The Stardust Ranch In Arizona Is Home To Aliens, Doppelgängers And More

The Stardust Ranch

The Stardust Ranch in Arizona could just be America’s spookiest property. Aliens, ufos, and people floating from their beds. Evil doppelgängers, animal mutilation, demonic voices, men in black and other mysterious creatures. Sounds like a season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 right? Well, that could be the case but all of the above and more … Read more

The UFO Realm, Consciousness And A Strange Field

UFO Realm

There’s little doubt the ufo realm is real right? Even the government has admitted there are craft flying around out there that they can’t explain.

In a world where reality has been distorted; where conspiracy theories and reality have traded places; where what’s real has been replaced by unscrupulous people force-feeding us nonsense they want us to believe is real.

So where am I going with this?

As a race, humans are evolving fast into something most of us don’t really recognize.

Or as some will tell you, we are evolving into who we really are. And what’s that? Beings of consciousness.

Well, maybe it’s not so much what we are but what we are able to do. According to world renowned remote viewer and psychic D. Baron “Buddy” Bolton, we are discovering how to connect without our traditional senses.

The UFO Realm

The UFO Realm
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Bolton has done a lot of work with contact experiencers. He has figured out that there appears to be a not so obvious commonality with them.

The ufo realm is one thing; we know that exists. But what about something else that connects us as humans with our interstellar travelers?

Bolton describes it simply as a strange field. That doesn’t tell us a lot but this is a topic that runs so deep that it can literally hurt your brain trying to understand it.

What does he mean by strange field and how does this connect us with ufos?

“It’s a fascinating realm. And we are essentially at the forefront of a new science”.

“A phenomena oftentimes is the very first hint of a new science”.

“And we can go back through science history and talk about different phenomena that were mysteries like electromagnetism”.

“There’s all these weird and spooky things that they thought were paranormal”.

“And a guy named Volta, tied them all together into the electromagnetic field”.

“And 200 years later, it’s completely incorporated into our lives”.

“It’s strange to believe it’s only been around for 200 years”.

Bolton says trying to understand this subject is like sitting down and having a big meal. He says it requires small bites.

An Incredible Mystery Is Unfolding Right Before Our Eyes

Bolton, who is in high demand by some of the world’s most secretive intelligence agencies, space agencies, scientific figures and laboratories says we have a front seat to an incredible, unfolding mystery.

“A few years ago I decided to come out and let people know what I have been doing, what I am doing and to approach the researchers to get at this human potential”.

“To make a long story short, I take most pride in being a side practitioner and it’s and incredible mystery that we’re literally in the front seat of”.

And we’re only limited by our intelligence and our tenacity to discover the secrets behind these mysteries”.

“And it’s hard you know, this is a big meal and it requires bites”.

“You can’t swallow it all at once”.

“You know, you have to know that first, these abilities are real”.

“There is some strange field, which is the speculation now, or some strange something that allows us to see distant places times”.

“That allows us to connect without our traditional senses. It allows us to physically affect things at a distance”.

The Role Of Consciousness In This Mystery?

Bolton talks about the role of consciousness in this mystery. He says consciousness is not separate from the universe. It’s woven into it.

And as consciousness light beings, this can give us a clue to who we really are.

Bolton cited the work done by one of history’s most respected ufo investigators Jacques Vallee and physicist Eric.

They created a model of the universe combining it with a model of our reality.

The message?

Well, it simply states that our consciousness abilities are more involved in this mystery than we may think or be aware of.

And Bolton takes it to another level when he says that consciousness can affect physical matter.

He says we have the ability to do things like this. Our mind ability can not only affect and touch different places, but also build things.

“It can build things”.

“It can create illusions and under the right circumstances, it can do some physical things that would just melt your reality”.

“And it sounds too fanciful, but I’ve seen too much and I’ve been a part of too much”.

“I’ve been able to demonstrate the ability to affect machines at a distance. I’ve been able to do that consistently”.

And How Does This Tie Into The UFO Realm?

Bolton says it has taken him a while to put the pieces together. He cites several events that have taken place that may have appeared external.

But, this is where we dive deep again, he realizes that these events may actually have been internal or from within.

