An Intergalactic Resettlement Program – What Is It And Will It Affect Us?

Intergalactic Resettlement Program

An intergalactic resettlement program? Don’t get too excited if you think it might be a way off this planet.  An intergalactic resettlement program sounds like something humans could use right now given the mess we are in around the world. But longtime experiencer and educator Karen Holton says as far as we’re concerned, it’s not … Read more

An Alien Hybridization Program Is Happening In All World Cultures

Alien Hybridization Program

An alien hybridization program is happening all over the world. People are being visited by alien entities everywhere, not just the United States. That’s the conclusion from renowned researcher and author Paul Wallis. And it’s a conclusion that’s hard to argue with after the many interviews I’ve conducted with experiencers from different cultures. The striking … Read more