An Alien Hybridization Program Is Happening In All World Cultures

Alien Hybridization Program

An alien hybridization program is happening all over the world. People are being visited by alien entities everywhere, not just the United States. That’s the conclusion from renowned researcher and author Paul Wallis. And it’s a conclusion that’s hard to argue with after the many interviews I’ve conducted with experiencers from different cultures. The striking … Read more

E.T. Communication – What Are Real E.T. Contact Numbers?

Mary Rodwell E.T. Communication

E.T. communication is rife on this planet. Forget about sending gold plated records into outer space hoping E.T. may respond.

Or pointing large discs out into the universe hoping to pick up an alien signal.

There are millions, yes millions of contactees and abductees who’ll tell you the E.T.’s are already here.

And they’re communicating with people all over the world in one way or another.

No, this would never be reported mainstream because there is still a stigma attached to the alien contact event.

It’s okay for an institute like S.E.T.I. to be given a pass in their endeavors to make contact with alien life outside of  our solar system.

It’s done in the name of progress but anyone who doesn’t believe in ufos and aliens don’t expect them to make contact anytime soon.

But when “Mr. or Mrs. Average” decides to tell their story of alien contact or abduction, they’re dismissed by the mainstream. Actually, join some of the ufo and alien groups on Facebook alone and they even get ridiculed there.

But after speaking with several highly respected researchers in the field of alien contact, the numbers of people out there still keeping their stories to themselves runs into the millions.

One of those is Mary Rodwell. Founder and principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN), Rodwell is recognized internationally as one of the leading researchers in the UFO and contact phenomenon areas.

She created one of the first contact/abductee support groups back in the early 1990s. Working as a counselor in the mainstream, Rodwell was extremely reluctant to branch out into this area because of the stigma attached to it.

But she identified a need for support in this area and provided it.

E.T. Communication Counseling – What Was Mary’s Motivation?

Communication With Extraterrestrials
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Thirty years later, Rodwell is going strong. She’s providing support to people having E.T. communication.

So why did a girl living a normal life as a therapist decide to dive into the world of the “tin foil hat brigade?”

“Well I was considered fairly normal. A normal counselor and therapist”.

“My background was from a very conventional perspective. You’re very wary of stepping into a more esoteric world and more fringe subjects”.

“At the same time, part of me thought, ’if this is real, and I soon got the perspective that yes it was, then where do these people go’?”

“There’s lots of counselors for the average person. I remember my first client saying, ’Mary, there are support groups for everything but this. They just think you’re a loony’.”

“And I thought to myself, ‘well someone’s got to step up and support these individuals’.”

“They were being taken on board craft. The children were frightened and the relatives wouldn’t come to their house because they thought it was demons”.

“And I thought, ‘well, what do I do? Do I abandon these people that have nowhere to go’? Or do I say ‘right, there’s plenty of other resources for everyone else but not for these folks’.”

“And that’s why I created ACERN. I wanted it to be professional. I had all the counseling skills and a good professional background”.

“It really provided a safe place for people to come and get support. So in the end, it was like, ‘what’s more important, what I see as my credibility or actually helping people’?”.

“You don’t go into nursing or counseling unless you want to help and it’s a healing profession. So that’s what my motivation has always been”.

How Many People Stay Quiet About Their Extraterrestrial Contact Experiences?

When I posed this question to Rodwell I really wasn’t expecting the number to be too great.

But nothing surprises me anymore when dealing with this subject.

My question was…”How many people do you think are still out there that have kept silent about their experiences as an abductee or contactee and haven’t come forward about it? Are we talking thousands? And Rodwell’s response?

“More like millions. And the reason I say that is because a lot of the ones that find it difficult to come out of the ‘space closet’ as I call it, is because of their professions”.

“Usually it’s those that have too much to lose professionally to come out and admit to it”.