“If there is a field like we’re making a supposition for it, a substructure that all of us can access on very different scales, and it allows us the ability to see any time or place and make a physical connection, you would expect in fact that a very advanced civilization would also know about the field and utilize it”.

“Like we, two hundred years later utilized the electromagnetic field”.

“And in ufo case after ufo case, it sure seems that these craft, the more elaborate ones with beings walking around on them seem to know this field, know these abilities and know how to communicate through it. It’s fascinating”.

“There’s something called remote viewing and developed by the CIA. They would train soldiers. They would train people who did not believe in ufos, but somehow after a while, the remote viewing in the use of this ability, the use of this substructure attracted attention”.

“And every time people use it, it sends ripples out there and maybe they can hear it”.

“So I think it’s a very dynamic phenomenon”.

“I’ve already stated earlier that some of these events are very likely creations of the mind”.

“And possibly some solid ships, but the universe is very dynamic”.

“If all of that stuff is true and there is advanced civilizations visiting us, they would know about it and utilize it too”.

“Yeah, more power in your mind than you might imagine”.

What’s Our Real Reality?

So what do you think? Is this far-fetched science fiction or is this real”

Can you recall times things have happened in your life you can’t explain. Your luck turned, things show up unannounced, someone you thought of and haven’t seen for a long time contacts you, that special person in your life you envisioned in your mind turns up…I could go on.

What if it was all related to this special field? What if the ufo realm, our consciousness and this strange field are all connected?

Bolton turned his back on what could have been a lucrative career in the entertainment business to expand on and develop his abilities.

We covered a lot of ground in the following interview. Bolton talks about why he walked away from possible fame and fortune, remote viewing, his work at the Skinwalker Ranch, his work with contact experiencers, ufos, his healing ability, his work with intuitive technology and much more.

Leaving Your Body And Traveling To A Three-Sun Star System

Leaving Your Body

Pick a time in your life when leaving your body would have saved you a lot of grief?

I can remember several times, including the frequent trips to the principal’s office when “the cane” was still the favored punishment of choice. But that’s another story.

Zen Benefiel describes himself as a new millennial man. Reading through his curriculum vitae (CV) can leave you a little less than, given his accomplishments in life and personal educational achievements.

Benefiel has been a contact experiencer all of his life. Leaving your body was something he first experienced when he was about six years of age.

Speaking with him, I got the feeling it’s an almost addictive experience. I often hear out of body and near death experiencers talk about this. The freedom to go wherever you want has to be appealing.

During my interview with Benefiel, he talks about his trip to a three-sun star system with his guide which was one of the most profound experiences in his life.

So, how did it all start?

At four years of age, his parents had just brought his new sister home without too much fanfare. It confused him because she suddenly showed up “out of the blue” There was no pregnancy.

Then he overheard them suggest it “may be time to tell him he’s adopted”.

He began to question his true identity. At such a young age, that’s got to be really confusing for a kid.

It was also the time when his guide first showed up. And he began to take him on a journey most of us haven’t experienced.

Or have we?

The Contact Experiencers’ Life

Leaving Your Body Experience
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When I sat down to talk with Zen Benefiel I knew interviewing him could lead off into different directions.

Well, it kinda did. But we stayed true to making it about his contact experiencers’ life. And he didn’t disappoint.

From leaving your body to traveling to a three sun star system with your guide, to having the ultimate Jesus moment, Benefiel has a lot to share.

The one thing that struck me is that many people reading this and listening to the interview may feel that this sounds all too familiar.

Is it possible that what Benefiel shares is more common than we think? Could it be that he’s been able to harness whatever abilities we have more easily than most, and responded accordingly.

I’ve got to admit, it “struck a chord” with me.

Leaving Your Body And The Big Booming Voice

But it was the big booming voice of his guide that intrigued me most.

How many times have you felt that inner voice? Not that you can hear it audibly but you interpret it nevertheless. How did Benefiel feel the first time he heard it?

“It was after dark. I was waiting for dad to come home from the store. And all of a sudden I hear this big booming voice say, ‘hey, you’.”

“And it was such a deep voice. It resounded. I wasn’t afraid. I was only startled because all of a sudden I hear this voice. It’s like, ‘whoa’. And I spun around. I said, ‘mom, mom, did you hear that voice’? She replied, ‘what voice’?”

