Is Sleep Paralysis Supernatural?

Is sleep paralysis supernatural? Or is it a medically related condition? And how do you tell the difference between a dream and sleep paralysis? When we talk about sleep paralysis, most of us will dismiss it as something that happens once or occasionally and it’s probably medically-related? But is it? Ever wake up one night … Read more

The Stardust Ranch In Arizona Is Home To Aliens, Doppelgängers And More

The Stardust Ranch

The Stardust Ranch in Arizona could just be America’s spookiest property. Aliens, ufos, and people floating from their beds. Evil doppelgängers, animal mutilation, demonic voices, men in black and other mysterious creatures. Sounds like a season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 right? Well, that could be the case but all of the above and more … Read more