“I know MDs. I know nurses, I know social workers, lawyers, celebrities etc. that have got a huge amount to lose by coming out and if they start to say, ‘okay, this is my experience’.”

“So you know, even for the everyday person…a farmer or housewife, it’s still a big thing to admit to people that you’re having these experiences because many of them really get a hard time”.

“If they don’t get a hard time from their partners it will be from their extended family”.

“People saying to them to stop sounding crazy. And that is why so many people having or having had experiences will keep quiet. It’s because of the judgment that they feel society is going to display”.

This is backed up by former Director of Experiencer Research at Mufon Kathleen Marden. She told Aliens Revealed Live…

“People having E.T. communication experiences are in need of  a caring, compassionate, nonjudgmental listener. They require the support of people who’ll listen in a safe, non judgmental environment.”.

Mufon provides this environment similar to the environment Rodwell has created with ACERN.

Contact Experiencers Will Have Lots Of Questions

Mary Rodwell E.T. Communication
Mary Rodwell

Rodwell says people that come to see her have lots of questions.

“Big questions are why me? What’s it all about? What does it mean? How much of it is real?”

“So when they come to me, it may just be that they want information. So I direct them to where they feel comfortable and they will get validation of their experiences”.

“I will give them a questionnaire to do so that I get a sense of what’s going on with them”.

“And then they may say, ‘I’ve got all these questions. I’ve had missing time. I’d like to know what happened when I was 15. I was out traveling and the journey should have only taken half an hour and I lost three hours’.”

“There’s lots of questions”.

E.T. Communication – What Now?

While the world discusses the possibility of E.T. disclosure Mary Rodwell is seeing it every day, one person at a time.

Rodwell has become somewhat of a beacon for people having E.T. communication, either malevolent or benevolent.

She’s a rare individual prepared to sacrifice her time in the name of helping others in need of vital support.

Think about it. You’re visited in your bedroom by extraterrestrials. They either take you forcefully or you go willingly and end up on a craft.

How do you process something like this if you’ve never experienced it before?

Do you just shake it off and put it down to being a weird dream?

And what if you are a pillar in your community? Someone with clout. Someone with standing. Do you go on the six o’clock news and declare you were abducted by aliens?

You can understand why people stay quiet.

The following is part of a long interview I did with Mary Rodwell prior to her participation in the Alien Ancestry Seminar which explored Australian Aboriginal and our ties to the Pleiadian star system.

She talks about her experiences with star children, how E.T. communication with humans is part of a wider cosmic agenda, alien hybrids among us and the fascinating topic of multidimensional awareness. 

Alien Hotspots In The United States – A Town Remains Under The Radar

Alien Hotspots

When talking about alien hotspots in the United States most of us would naturally gravitate to areas in New Mexico, Nevada, Florida and Southern California.

That’s understandable as these states seem to get the bulk of the publicity.

In fact, in a recent article at listing the top alien hotspots for ufo and alien activity, California and Florida came out on top.

If I mentioned Middleton, Massachusetts as one of the prime alien hotspots in the U.S., the reaction would probably be something like…where?

Middleton is located north of Boston off the I-95 and it has quite a reputation as a hotspot for ufo activity.

Robert Emerson grew up in Middleton during the sixties and seventies and has a lot to tell.

Emerson has worked as a hypnotist for more than forty years specializing in working with contact and paranormal experiencers.

His story is fascinating. His thoughts and findings will challenge your beliefs about our own existence.

And once you process what Emerson has discovered in all the decades he’s been working with experiencers, the conclusion makes a whole lot of sense.

Massachusetts Has Several Alien Hotspots

While Middleton probably hasn’t gained the publicity it should have because of its alien activity, another town three hours west has.

That town is Sheffield, home of the famous 1969 ufo encounter which saw a young Thom Reed taken from a car driven by his mother by insect-like aliens before being returned.

Then there is the abduction of Betty Andreasson in 1967 by grey aliens in South Ashburnham which seemed a benevolent experience. South Ashburnham is about an hour west of Middleton.