“She was sitting about twenty feet away watching tv and the voice definitely didn’t come from the tv because it was inside my head”.

“And I said, ‘that voice that said, hey, you’. She says, ‘no, I didn’t hear any voice. It must have been a peeping tom’.”

“So I realized at that point, I was living in a different world. I just trusted my experience. I knew I heard it”.

“And so over the next few months, I would stand in front of windows at night with the lights on inside, and I would project that same, ‘hey, you’ out telepathically”.

“I had no idea what this is. Maybe it’s just a little kid’s experience, right? So I would project this voice out, and I would stand there and I would wait”.

The Leaving Your Body Experience

Benefiel says when he was able to quieten his mind, the voice eventually answered.

He says after setting up a communication link, he asked a lot of questions.

And he got a response every time. It was like a guide and a mentor. Benefiel says when he didn’t listen to it, he suffered.

Fast forward two years and Benefiel had his first out of body experience. His family had just moved not a new house.

“It was a Saturday afternoon, I came back in from playing outside and I was just really tired. I laid down on my bed, and suddenly, I felt myself starting to rise up. It got kind of freaky”.

I didn’t know what to expect and the voice simply says, ‘just breathe, relax, and let go. It will be fine’.”

“And so I did. And I popped out of my body and was basically on the ceiling, I turned around and looked at my body laying across the bed”.

“I soon figured out that I can move around the house that way. And over the next few months, maybe even a year, I would get into what is called the hypnagogic state, right in between sleep and waking consciousness. And I was much freer in that place”.

“I’d be able to pop out of my body and I could feel the sensation building to where I knew that was going to be available. I just had to be quiet enough and not think about it. Whenever I would think about it, I would pull back into my body”.

Becoming One With The Cigar-Shaped Cloud

Benefiel says that learning to do this as a child was important.

But he didn’t realize back then, just how important it would be to him as an adult. It wasn’t long before he experienced something more profound.

“I was eight and woke up in the middle of the night and I’m in the corner of my bedroom looking at my physical body”.

“I watched myself take the covers off. Then I stood up and I opened the window next to my bed””.

“I climbed out. And so I watch myself. I move through the wall, watching myself”.

“I walked across the neighbor’s backyard and we lived in a rural community. There was a ten acre pasture that had a fence around it. I climbed the fence and I walked out into the pasture”.

“And as I would get into the pasture, I started rising up into the air”.

“Then I looked up. Actually, my observer self looked up, and there was this orange cigar-shaped cloud that had been a mile long”.

“I watched and followed my body as I rose up into the air. And then when I would reach the perimeter of the cloud, I would go into it”.

“My observant self evidently became one with the participant”.

“And I’d wake up in bed the next morning.I couldn’t wait to go back”.

“There was some kind of inner excitement that it was like being with a family that I hadn’t met yet. So those experiences happened for about two years, probably twice a month”.

Who Was The Voice?

Benefiel reveals later in the interview who the voice was.

He says he never gave it a label as a child because it was trustworthy. At that stage, he knew by its resonation how he felt with it.

And he says he felt safe and secure with it.

Benefiel continues to take us on his experiencer journey through childhood and into adulthood.

He talks about his trip to a three-sun star system with his guide, his near death experience, what truth is, ufo disclosure, the split between the mainstream and consciousness ufo community and his ultimate encounter.

Why Do People Get Abducted By Aliens Or Is It Just An E.T. Deception?

Why Do People Get Abducted By Aliens

Why do people get abducted by aliens is a search term I got interested in when I was posed the very same question by a reader of

It’s something I’ve never really thought about.

The alien abduction phenomenon hit the headlines with Betty and Barney Hill in the early 1960s. Since then, it’s gained worldwide “acceptance” with tens of thousands of contact experiencers reporting contact with aliens in one form or the other.

Some of it has been mutual consent and some of it not so mutual.

Joseph Jordan wrote and amazing book titled Piercing The Cosmic Veil in 2020 which examined the true nature of the alien and ufo abduction phenomenon. Jordan is the President and co-founder of the CE4 Research Group.

