage was released in 2017, the shock reverberated around the world.

It’s become one of the stories of the twenty first century so far.

But it also franked the Southern California coastline as one of, if not, the world’s biggest ufo hotspot.

Krause made an interesting observation. He says while most people were following the tic tac narrative, the real story was what appeared to be a larger object just beneath the water’s surface.(Click here to read that story).

“And we’re following that story instead of any narrative about the larger object”.

“What did it do after they approached? What happened during the exercises? Was that larger object involved?”

“I have dealt with so many occasions of misdirection, lies and deception from military branches when it comes to the truth about UFO cases”.

“The suspicious hairs will stand up on the back of my neck. And my hackles will go up when they release information of any sort willingly, right?”

“You know, I’m still not at the point where I can accept truth from them”.

“You question…is there a reason they’re letting this version of the truth out? II will become highly suspicious”.

“In this particular instance, I think a major reason is because the more interesting aspect of this encounter isn’t mentioned”.

“Yet, a white object described as a “tic tac” that you really only get to see blurry vision of on infrared, is shown darting along ocean water which looked grainy. That’s what’s released”.

Talking UFOs And USOs With Jeff Krause

Jeff Krause spoke frankly during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit.

The following is the full interview with Krause.

Apart from USOs, he lists his three favorite cases including his thoughts on the Tic Tac encounter.

He also talks on USO abductions and whether any cases have been reported as well as whether the U.S. Navy has more knowledge of UFOs and USOs than it let’s on.

Plus, he reveals whether Mufon actually gets reports on ufo activity from the military. Interesting.