In fact, Andreasson was given the meaning of life by her alien captors who then erased her memory.

Andreasson later recalled what took place under regression therapy.

The Bridgewater triangle area is a famous ufo area in the north east of the United States which Middleton is just south of.

Why Has Middleton Stayed Under The UFO Publicity Radar?

According to Emerson, the reason Middleton hasn’t received the fanfare other towns in the U.S. have is very simple.

“Well, this was back in the sixties and actually through the seventies and the first thing you need to understand is, nobody talked about it”.

“That’s number one”.

“Now, an example…on my street alone, there was a ton of activity. Nobody talked about it”.

“My mother was coming home with groceries on River Street in South Middleton where I lived, and she saw this vessel on the ground in a cow pasture. There’s more cows there than people”.

“She thought it was something built for watering the cows. What does she know right? She doesn’t know about ufos.

“So she drives past it and then she stops and backs up. And she sees these little beings, about half a dozen beings on the ground around it”.

“She still doesn’t know what it is and this is what you need to understand. People don’t get it. They don’t talk about it”.

“And she was afraid to talk about this and it wasn’t until she was in her eighties”.

“She had some back surgery and was on medication and only then was she was able to bring this up”.

“I never heard from her in my whole life about this”.

“So what I do know from all my experiences, if she was that close to a vessel on the ground, she was abducted. That I do Know”.

Alien Abductions Don’t Happen By Accident

In a recent interview with Sev Tok, she told Aliens Revealed Live that contact with extraterrestrials is never by accident.

Robert Emerson relayed the same message to us.

He says before we entered our physical bodies as spirits, deals were made with others in spirit who would act as guides through our physical existence.

Emerson says alien abductions are not by accident. He says ETs don’t come here from millions of light years away just to stumble across someone on the side of the road.

He says abductions are planned events.

“It’s of a spiritual nature. And let me just give you a quick synopsis on that one”.

“You’re spirit entered your physical body here on earth at birth. right? That’s an average belief”.

“Your physical body is of earth. Your spirit is not. Nobody’s from here. You are physically from here. Your genetics are from here in your physical body right now. Your spirit is not from here”.

“So you have spiritual guides around you that are there to guide you and to help you through your earthly sojourn”.

“But that is not an easy thing because our emotions and our ego cause all kinds of problems for us”.

“Meditation is a way of laying aside emotions and ego while you made a deal with extraterrestrials too”.

“That’s what an abduction is. They’re all of a spiritual nature. They don’t happen by accident.”.

Alien Hotspots With A Rich UFO History

Middleton appears to be an alien hotspot with a strong ufo tradition.

Because it’s not a household name like Roswell may be a blessing in disguise.

But according to Emerson, there may be many towns scattered across the United States just as prone to ufo visitation.

Because it happened during a period when to talk about ufos and aliens was taboo, many of the secrets that small towns like this have, will die with those witnesses who made the sightings or had the encounters.

People just didn’t talk about it and therefore, there was no spotlight on it.

In the following interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Emerson talks about his early contact experiences in Middleton.

He speaks about his progression to becoming a hypnotist and helping experiencers deal with and cope with their events and, he expands on his views on the physical and spiritual.

If you have a set view on extraterrestrials, then prepare to be challenged. Emerson really lays it out there for you to chew on and think about what our origins really are and why we are here experiencing this physical life.

Should We Worry That There Are Alien Hybrid Beings Walking Among Us?

Alien Hybrid Beings

Whenever the topic of alien hybrid beings is brought up it elicits different responses from people.

Some are drawn to the subject. Some dismiss it as nonsense. Others will accept that there are things happening on this planet that can’t be explained.

Jacquelin Smith has never felt she belonged on this planet. At a young age, her mother told her she was different. She had heightened abilities she couldn’t explain.