While many in the mainstream may have had their “feathers ruffled” by his findings, Jordan and his team produced the book based on several decades of research and interviewing hundreds of contact experiencers who have been through the abduction experience.

Why Do People Get Abducted By Aliens?

Why Do Aliens Abduct People
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When legendary researcher Jacques Vallee talked about his interdimensional theory where beings from other dimensions visit earth, it was received with a little skepticism.

After all, this is Jacques Vallee.

Joseph Jordan’s research backs up the interdimensional hypothesis and more. Piercing The Cosmic Veil is more than just a book about alien abduction.

It reveals a theory that many of us may not have considered. But as Jordan stated in an interview with Aliens Revealed Live, put your preconceived ideas aside for a while and consider the evidence he has gathered.

He even said not to trust him but trust the research.

During our interview, he gave several examples answering the question of why people get abducted by aliens.

The Alien Deception

Jordan reveals these alien entities are creating a deception. Like many people who interview alien abduction experiencers, myself included, we barely go more than a layer deep.

Generally, you let the experiencer tell their story.

Jordan did the same thing until he started to dig a little deeper. And like most of us researching the topic of alien abduction, he assumed we were dealing with biological entities.

However, a pattern was soon emerging and Jordan made the stunning discovery that while these people appeared to be taken by aliens on board their ships, they actually weren’t going anywhere.

Jordan termed his findings as “stage hypnosis”. It was akin to somebody being brought up on stage by a hypnotist and being told to do certain things without any memory of it later.

“We found these memories are being implanted from these entities, using sensational aspects of this experience”.

“That it seems so real to these experiencers. Every time we work with them, they say, ‘I know what happened to me’.”

“Well, honestly, you don’t. Because as we get deeper into it, all you’re remembering is the sensational part of the experience that was given to you”.

“You remember enough to overload you from looking at any other parts of it. Because when you start breaking it down piece by piece, you’ll see that a lot of the information is not there”.

“In other words, it’s telling us it’s not a reality. It’s an implanted play like memory that you’ve been given for the purpose of deception”.

“The memory is so vivid and so real that they cannot tell the difference”.

“This abduction experience I believe, is more of a spiritual type experience from entities that are not extraterrestrial, biological entities but from other dimensions”.

Is It An Interdimensional Reality?

Jordan describes the alien abduction phenomenon as an inter dimensional reality.

“Jacques Vallee was hitting on this very hard in his work”.

“He realized that these entities seem to have been here forever”.

“That these entities are in a realm that is adjacent to us. In other words, they’re right there beside me”.

“They’re right there beside you, even though we’re worlds apart, but they exist in a dimension beside us”.

“They see everything that’s going on. They see and hear everything that we say”.

“If they’re perpetuating a deception on humanity, they already have all the information to deceive us with. And that’s what we believe is happening”.

“Let me give you the best example of trying to explain to somebody what I’m telling you”.

“This is what we found in movie The Matrix. When Neo was first brought into that ship, he was laid on the table. And then they plugged something into the back of his head”.

“What did he see immediately? It was a total white area with nothing in it. Right?”

“And then all of a sudden things appeared. Enough to give him an understanding of what the setting was, but was he still on the table?”

“That was a perfect demonstration of what the experience is. And I was just blown away the first time I saw that”.

Why Do People Get Abducted By Aliens? Or Do They?

The last thing Jordan wants to do is make light of an alien abductees’ experience.

It’s real and all he’s asking is people consider his research findings.

The following is one of two interviews I sat down and recorded with Joseph Jordan about his findings on the real nature of alien abductions.

It will challenge you and if you have been locked into a way of thinking on this subject, prepare for it to be expanded.

The Spirituality Aspect To Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence and spirituality. Do the two go hand-in-hand?

This has been a long debated argument especially since the 1940s. Is God an E.T.? Is E.T. God?

Answering these two questions will get you plenty of debate today. But I’m not looking for answers to either of these two questions in this article.

The question above, “is there a spirituality aspect to communication with extraterrestrial intelligence” is not leading to the God answer.

It’s more about the path people take after a contact experience. Most people are changed forever. They realize there’s something bigger than themselves out there. They re adjust their mindsets realizing what seemed important at the time no longer isn’t.