Her story is a familiar one. In fact, there could literally be thousands upon thousands of people who are part of the alien hybrid beings agenda.

And when we inject the word “agenda” into anything the immediate connotations are that it’s not going to work out too well for one side.

But Smith says we need not worry about the alien hybrid program. In the end, it’s all part of an evolutionary process hybrids are helping to introduce.

These energies are being integrated to create the new human so we can tap into our potential.

And what is this potential?

Smith in an interview with Aliens Revealed Live says:

“The telepathy and clairvoyance and “clair-audience” and all those gifts, we all have those gifts”.

“So as people awaken and become aware that they’re cosmic citizens they can more easily tap into the talents and skills that they have”.

And these abilities within us include heightened senses which most of us will experience at isolated times within our lives but we never really give them much thought. Usually we dismiss them as “just one of those things”.

Putting The Alien Hybrid Beings Equation Together

Alien Hybrid Beings Among Us
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It wasn’t until Smith was in her thirties and forties that she really began to understand who she really was.

Have you felt at times you just don’t seem to fit in? Most of us have. That’s that feeling I mentioned above that we think about for a fleeting moment. Then it’s gone.

“It took me a number of years to start to put the pieces together and to understand that I was a hybrid”.

“And so I really began understanding this more deeply when I was in my thirties and and forties – to understand who I really was”.

“I felt like I never belonged here and was trying to just figure out who I was”.

“And so with that, as I put the pieces together, then I understood that I was a hybrid”.

“I call them my star parents. They had actually come to me and given me information”.

“But I also remember when I was actually in my mother’s womb that they had taken my mother aboard the starship and injected me”.

“I call it with a DNA cocktail of seven different races. And so that genetically altered who I was”.

“And it enhanced the abilities I have. To be able to do what I’m here to do on earth”.

“But it was a very lonely feeling. Like I did not belong on earth. That earth was not my home. And like many experiencers feel, I felt like someone had kind of dropped me off here and took off. Left me here on my own.

“This was the feeling I had to work through as a child and as a teen”.

Harnessing The Power Of A Hybrid

The evolutionary process Smith describes as being essential to helping us ultimately evolve to the point that we can harness these abilities, is at the core of the alien hybrid beings program.

Smith’s abilities range from psychic to healing to telepathic communication.

She says she has had to temper her abilities especially when out in the public.

“I’ve always been telepathic. So it’s always been natural for me to go with the most direct way of communicating”.

“My abilities with animals. I can see and know what they’re thinking and feeling and I can look through their bodies and tell what’s going on”.

“I can do the same thing with humans”.

“And working with people, I’m able to tune into them at a really deeper level. At the soul level as well as other levels”.

“Also, as a child and later on as an adult and I’m talking kinetics, I’ve had experiences of walking down an aisle in a grocery store where the cans would start flying off the shelves”.

“And there would be light bulbs blowing out”.

“I have to watch myself around my computer if my frequency goes way up”.

“I’ve blown out phones and things like that”.

“So it’s been interesting learning how to harness those energies and my focus is on being of service”.

Starship Memories Blocked And A Sense Of Humor

In her interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Smith talked about how her alien guardians blocked any memory her mother would have had of being on a starship.

“She did not have conscious memories. They had blocked those memories”.

“I don’t think my mother would have coped very well having those memories. So they actually blocked her from remembering that”.

Smith describes herself as being a blended hybrid.

“So I have a race car Quayvar which is I call my original star race and that’s from what we call the seventh universe outward from earth”.

“It’s all etheric, it’s not physical. And my star parents in this life are the tall white Zetas and it’s their ship that I was on most of my childhood. They’re the ones who enhanced my abilities”.

In the following interview, Jacquelin Smith covers the various councils presiding over inter galactic affairs.

She also talks about the innate sense of humor aliens possess, especially the Mantis beings she is in communication with , disclosure and the experiencer numbers exploding around the world.