Their entire world has been opened up from just being part of planet earth to being part of something massive that spans universe after universe after universe.

Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Communicating With Extraterrestrial Intelligence
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Rebecca Hardcastle Wright coined the term exoconsiousness more than two decades ago.

She has been at the forefront of a movement that is providing solutions to human beings about who they are and where they are going.

In other words, Hardcastle Wright is teaching people that they can escape their limited view of themselves and move into an massive oasis of intelligence and creativeness.

Both this intelligence and creativity is available to us in boatloads. We just need to know how to access it.

And communication with extraterrestrial intelligence is leading people along this journey.

Hardcastle Wright founded the Institute For Exoconsciousness and her mission is to be at the forefront of an eventual exoconsciousness community.

An exoconsciousness community? For what purpose?

Well, to provide a landscape where human beings, extraterrestrials and multi dimensionals will co-create within the same civilization.

It might sound hard to wrap your head around but Hardcastle Wright, her team and her colleagues are making giant strides towards achieving this exciting goal.

Childhood Contact Experiences Shaped Rebecca’s Future

Hardcastle Wright has been an experiencer since childhood. She experienced both extraterrestrial and inter dimensional contact.

She has spent a lifetime trying to figure out what this all meant. Why her?

I was a childhood experiencer where I grew up in West Virginia here in the United States”.

“I had not only extraterrestrial experiences but inter dimensional experiences”.

“Going underground as a child may sound strange until you get into talking with other experiencers. They talk about the same phenomenon that I had as a child”.

“So I don’t know if I came into the world with my filters down, or just because that was what I came here to do”.

“But it took most of my life to figure things out. I have looked into conspiracy theories, mind control, paranormal phenomena, ufology, exopolitics”.

“Honestly, I was trying to figure out what happened to me. Who I was, who I am and who are these beings that I’m still communicating with”.

Hardcastle Wright didn’t need any convincing of what she needed to do once she figured out what and why this had happened to her.

Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence And Spirituality

Is there a connection between spirituality and communication with extraterrestrial intelligence? Hardcastle Wright says absolutely!

“So when you ask me, is there a spirituality aspect to this? Absolutely”.

“There is a spiritual aspect to it. In fact, in two ways I think there’s a spiritual aspect to this”.

Does exoconsciousness equal spirituality? I would say no. Exoconsciousness equals a phenomenon similar to what people who are spiritual or let’s say mystics have experienced, where they have this relationship with the other”.

“I came out of a religious background. I went to Boston university and was ordained in the United Methodist Church. So I have knowledge of religion…world religions”.

“And one of the things that is definitive of religion, is that you go as a group so you don’t strike out ahead or you don’t slow everybody down. But you as a group in a religion take the same steps together”.

“And there’s a dogma and a doctrine and rituals and tradition and a whole wonderful array of history and texts that accompany you on this journey during this earth life in religion”.

“Juxtapose that to the individual’s spiritual journey which is in fact, an exoconsciousness journey. Because most, not all, but most anomalous experiences or extraterrestrial experiences happen to individuals”.

“They change your heart. They change your mind and they change your entire belief system and perception of something as deep as ‘what is reality’? All of a sudden, reality is defined very differently”.

“So when that happens to an individual that is a very isolating and sometimes treacherous spiritual path that they engage in”.

“So spiritual people who are, have or are developing exoconsciousness, often become one with a spiritual path, which is of their own design, not of a religious design”.

Ready To Connect, Communicate And Co-Create With E.T.s And Multidimensionals?

Hardcastle Wright says the term exoconsciousness has gone through different iterations since she first coined it over twenty years ago.

“It’s gone through some different adjustments, more academic at its beginning and then today, more termed in how individuals experience it”.

“So today, the definition of exoconsciousness is that it’s the innate human ability to connect, communicate, and importantly, co-create with extraterrestrials and multi- dimensionals”.

The following interview was recorded during the Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit and Hardcastle Wright created a ton of interest when she spoke about exoconsciousness.

She talks about her own childhood experiences, exoconsciousness and how it impacts our communication with extraterrestrial intelligence going forward and her work with the late Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell.